The Great Lion returned soon after the Pevensies had made their decision. Susan proudly announced to the Lion that the Pevensies had chosen to stay in Narnia and not return to England, and that she would be married to the soon-to-be king of Telmar. The Lion responded with a faint smile and a promise to deal with life back in England for the Kings and Queens. Although he expressed neither joy nor remorse at the decision that had been made, the children could tell that he approved of the result of meeting. Aslan then left them as abruptly as he had joined them.

Susan was still overtaken with joy. She and her siblings were all linking arms and walking back to their lodgings, laughing and all talking at once about the wonders that were to come with a life spent in Narnia. Peter talked of how he would be High King once more, and reveled in the thought of ruling Narnia and bestowing peace on the land. Lucy enjoyed they idea that she would be able to stay with all of her friends and make even more new ones. Edmund was looking forward to refining his skill with a blade and bravely battling far off lands in order to keep Narnia. All that Susan could think about was her Caspian. She smiled in knowing that she would be his wife soon enough, and that she would never be parted from him for the rest of her days. Her best hopes and dreams had come true.

The Pevensie children rounded the corner and ascended the stairs that Susan had walked what seemed like hours ago. They turned into the hall down which were the rooms that they were living in, and found Caspian pacing outside Susan's door. All the Kings and Queens suddenly stopped and fell silent. Caspian looked up, having heard their approaching footsteps. All attention was now turned to Susan. Her siblings looked at her, wondering what she would do next, and Caspian searched her face with worry for some kind of answer as to what had happened. Susan stepped out slowly from her sibling's company and made her way to Caspian. She felt the eyes of her brothers and sister follow her as she approached him. Not betraying anything, Susan kept a stern expression as she slowly ambled towards Caspian. He began to walk towards her, and at this, Susan hastened her pace. As Susan got closer to Caspian, she couldn't help but allow a smile to spread across her lips. Caspian took this as a assertion that the Pevensies were staying in Narnia, and that he could be married to Susan, so he smiled, too. And he then caught Susan in his arms, as she wrapped an arm around her neck and placed her hand on his cheek, kissing him as deeply as she could. It didn't' matter that her siblings were only feet away, it didn't matter that they were watching, and it didn't matter that kissing Caspian in his kingdom so openly wasn't entirely proper. Susan didn't care. She was with the one she loved, and she would never leave him again.


The next morning was the coronation ceremony. The four Kings and Queens of Old rode behind the newly crowned King Caspian of Telmar throughout the city as Telmarines and Narnians alike cheered for the newly crowned Telmarine ruler. The Narnian royalty wore their crowns as well. Susan was especially beautiful that day, wearing an elaborate gown of deep crimson and gold, matching the golden flower crown that was on her head. She waved and smiled as she rode next to her brother, joy radiating from her. She looked to her siblings, crowned and equally clothed in the finest of garments, smiling even larger as she saw the happiness on each of thief faces. Caspian looked back and smiled at her occasionally, and Susan was so happy that she laughed.

Queen Susan the Gentle of Narnia was married to King Caspian X of Telmar the next evening. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony, held in the gardens of Telmarine. Flowers fell from the trees as the couple said their vows, and the crowed watching, a fine mix of Narnians and Telmarines, let out a triumphant and joyous cheer as the newly married Caspian and Susan kissed and then turned and faced their people for the first time as man and wife. Susan first looked to her siblings, standing in the front row, all sporting the largest of grins. The married couple walked down the aisle, smiling and waving to all that were present. Susan had never felt more joyous in all of her life; she was now bound to the man whom she loved, and she was never to be parted from him for the rest of her life.

King Caspian X and Queen Susan the Gentle ruled Telmar in peace for the rest of their days. High King Peter, King Edmund, and Queen Lucy had the palace of Cair Paravel rebuilt, and there they lead a prosperous Narnia back into vivid life and joyous freedom. The two countries got on in peace and friendship for the rest of time, aiding one another when needed, and often extending great gifts to one another. And all five Kings and Queens lived out the rest of their lives in happiness, glad for the sacrifices that had been made to advance them to blissful positions they had arrived at.