I know... it is short, but I wanted to get this bad boy started. This story is a gift for Hanson's Angel and Lamexicana... I hope you will enjoy it. There will be plenty of Angst and Drama from both Booker and Hanson to please. For those of you who don't like Booker, so sorry, deal with it... I will have too. This was inspired by these two lovely peoples!

Chapter 1

Hanson and Booker walked past the police car sitting outside of the Jump Street Chapel. The brisk afternoon air was cutting through Booker's muscular frame as he made his way to the steps outside the chapel. Tonight of all nights was Metro's annual training exercises. Booker loathed this day, it had been since his Academy days that he had participated in something so… stupid. Really, it wasn't the fact that it was training, it was the scenarios. Seriously, who could get loose in an abandoned building and blow it up and live to blow up another… it seemed pointless. The worst case scenarios were the most extreme cases they could possibly make up. They got plenty of training and experiance in their second time back in high school.

"Hanson, this is really pointless you know." Booker stated abruptly.

"Yep." Hanson replied. Hanson loathed this day for an additional reason. Penhall, Hoffs and Ioki didn't have to participate because they were already assigned to a case. Because Hanson and Booker had a case that led to a bust yesterday, they had to participate. They were the only two Jump Streeter's not assigned to a case today. To top it off, they were in uniform. Tom had felt like a kid playing dress up in the black Metro Police uniform since he had been assigned to Jump Street.

"It's either that or the desk until you look old enough to be a cop!" The words still rang clear as a bell in his head. All because a bust had gone awry when he was fresh from the Academy, GOD he hated this uniform.

The overly dressed officers arrived at the Jump Street Chapel to check in with Captain Adam Fuller before departing to Metro for the start of their training. Cat calls and whistles filled the room as the two officers stepped in. They simultaneously removed their cover and stepped towards their desks.

"My, my, Hanson, Booker… lookin fine…" Hoffs walked by the two men. She flashed them a grin and continued on to her desk. Booker had a crooked smile running across his face. Hanson rolled his eyes as he moved past Hoffs desk to his own work space.

"Booker, Hanson… why are you still here?" Fuller's voice made the two men jump.

"Just checking in, sir!" Hanson responded jumping out of his seat at attention and clicking his heals together and mock saluting his superior officer.

Booker had his feet propped up on his desk, chewing on a toothpick. "Sir, we don't have to report of another two hours. Just killing an hour or eight before we have to report."

"Both of you get your things and get downtown and report to Sgt. Mike Garrison. He is your commander for the day. I better get nothing but praise as to how wonderful and co-operative you both were today." Fuller scolded his two officers. "Oh, and Hanson…" Fuller called after them.

"Yes sir." He shouted back, still standing at attention. While Penhall sat at the desk next to him turning red as he stifled laughter.

"Try not to break any noses today." Fuller reminded the younger officer. Hanson turned red as he recalled his record for breaking noses while in full uniform. Four partners… perhaps Booker… Nah.

"Yes Coach…" Hanson answered looking down at his feet. Fuller laughed to himself and walked back into his officer closing his office door.

"Welp partner… we best be a headin on to Sgt. Garrison's Training Academy." Booker stated adjusting his cover on his head. His dark eyes almost blending in with the uniform. He winked at Judy as he walked past her desk area and over to the door.

"Yeah…" Hanson was going over his mental check list, all the while complaining to himself about training. Of all the people to stick him with… Damn Booker!

Ok, so don't be to critical yet... I think this will be really good once it get's started, so hang there and enjoy. I will fix what I need to:-) Thanks and enjoy! Please feel free to read and review!