"how many boyfriends have you had, Ino?" her father asked her.

"FIVE" she yelled. Then stomped off to look for the guys. She stopped then turned around at her father again, "how do you think this makes me look?" she asked her dad. Her father frowned, "you shouldn't have gotten a new boyfriend after the first, then…" her father tried delivering it in the sternest voice he could muster. Ino frowned, "UGH!! I tried to have a boyfriend you would like, who you'd accept. Apparently there was nothing wrong with anyone to begin with…! You just didn't like the idea of me having one!!" Ino yelled then officially stomped off to look for the guys and apologize.

Ino was walking around and knew that some of her ex's usually hung out by the coffee shop, so after passing the training grounds just to find nobody there, she made her way to the coffee shop. But, by impulse she checked Ichiraku's since it was on the way anyway.

She got to the coffee shop and saw all her ex's in one table. Ino gasped. "Even Gaara…" she said, "crap…the worst thing that could happen is that they'd be talking about me." She said getting scared. But she built up enough courage to walk in and go talk to them.

"Speak of the…" Kiba said but didn't finish it. All five boys looked at her with grins on their handsome faces. Ino smiled a nervous smile.

"H-hey guys…" she waved at them, trying her best not to do anything stupid.

"Hey Ino…" Sasuke greeted, smile turning into smirk. "Hey" Kiba, Neji and Shikamaru said, "Hi…" was what Gaara replied. "Grab a seat, Ino…" Kiba suggested. Ino blushed, "oh, o-okay…" she said looking around for a spare seat.

Kiba sighed, "here, let me…" Kiba stood up and got a seat for Ino. He set it down and the two sat together at about the same time. Ino was sitting in between Kiba and Gaara and was across Sasuke.

"So…what brings you here?" Neji asked her. Ino bit her lip. "Well, what a coincidence all five of you are here…" she started. The five of them grinned again. Ino sighed, "I just want to explain something…" she said. The guys showed her that they were listening.

"You all are so wonderful and it's just that, it's important for me for my dad to like my boyfriend…so everytime he's not happy with who I'm with anymore, it would have to be splitsville…" Ino explained. "So, it's your father's decision?" Kiba asked. Ino nodded. "I guess he liked Sasuke the most…" Neji commented. Ino giggled.

"No...oh, well…yeah sorta…" Ino said trying to explain, "Sasuke was able to impress dad, but he thought we wouldn't last long so when it was getting too long…well, you know…" Ino explained. The boys nodded. "so…your dad doesn't like us?" Shikamaru asked. Ino quickly shook her head no.

"No! it's not that…he just doesn't like me having a boyfriend." She finally said. "I'm sorry for being so complicated." She told them looking down. Man did she weave a tangled web. The boys nodded, "it's alright…" they all said. Ino looked up at them with a smile.

"thanks, you guys…" she said. The 5 nodded with smiles on their faces.

"So wait…if your dad was the one who had you break up with us…" Sasuke started then Ino looked at him… "Which one of us would you have picked and stayed with?" he asked.

Ino's eyes grew wide. Now all of the boys' full attention was on her waiting to hear her answer. Ino took a big gulped. She was in a really tight spot. She had to pick from her five ex's right now, who were all just sitting around with her. All their attention focused on her and her answer…so who would it be?

"uhh…" Ino said, starting to sweat, her nerves taking over.

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