Pirates Life For Me


She had found it on her pillow.

It was definitely not something she would ever buy, much less wear. Picking up the foreign object the rose haired girl gave it a closer inspection.

Yup. There was no mistaking it; the thing in her hands was just a silly old straw hat. It seemed worn and bit crushed as if it had been shoved into storage under heavier objects. A pink eyebrow quirked as she noticed a small tag sticking out from within the hat. Pulling out the tag the young woman glanced at the words that had been hurriedly scribbled across its white surface.

'To my Sakura-swan.'

At the end of it in excruciatingly big letters were scribbled the words: "Dattebayo!"

Her emerald eyes rolled as it came as no surprise that he would leave such a random gift in the middle of her apartment.

The surprise came later when she walked into his apartment and found him nose deep in a book. All poor Sakura could really see were puffs of his blonde hair and the tips of his eyebrows.


He didn't seem to pay her much mind as he merely flipped to another page, and murmured something along the lines of: "Hey Sakura."

This kind of greeting did not sit well with the ignored Haruno.

Azure eyes widened immensely as the book was forcibly pulled from his hand. Bringing the unsuspecting blonde face to face with his very irate girlfriend. The shinobi blinked as he saw an old worn straw hat sitting on the top of her pink head. A mischievous smile spread across his face as he leaned back and let the girl leaf through the book.

Emerald eyes stopped on one picture in particular, a raven-haired boy seemed to be putting a similar looking straw hat on a weeping girl's face.

"What are you reading?"

Her blonde boyfriend merely smiled as he stood from his couch and answered.

"It's a story of pirates."

Stopping at another picture she managed to see the boy with outstretched arms exclaiming into the sky.

"I'm going to be the next Pirate King!"

That seemed to remind the girl of several proclamations the blonde in front of her had made in the several years that she's known him.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki and someday I'll be Hokage!"

He would say it with just as much intensity as the boy drawn on these pages. Flipping through the pages again the pink haired girl saw the girl from the previous page. It seemed she was laying down some punishment since her fist was grinding against the straw-hat boy's head.

"She reminds me of you."

The kunoichi jerked in surprise as she noticed that Naruto had been reading over her shoulder. Regaining herself to a certain point the girl looked away from her male companion and back towards the two on the page.

"Why?" She asked––noting with some jealousy that the pirate girls chest was quite something to brag about.

His chin came to rest on her shoulder as he began his explanation. "She's strong willed, rambunctious, and smart." His nose soon found its way to her neck where it nuzzled. "Just like you Sakura."

Blonde locks brushed against the straw hat nudging it forward and slightly covering Sakura's amused eyes. A genuine grin blossomed across her face as she lifted her hand and adjusted the headwear a bit.

"Want to get some ramen?" Apparently his flattery was starting to pay off.

The way his eyes sparkled along with the grin that crossed his face reminded her of a child that had been promised sweets. With a spring to his step the blonde grabbed his coat and exited the apartment with an energetic scream of: "RAMEN!"

This left Sakura very amused as she glanced down once again to the book and saw one of the last pictures had the raven-haired boy showing as much enthusiasm as Naruto while seemingly screaming "MEAT!" at the top of his lungs.

Smiling a bit the pink haired girl pocketed the book and proceeded to follow her boyfriend out the door.

Adjusting the straw hat a bit the young woman patted the hidden book. "Maybe I'll read a bit of it later." Heaven knows she could go for a good story.


This one is a bit different from my previous ones. It was more or less inspired when I saw the similarities some of the characters have in One Piece and Naruto.

And its actually dedicated to a very talented LuffyxNami who I hope enjoyed it.

So please enjoy this and sorry if you don't catch the references

Anyways bye