A/N: Thank you for giving my story a chance. This is my first story, so I will be prone to English mistakes. Sorry.

Summary: In my story, after Edward leaves Bella, the Volturi pay Bella a visit after they hear about her knowing their secret and they like her so much, that they want to protect her. (They are like father figures to her.) So they turn her into a vampire and make her their very own Volturi Princess.

Warning: There are minor spoilers about Breaking Dawn, so don't say I didn't warn you about that. Also, NO FLAMERS please. It's really disturbing. And if you don't like the fairy tale crap, then I suggest you don't continue reading, cause there will be a twist in my story that will go that way.

Disclaimer: If I owned The Twilight Saga, Jacob would never have imprinted on her. (I'm not saying who just in case someone missed the warning. As usual.) So in short, I DO NOT own The (AMAZING) Twilight Saga. Sadly.

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Chapter One: The Beginning

Bella's POV

I was standing in the meadow; I didn't even know why I chose to be bitten here. This was the place where we had held most of our memories.

I shook my head, this was stupid. Why was I still thinking about him? After the way he had left me, why? I should be cursing him by now, but why did I still pine for him. Had the world no pity for me???

I mean, come on, after he left me, things were bad and I was a zombie for a few months – dead and lifeless. So when I started to find happiness, find someone to replace him – if it was possible – find my own personal sun, that person just had to be a werewolf.

I didn't find out till very late, and by that time, I had retreated back into my shell, unwilling to face the world.

How could you just stand up again so easily and pretend everything was A-ok when you got hurt that many times.

No matter how much the doctor could help, those wounds were bound to leave scars.

After those times, I just wanted to be alone and left in my own world, where no one could hurt me. Again.

I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't even notice a vampire coming up towards me. I only realized that the vampire was behind me when he wrapped his arms around me.

I sighed and leaned against his chest. Aro.

''Are you ready, Bella?'' he asked me quietly.

I could feel the presence of Marcus, Caius, Demetri, Felix, Alec, and of course, Jane standing a few feet away from us. Gianna and Heidi were taking care of things in Italy.

''As ready as I'll ever be.'' I replied, trying to smile. Which of course, came out as a grimace instead.

Aro chuckled, then leaned his head toward my neck, and bit me.