Safety Dance

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Uzumaki Naruto loved every little thing about his wife.

From the way her tongue peeks out from between her lips when she's concentrating, or the way she seems to mumble things to herself when distracted. Even her sleeping habits had a special place within his heart. Like how she seems to try to spread her entire being over the whole bed, hell there are even times where she'll unconsciously boot him out of the bed and onto the floor.

All of these quirks were what made her…well her. And Naruto wouldn't have Sakura Uzumaki any other way…actually there is one thing that the blonde would like to change and it's something so small and meaningless he doesn't even know why he worries about it.

He could put up with her 'borderline' spousal abuse and even her short fuse. However…it's her dancing that never fails to send a shiver down his spine.

It started back when they were dating; it had been only several dates into the newly formed relationship and the couple had been enjoying a summer day by walking towards Ichiraku's for a quick lunch. That is when it happened, Sakura was first to approach the street and saw the musicians that were playing for the passing citizens. Her emerald eyes had lit up in mirth as she grabbed the blonde's hand and dragged him towards the melody makers.

At first he merely grumbled about the fact that they were deviating off course, he could already see the restaurant's sign and that alone made his stomach grumble. They approached the musicians and managed to navigate their way through the crowd that had started to assemble. At first she was content with standing there and simply listening to the music but when the band started to play a more upbeat tempo is when all the trouble started.

His beloved cherry blossom extracted herself from the crowd and started to dance. The look on her face at that moment was of pure innocence she was simply enjoying the rhythm of the music and got caught up in the moment. It brought a smile upon Naruto's face to see her like this, her pink sundress flapping within the wind as she twirled a bit and joyous laughter filled the air. That's until her left foot shot off the ground and into the air like she was kicking a soccer ball, she repeatedly did this switching between feet. Her upper body was doing no better as her hands lifted up and her thumbs pointed outwards as if indicating people between her.

Naruto was horrified; it almost looked like she was having convulsions. His eyes darted towards the bystanders and saw that several of them had started to snicker. While others merely hid their grins underneath their palms. In all actuality Naruto could care less of the two of them looking 

like fools, actually he thrived it on certain instances. Sakura however he knew did not like to have her reputation tarnished and did not like to be at the receiving end of jokes.

And if there was one thing in this world that Naruto hated more than anything, it was seeing Sakura's sad…and he wasn't exactly crazy about low-fat ramen either. So with a little quick thinking the blonde did the one thing that he's known for…

It took several ANBU members and a very irate Haruno to finally clear out all the Naruto's that suddenly appeared out of nowhere to sing a very out of tune song that sent several innocent bystanders running in horror.

The dreaded dance did not stay hidden for long; no more than a year later it had tried to surface was during the wedding of one of their closest friends. Sakura had been pulled out towards the dance floor by Ino as all of the ladies were going to start off the next round of dancing. Leaving Naruto standing next to a bored looking Kakashi, to no one's surprise the older man reached into his pants pocket and pulled out his infamous orange book. Not wanting to be associated with the pervert, the blonde scooted away a bit. Looking back towards the dance floor he managed to see the beginning of what will now be known as 'The Little Kicks'.

Ino's eyebrows quirked a bit as she saw Sakura's dance come full force. Once again Naruto was put into a sticky situation, looking over towards his pervert teacher a devious little thought entered his mind as he quickly reached over and plucked the book out of his hands. "Hey" the silver haired man obviously didn't see that coming, nor did he sense that Naruto was going to fling his book into the dance floor.

Now there is one thing people know about Kakashi and that is to never get between him and his reading. So like a dog chasing a bone the silver haired man broke through the dance floor knocking over several people, including the bride and sent the poor woman barreling onto the drinks table. The table snapped in twain and sent a bowl of punch flying over the populace. It rained red for several seconds as the bowl soared overhead, the blonde's eyes widened considerably when he noticed its trajectory "Sakura!" as the words exited his mouth the pink haired girl whirled around and saw the bowl heading towards her.

Thankfully the Haruno was no pushover; ducking quickly the bowl kept on flying towards the person behind her. The dinner ware hit poor Ino head on, knocking the Yamanaka clear off her feet and on to her back as punch splashed all over her body and onto the dance floor.

To say that Sakura was mad would be an understatement. Just ask Sasuke who had the inconvenience of housing the booted Uzumaki, more time passed by and 'The Little Kicks' slowly dwindled into memory.

Until a month before their wedding, it had hit him like a bowl of ramen to the face. He could not make a scene at his own wedding, more so he couldn't let his Sakura get laughed at on her big 

day. So that was why two weeks before the wedding the Uzumaki called in a favor, at first the participants had been reluctant to concede to the demands but with some quick negotiation and a few bruised limbs the trio settled on the plan.

The wedding itself had gone without a hitch, and the reception was as well. When the time came for their first dance as husband and wife, Naruto made sure to hold her exceptionally close and in a firm grip. At first the pinkette stared at him, her eyes showing her confusion but all Naruto could offer was a small smile and a very audible 'Gulp'.

When she was pulled away from him was when the blonde started to panic. His eyes flying towards the band that was currently playing "Come on, Come on" thankfully before the band could go beyond anything faster they were interrupted by someone.

Imagine everyone's surprise when a very, very unhappy Sasuke walked onto the stage. Currently the raven haired man had his hand latched onto the collar of an amused looking Sai, the Uchiha grabbed one of the mics and talked to the band briefly. The band nodded before one of them handed Sai a microphone as well and then a slow song started to play.

And so the two started to sing, no one could really dance anymore since very few could stop laughing.

Yes, Naruto truly loved his wife; 'The Little Kicks' may be a bit weird but it is her very own dance and for that Naruto treasures it. He has never once mentioned her dancing to her and never will, when the Uchiha asked him of this several weeks later the blonde merely smiled and answered "What for?" He had said "It's not like I can dance either".



First of all it should be mentioned that I'm not exactly a Naruto fan, I know the basic story but details are far beyond me. So if something is incorrect don't go ballistic just inform me I would really appreciate it.

This will be my first Naruto fic, NaruxSaku is the only thing I'm really interested in so as far as other pairings go I have absolutely no clue. If any of you want to suggest any I'll probably put them into this little collection of random one-shots.

p.s. A special thanks to Seinfeld for planting this in my head