Anne gently touched her necklace. It was new, a gift, and may have been the grandest thing she owned. Her fingers slid across the smooth surface of the ruby as she looked down at her hand.

"Do you like it, Anne?"

She turned her gaze upward.

"It is quite beautiful, my Lord."

"Not quite as beautiful as the woman I love."

The corners of Anne's' lips turned up softly.

"Queen Catherine is very beautiful, I must admit."

The King chuckled deeply.

"Dear, sweet Anne. You know whom I meant."

Anne gazed at him through her long lashes, and he leaned in.

"Two Queens," she said, laying her cards down on the table. Henry glanced down.

"Two Queens…" he repeated. He looked up and grasped her hand.

"But only one in the King's heart, Anne. Two Kings."

"You win." Anne stroked his hand with her slender fingers, and Henry twirled a single raven curl around his fingers.

"By the rules of the game, yes. But I do believe a Queen may beat any number of Kings. We are helpless to feminine charm, you see."

"Are you, now?" Anne leaned closer, and Henry sighed.

"Anne. You are so beautiful."

Anne leaned in even closer, and the Kings' lips grazed hers. She pulled back suddenly and stood.

"I do believe you are right, my Lord," she said with a small curtsy. "I have won."