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It was nearly sunrise as the red-headed mother tried to lessen his fever with fresh air from the balcony. She was grateful that Len had conveniently placed a chair and table for them.

She stroked her son's blue hair, silencing him from crying for the moment. She used the same hand to feel his burning forehead. He had this fever all day and she just gave birth to him last week. "That's it rest, Ken." She cooed.

"Kahoko, you should get some rest too." The voice startled her and she gasped, seeing her husband as he approached her. She looked over his shoulder to see Hana sleeping peacefully.

She heard Ken slight cry of denial when Len took him from her arms. He was about to cry when he noticed it was just his father. He stopped instantly and giggled slightly at his father.

Kahoko objected, "Len, please I'm fine. You can go back to sleep. I…" She was cut off with a wince as Len lightly stroked her stomach. She moaned in pain and finally he stopped to gently kiss her lips, his apology.

He cradled his son and told her, "I know you're still exhausted, Kahoko. Besides, if you keep this up you might spoil him.""But, Len…" She protested before he cut her off again, kissing her. "Go to bed. Hana might wake up…"

As he said this, Hana started crying in her crib. Kahoko rushed to pick her up and she cradled Hana in her arms. Len sighed in exasperation, but he was glad that she decided to lie down on the bed instead, still cradling Hana in her arms.

Hana finally stopped crying, but when Kahoko was about to place her back in her crib, she started crying once more. Len picked the crying Hana from Kahoko's arms and kissed Hana gently on the forehead. Hana stopped crying immediately and fell asleep. Now, Len had both babies in his arms. He gestured Kahoko to stay on the bed.

She understood and did as she was told but instead, she merely sat down. Len knew that even if she was tired, she would still wait for him. He would have brushed his bangs, a gesture that he was frustrated, angry or simply nervous. Right now, he was frustrated with the stubbornness of his wife, but he did not complain and simply complied.

He sat down and placed both babies in between them. He felt Kahoko snuggle closer to him, but not quite to squash the babies in between them. He kissed her eyelids, an order to make her sleep.

She surprised him by kissing him on the lips on which he eagerly replied. He rested his forehead on hers, fingers intertwining. He smiled and whispered to her gently, sweetly even, "Now, go to sleep." He kissed her lips and both settled in under the blankets, tucking their children in as well.

Before she fell asleep, she heard him whisper to her, rubbing her belly once more, "Do you think this will be ready for another baby soon?" She giggled lightly, caressing the back of his neck making him shiver. This was his weak spot. "You wish, Len."

He kissed her gently on the cheek before she closed her eyes and fell asleep. He smiled once more looking at her. Their hands were still intertwined and he could feel her ring on her ring finger, playing with it.

His gaze fell on his children, sleeping just as peacefully. Using his free hand, he felt his son's forehead. He was surprised that his fever lessened.

His attention shifted to the glass window. The sun's rays were threatening to come forth as a new day began. He watched the sunrise, musing on what to do.


Author: Here is the promised one-shot sequel. Okay, I never expected it to be this short, but hope you enjoy it all the same. Oh yes, the part where Len placed his forehead on Kahoko's…it actually happened in the game! I was happy when I first saw the picture and was thrilled when I saw it actually happened in the game. So I decided to put it here as well.