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Everything had changed. She should have guessed it the moment that they had returned. The air that rushed against her pale skin, the grains of sand that fell between her toes, even the stone of her old home that she touched – everything was different. The Narnia that Susan had once known would never be quite the same.

She had wanted so badly to come back. The thought of returning to Narnia plagued her every though, haunted her every dream, and poisoned her every wish. When she was back in England, in a totally different world than she now found herself in, Narnia completely consumed her. Ever since she had stumbled through the old, musty wardrobe, she had never stopped thinking of how and when she would return.

It was much different now. At first, she had reveled so much that she was back in Narnia that she hadn't noticed how strange and foreign it was. But the ruins of her old home, the disappearance of many of Narnia's creatures, and the unknown whereabouts of the greatest hero, Aslan, had put quite a damper on the return. As much as she didn't want to believe it, Susan was disappointed. She had expected a warm welcome, full of festivities and old friends, not a ruined palace and a jaded world.

When she closed her eyes, she could almost hear the trumpets sounding a triumphant call during her and her siblings' coronation ceremony. She could almost see the smiles upon the faces of Tumnus and the Beavers. She could almost feel the cool stone under her as she sat in her throne for the first time. Opening her eyes, she suddenly and brutally realized that these memories were only just, and that she would never be able to experience them again.

"Susan, are you awake?" Lucy asked suddenly, startling Susan.

She abruptly realized that she was not in her own head anymore, but in a clearing, sprawled across the grass, kept cool by the dawn's first air. Not feeling like talking, she didn't answer. She pretended to be asleep and stirred only a little, hoping that her act would suffice for her younger sister.

It did, and Susan heard Lucy get up and leave. She would have gone after her any other time. But now, she did not. She guessed that Lucy would be safe and turned over to watch her go. She then continued to dream about a life that was spent long ago.