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Chapter Fourteen: Bella's POV

In vampire speed, reaching Forks from Volterra, Italy would only take about one and a half day, but if you added the time you needed to hide from the sunlight, you probably would get there with another half a day gone.

As I also wanted to get in there legally so I wouldn't meet with any more complications, I needed to take the plane. So I used my fake passport which stated I was eighteen, and took my blue Lamborghini and got ready for a road trip. (A/N: I'm not sure it it's possible to get from Volterra, Italy to Forks, Washington, but let's pretend that it is, ok?)

I didn't want to rush, so I took my own sweet time. Ever since I learnt of my power of absorbing other vampires' abilities, I had been learning how to control them too.

So by now, I could absorb abilities with only a slight wince.

But that didn't mean it didn't hurt. It most certainly did, but I just chose not to show it.

Anyway, I didn't bring anything at all with me, taking with me just my (annoyingly expensive but nice) Chanel wallet, iPhone (which Renata, Aro's wife and my mother figure, bought for me), and the outfit I was wearing. I knew it was impossible for me to bring Haine, well possible, but very troublesome, so I let her to do some of her own travelling while I was away. She always knew when I needed her, so it would be okay.

I had driven near a shopping mall's car park when I saw it. Well, it couldn't actually be described as an it. It was actually a gorgeous girl that looks so beautiful, she looked inhumane. In fact, I was willing to bet five hundred bucks to say she was, in fact, not human at all.

But even saying she was gorgeous was an insult. If I thought that I could be compared to Rosalie and win, this girl could probably stamp Rosalie to the ground immediately. She was just that amazing, and hell, even a girl like me who didn't swing that way had to admit that.

The girl looked to be around seventeen or eighteen, like me, and she had long golden-hair that was tied up into a loose bun, with a few tendrils of her gold locks curling and framing her pale heart-shaped face. Her eyes were hidden by a pair of dark Chanel sunglasses that highlighted her high cheekbones. To top it off, she wore a tight-fitting black cashmere top and simple skinny jean. Though she was probably just around my height and had a very petite figure, the outfit she wore managed to make her legs seem endlessly long, not to mention show off all her curves, though I doubt that it was just this outfit. For this type of girls, they could put on a canvas bag and still manage to looks fabulous.

While all these appraising probably took a few seconds only, it was also the time that this girl took to get into a Chevrolet Corvette Blue Devil and drive out into the road.

At first, I didn't notice anything suspicious, after all, this was Volterra, where the city was run by vampires, this girl was probably a vampire too, nothing else amiss. It was only after 2 minutes that I noticed that the Chevrolet Corvette Blue Devil was following closely behind my blue Lamborghini. A little too closely, as a matter of fact.

I did a few experiments, turning into many different roads, but she always followed closely, never losing me. I tried to shake her off by driving into places with heavy traffic, but she persisted, always disappearing before suddenly appearing behind my car again when I looked at the rear view mirror once more.

At the beginning, it was slightly unnerving, but then it became more than just slightly unnerving, and it turned into full out annoyance. Who was she to do this to the daughter of the leaders of the vampire world?

So it was this feeling that made me pull over at the side of the road and exit my car. As expected, the car behind me followed suit and stopped to. A few seconds later, the girl also stepped out of the car, but instead of facing me like I thought she would, she just leaned against the door of her car, never saying anything, but yet looking silent and deadly at the same time.

I had to admit, I was shocked. Even though I was not officially announced as one of the most important people in the vampire world, I knew that people could feel the aura of power that radiated from me. This girl though, just stood in front of me, waiting for me to make the first move, while she just ignored me.

The tension between us was so thick, you probably needed more than a steak knife to cut it. It was finally me who relented, speaking in my new voice, "Who are you and what do you want from me?"

I knew the girl standing in front of me was a vampire, therefore she would have heard me no matter what, but she gave no signs that she did. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that she was following me, I probably would think that she didn't even think I existed!

As if reading my thoughts, she closed her eyes and tipped her head back, as if she was just enjoying the weather, and said in the silkiest voice I ever heard, "What do you think?"

It was then she turned her head to me and asked me, "Am I an angel, or a devil? A friend or simply, just a foe?" The way she looked at me, even through her sun glasses, I felt as if she could see every part of me – the ones I fought so hard to keep hidden, the ones that I hated, the cracks in my hearts, the wounds inflicted on me, the non-existent scars that would cover every inch of my skin.

"Come along now, Isabella Swan."

To hear those words, coming from a stranger's mouth, I could not believe it. It had been ages since I had last heard someone call me that. The way she said it, it made me question my identity, made me even more confused, made me feel dizzy and weak. I was a vampire and a star, it was almost impossible for us to show weaknesses, especially me. To show a random person this, I was way too far gone.

My vision blurred, and I felt like I wanted to empty my stomach, when I had nothing in it at all. I could feel myself lurching forward, curling forward, in other words, simply feeling incredible nauseous.

Who was this girl? What did she want?

More importantly, how did she know?

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