Summary: Lina is thrown into the past and is given the chance to correct, and maybe even change their past.

A Chance to Change

Chapter 1

To Find A Treasure

Given the chance to make something right, knowing it could possibly change your world drastically, would you do it?

"And dig men! Break in thirty minutes, but not unless the works done!" the voice of the leader of the workers boomed.

"Dig and dig, that's all we do!" grunted one man, his body was tired and sore, he wanted nothing more than to just stop, and drink ice cold water in the shade.

"We have orders from Seyrune to try and uncover whatever may be left of Rezo's laboratory men! And than to repair the city." Galen, the man in charge, had overheard Talan whining and for the millionth time went to explaining WHY they were doing this.

So far most of the land had slowly been cleared, and having magicians around, used them to detect where the magic power level increased the most.

About thirty feet away a seventeen-year-old boy, tanned skin, with blue eyes, and red hair, hit something hard in the ground.

"What the..." he banged his shovel against it and heard the scraping of stone against metal again. He looked about, but no one had noticed, so he bent over and brushed the sand away from an area. Stone radiating a small magic aura, was what proved to be beneath it.

'I might have found...' his thoughts trailed off as anticipation filled him. He climbed out of the eight by eight cleared ground, "Galen! I think I may have found something!"

Soon enough the area had been cleared farther and the sorceress Ravenna went to chanting. A beam shot from her finger and she traced a circle around the stone, which than started to give away. At that moment several sorcerers cried out, levitation, and slowly the heavy piece of cement slowly began to lift, they lifted it and placed it in the cleared space near by, and then let out indrawn breaths from the endurance used to maintain the spell.

"It's ... there's a hole, that means this must be a room or part of the corridor." Ravenna floated above the hole and threw a light spell down inside. Dust particles filled the air, but if she wasn't wrong... There were forms inside.... Books... cases knocked over... "If I'm not mistaken we've hit the jack pot gentleman, send our fastest horse and strongest man, to deliver the message that we have found the library of Rezo, the Red Priest!"