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"You deserve to be happy," he whispers, tears filling his eyes. "You deserve – you deserve the best. The best of everything." She looks up at him with pleading eyes for a second, and still his cracking voice manages to go on, "That's not – that's not me. I can't give you what you deserve. I – I can't make you happy…" he stares at his hands holding hers and whispers, "I'm not… I'm not the best." Sniffing loudly for a second, he looks up and away from her, "For you." He releases her hands and forces himself to take a step back, "I'm not the best for you." He attempts wiping his eyes, "This can't happen, this – this can't work."

"Spencer – " she pleads, and there are tears running down her face, one after the other.

"Sam…" it breaks his heart, but he has to stand back and be the man his father raised, "no."

She takes in a sobbing breath, "But – I love you – Spencer … I – I love you." Sam is standing right in front of him, reaching out, and in his eyes lay how torturous this is for him. "Spencer," she begs one last time, visibly crumbling inside.

His voice cracks with heartache, "I know," hot tears roll down his face, "I … I love you." Sam is still petrified, falling apart, crying, and he has to step back again. "But we can't." Spencer turns and walks away in that second, tears burning, his heart ripping in two. Behind him, Sam manages to hold onto the couch as she sinks to the floor, her pain beyond sound.

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