CCS+MGLN: The Shard Card

--Plot Thought up by Yoshilord, found on Shoujoai website

Shortened Summary: Things go from weird to worst and back again as Tomoyo suddenly falls ill. Ignoring that her wedding to Shaoran is in less than a week, Sakura does her best to care for Tomoyo. But who are these new people who claim to know how to cure Tomoyo's incurable illness and what is this "Jewel Shard" that they speak of? CCS meets MGLN. Shoujo-ai centric.

Pairings: Sakura/Tomoyo, Nanoha/Fate, Hayate/Harem (as per requested)

Disclaimer: I do not own Card Captor Sakura anymore than I own Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and the associated characters. I don't even pretend to claim credit for this plot prompt. I am merely a writer- a bored writer looking for something to pass the time with this summer.

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P.P.S. In this fic, Tomoyo, Sakura, and Shaoran look about the same as they did in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (TRC)- young adultish, albeit old enough to accept marriage proposals. Nanoha and Fate are only a little older than they were in StrikersS and Vivio is around the age they were when Nanoha's adventures first began. All others age proportionately to aforementioned lead characters.

P.P.P.S. Because suffixes help convey the tone that it would be spoken in English, yet computers are not high-tech enough to provide the necessary inflections (not for ffnet at least) I will be using –chan's and –san's and thus purposely leave them out at times for emphasis or neutrality.

Enough of that! Let's begin!

Chapter One

"Tomoyo-chan… This is really too much…"

"Oh my…" Tomoyo paused to look at her handiwork. It was a beautiful three-tiered fluffy angel cake with white icing and ornate decorations. She seemed troubled by something, and turned to face Sakura, inconspicuously shining her new concealed pocket digital camera to face her favorite 'movie star'. "Does this trouble you, Sakura-chan? But… this is only the preliminary practice cake. A miniature model, if you will. When I'm done with it, it'll look something like… this."

Tomoyo fished a neatly folded piece of sketch paper from her apron pocket and handed it to Sakura, who turned it in her hand, puzzled, before unfolding it. "HOOOOOEEEEEEEEEE!! This is… this is…"

"A lot of people will be eating, won't they?"

"Yes, but… but…"

Tomoyo walked over and hugged her, insisting in the way she did when she wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer. Even if it was her dear Sakura. "Sakura-chan… You'll be a bride soon. Please, the least you can let me do for you is your wedding cake." When she saw that Sakura was wavering, but still giving resistance, Tomoyo added, "The top most tier is reserved for Kero-chan, of course."

The stuffed-animal guardian took this as his cue to pop out of Sakura's purse, cheering and whooping with all his giddy might. Sakura hung her head. There was no way she was going to get away with saying no now. Sometimes she wondered who the guardian- her or Kero- really was.


Sakura sighed and looked up with a defeated smile. "All right, Tomoyo, but I still feel really bad. You booked the wedding site, made reservations for the honeymoon, sent out the invitations you designed, worked out the seating arrangements, talked my favorite band into playing for my wedding… even if you are my maid of honor, I can't help but think… you're practically planning my whole wedding yourself…"

Tomoyo waved off her concern although her eyes showed that she was taking her seriously. "Don't be silly. Mother's helping a lot, as are her associates and allies in the field of business. And this is your day, Sakura-chan. I couldn't be happier for you. I want to do everything I can to make sure your day is the best that it can possibly be, because you only deserve the very best."

Sakura chewed on her lip. It was hard to argue with that when your best friend that you grew up with is the one to say it. Eventually looking around, she asked, "Is there anything I can help with?"

Relieved that Sakura had given up on the subject, Tomoyo started talking about what types of decorations she wanted on her cake, and to spare no expense if there was something in particular she wanted on it. Sakura asked if it was possible to have a cherry blossom frosting design, in answer to which Tomoyo pulled out a shiny cherry blossom petal design frame. Tomoyo soon proved that she could make such a simple design to perfection by hand just as easily as with a ready made frame.

Kero helped with what he could, before he was banned from the kitchen for eating the ingredients before it was completely finished.

It wasn't long, however, before everything was done, the kitchen tidied up, and slices cut from the 'practice' cake.

Kero, impatient as ever, was the first to take a bite, and subsequently lost himself in a world of sparkles and hearts and rosy good feelings. As he ranted incoherently about why it was so delicious, Tomoyo's eyes remained trained on Sakura. It was her opinion that mattered most after all.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as Sakura put a little piece of cake on her fork and brought it to her mouth, chewing with such tantalizing suspense that Tomoyo almost thought she would die from a nervous meltdown. But even in near-death, Tomoyo was careful to record every moment on her camera for later review.

She needn't have worried. Sakura smiled with unbridled happiness as she nodded vigorously and exclaimed, "It's delicious!"

"Really?" Tomoyo breathed a sigh of relief before sitting up and taking her own first bite.

A few hours later, Sakura and Kero decided to return home, leaving Tomoyo alone with her thoughts.

Walking out to her bedroom balcony, Tomoyo breathed in the sweet scent of spring and smiled. "Sakura-chan was so cute today as well…"

As her thoughts traveled through the most recent memories she had with Sakura, her smile started to fade. One more week… one more week and Sakura… her dearest Sakura… would tie the knot with Shaoran.

A part… no, most of her felt joyous, knowing that the person most important person had found someone she could live in happiness with for all of her days. But… but the other part… that small, usually insignificant little voice of intuition… had misgivings, to say the least.

On days like tonight, when the sky was clear and her heart was clouded, she would wonder if Shaoran was really 'the one' for Sakura. Sakura was one in a million, even without being the sole controller of her own set of Sakura Cards and their subsequent magic. Sakura was also Tomoyo's best friend, and she would sooner defy her bodyguards than let Sakura marry someone that couldn't appreciate how precious she was.

But Shaoran didn't have any problems with that. Sure, they argued now and again, as couples are apt to do, but nothing that was insurmountable. Still… Tomoyo sighed and looked down at the gardens. "I wish I had something more to connect me to them… more than just 'Sakura-chan's best friend'… like… like my own magic…"

As a tear she hadn't realized she had shed fell to the grass below, Tomoyo froze when she saw something glisten in the bushes. Something… that compelled her to walk downstairs, out her door, and towards it. Something that gave her the vaguest feeling that it would grant her wish.

When Tomoyo arrived at the targeted bush, she carefully, painstakingly parted the branches to see what was behind there. She could almost feel a presence… like an animal's heartbeat beside her own. In the light of the moon, she could only just barely see the shape of an object. But what was it…?

Tomoyo was fully aware that not everything that caught your attention was worth the trouble of humoring it. And yet she still inched her hand closer and closer to the object, an almost desperate pounding in her brain telling her that she could not stop short of at least touching it. She was compelled to…


As she turned her head to look at her approaching body guards, her hand moved forward the last stretch and made contact with the object. No sooner had she touched it, the object glowed a bright red, as if reacting to something.

And then, suddenly, Tomoyo knew nothing.


"Nanoha. Come look at this."

"Mm?" Nanoha walked upstairs to the loft and went over to the bed where Fate had several monitors open. "What is it?"

As she felt Nanoha slide up against her body, Fate shifted and pointed at one screen in particular. "There's a strange… magical signature coming from Earth."

"A Lost Logia?"

"That's what I thought at first, but its waves are a little different. See, here's a wavelength we received from a confirmed Lost Logia and here are the waves from this unidentified one. What do you think?"

Nanoha surveyed the details for a long moment. Eventually, she sighed and scooted out of bed.


"I'm going to go check on Vivio on my way to see Hayate."

"What are you going to do? About this?"

Nanoha sighed again as she looked up at Fate. "We, are going to ask to go to Earth to investigate. Because if I'm right, there is another magic source we've overlooked that is very close to this Lost Logia. That would be what's effecting the signal and making it look weird. And…"


"I really, really hope it hasn't simulated with a human… that will make things more complicated than we need them to be right now."

"Nanoha… are you sure you want to go? I can handle this my-"

"No." Nanoha smiled and shook her head, the door already opening. "Our anniversary is coming again next week. I refuse to let work get in the way of us at least being on the same planet when it comes. A girl can only take so many broken promises."

"Nanoha… I'm sorry… I-"

"Don't be sorry. Just get ready to move. If we're lucky, we can get the first transport out on an emergency pass and we'll be back before Vivio can even realize that we aren't at work preparing a big birthday surprise for her."

Fate was going to same something more, but Nanoha had already clicked the door shut behind her. Fate returned to her monitors with a downtrodden sigh. It wasn't that she had forgotten… but rather… she had been surveying Earth to see if it was safe for them to go for their anniversary… and she just had to find an actual potential problem. It could be weeks before the paperwork alone for it would be cleared.

On the other hand, if Nanoha could in fact wiggle an emergency pass from Hayate, it would save them from and at the same time create a bunch of complications.

Deciding Nanoha could use an extra voice of support, Fate decided to contact Hayate through their devices. "Bardiche."

"Yes, sir."

"Connect with Hayate-chan and Rein-chan."

"Yes, sir."

"Vita-chan! Come back and finish your bath!"

"Stop it! I'm not a kid! I can take a bath by myself!"

"But what fun would that be? Vita-chan, I order you to-"

"All right, all right! I- Hey, Fate-san! Uh, Hayate, it looks like you have some business to take care of so I'll just… um… yeah."

Fate smiled as Hayate sent a sour pout over her shoulder as Vita closed the bathroom door behind her. "Good evening, Hayate-chan."

"…others would be honored to be bathed by me…" Hayate grumbled before perking up in the blink of an eye. "G' Evenin' Fate-chan. How are you?"

"Personally, fine enough. But there is something I'd like to discuss with you…"

"Yes, yes, I could figure out that much. Go on. What is it?"

Fate explained about the power surges she had noticed on Earth and relayed the screens to Rein's monitors. "… Nanoha and I would like to go and check out the source in person. But merely a reconnaissance mission. And we'd like to go as soon as possible."

"Oh ho? But what reason would I have to send an instructor on a reconnaissance mission? And an Enforcer of your ranking? This one hardly seems malicious, Fate-chan. Is it really necessary…?"

"I have reason to believe that it might have bonded with a human as well."

"Oh? Now that's interesting. That, my friend, may warrant a few of our best. Coupled with that alternate magic source you mentioned… yes, I'll see what I can do."

"Really? Thank you, Hayate-chan."

"Not at all. Now then, let's get on to more important matters, now that I have you free for a moment."

"More important…?"

"Vivio's birthday, of course! Now I think we have most of it taken care of but…"

Fate smiled as she shifted her weight. "Actually, I was wondering if I could authorize taking Vivio with us. If it's a benign Logia, all the better. But… Vivio is the same age we were when… well, when I met Nanoha. Since our anniversary and her birthday fall so close together, I thought it would be an appropriate way to commemorate both… what do you think?"

"Oh ho… don't tell me you made up this Logia story just to have an excuse to bring Vivio to visit Nanoha's family? That's dangerous in its own way, Fate-chan. I didn't know you were that brave… well, I did, but not in this area…"

Fate frowned. "This area?"

"Don't you know?" Hayate paused for emphasis, even as she grinned. "Nanoha's family knows about you and her, but Nanoha hasn't told them anything about your living arrangements or about Vivio."

"What? That can't be!" Fate shook her head. "Nanoha and I recorded a video mail with Vivio when we decided to adopt her."

"Did you see Nanoha send it?"

"Did I- Hayate! How can you say that?"

Hayate laughed. "Well, whether or not they really understand the additions to their family, I'm sure it'll be a riot when you introduce Vivio to them in person. So if you promise to send me a video mail of the first face-to-face encounter, then I'll authorize Vivio's departure too. Have you discussed this with Nanoha yet?"

"Discussed what with me?"

Fate waved quickly, putting a finger of her free hand to her lips to signal that nothing has been discussed, and disconnected.

Fate hoped dearly that Nanoha had no secret qualms about her family meeting the not-so-new-anymore addition to Fate and Nanoha's lives.

And she dearly hoped Hayate didn't say any more than what was necessary.


"Oi, Sakura, you ready?"

"Mm? Yeah, just give me a few more minutes, Shaoran."

Shaoran sighed and looked at his watch for the nth time in the last hour. "We're going to be late…"

"I know, I'm sorry, my hair is just acting up… hold on, okay?"

The telephone rang beside Shaoran. He gave it a death glare. He was willing to bet that it was for Sakura and it would hold them up even longer. The reservation was very fragile at the moment. It had taken months to reserve a spot and many weeks paychecks to afford it. If they were late by more than five minutes… their spot would be given up.

"Sakura…" He drawled out her name as if doing so would get the phone to shut up and get them out the door at the same time.

"Shaoran, could you get the phone?"

With a hopeless sigh, Shaoran glanced at the Caller ID before picking up. It was Tomoyo. Or from her house at least. "Yeah?"

"Is that Shaoran-kun? Is Sakura-chan home?"

"Yeah." Unfortunately, Shaoran didn't add. He tried to remain remotely respectful since it was Tomoyo's mother calling. "Is it something important, Daidoji-san?"

"Would I call if it wasn't, boy? Give the phone to Sakura-chan."

"Uh, she's…" Shaoran glanced at the open bathroom door. "In the bathroom."

Sakura glanced around the door frame. "Is there something wrong with Tomoyo? Ask."

Shaoran rolled his eyes and asked. "Does it have to do with Tomoyo."

"Yes, yes it does. Well, tell Sakura-chan that Tomoyo is sick but I think she would benefit from seeing her. She's been calling for her for a while now, in her sleep."

Shaoran's eyes narrowed. "I'll be sure to pass on the message."

"See if you can get her to come tonight."

"All right."

After a short goodbye, Shaoran hung up the phone. Then, standing up, he walked over to the bathroom doorway.

"What happened?" Sakura looked at him expectantly.

"Nothing much. Tomoyo just caught a little cold. She can't meet up with you tomorrow."

"What? That's awful… I'll bring some chicken soup over tomorrow morning."

Shaoran rolled his eyes. "Sakura. This is Tomoyo we're talking about here."

"Exactly! She's rarely, if ever, sick! I'm worried."

"She probably has a team of the best doctors in the country at her immediate beck and call. She'll be fine. A little chicken soup isn't going to do much of anything."

Sakura stopped, her grip on her hair loosening. She turned on him, more indignant than she had ever felt with him. "It's the thought that counts!"

"It's just a cold! Come on, let's go to the restaurant. Tomoyo's fine, your hair's fine. Let's just get going."

Sakura stared as he silently held out her coat for her. She realized all at once that she was in no mood to eat dinner with this man. At least not tonight. With a determined look, Sakura grabbed the jacket out of his hands and started for the door, grabbing her purse off the end table as she passed it.

Shaoran had the sense to realize something was off. "Sakura?"

"If making that reservation means so much to you, more than Tomoyo's health or my peace of mind, then you can go by yourself! I'll be at Tomoyo's."

"Sakura, wai-"

He winced as the door was slammed shut. He hesitated only a moment, but soon ran after her. But by the time he reached the hall, she was gone. He cursed, remembering that his fiancée was a magician of high caliber.

Stupid Move card. He would fry it alive next time he got the chance. Going back in to turn off the lights in a very rushed fashion, Shaoran locked the door behind him before rushing off to the parking lot. As he did so he pulled out his cell phone and dialed his best friend's number.

"Hello? Shaoran-kun?"

"Takashi. What're you doing tonight?"

"Getting drunk?"

He heard Takashi (Yamazaki) get hit even through the phone, and Chiharu's voice. He raised his voice to be heard before Takashi was forced to hang up. "Whatever. Listen, if you and Chiharu are free, I've got a reservation at the Cheval that I can't make. It's already paid for, so if you can make it there in the next fifteen minutes, the reservation's yours."

"Ah, Chiharu… Shaoran-kun is offering us dinner at Le Cheval. You want to go? You don't have to cook and I don't have to get sick."

More bashing was heard before Shaoran heard rustling and then Chiharu talking to him. "We'll take it. Under the name 'Li'?"

"Yeah. You've got fifteen minutes."

The line disconnected as presumably Chiharu rushed to get ready. Shaoran hung up and called Le Cheval to tell them of the change of plans.

When he finally arrived at Tomoyo's house, his magical instincts tingled. Something was wrong. Seriously wrong. Hurriedly parking his car, he ran up to the front entrance.


A little earlier…

"Fate-chan… I feel like a burglar."

"Really? I feel like Romeo."


Fate sighed and rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Let's just stop perching on the balcony railing and see what we have here."

"This house looks bigger than Suzuka-chan's…"

"Let's hope they're just as nice."

"You think we should have come through the front door? Dressed undercover?"

"We're in brown suits. It looks governmental enough."

"But government people don't come through the bedroom balcony."


"Vivio! You were supposed to wait on the ship!

"Nanoha! You can't honestly expect-"


And instantly the bedroom doors were flung open and the two TSAB representatives were met by a row of black-suited female bodyguards in sunglasses.

Vivio had the sense not to point out that sunglasses were pointless when there was no sun out.

Nanoha glanced at Fate and then took a step forward, raising her hands up to shoulder height. "We come in peace."

Fate saw Nanoha clump her fingers into two groups like a giant peace symbol. She sent telepathically while keeping her eyes on their opposers, "For the love of God, Nanoha! What kind of symbol is that? Are you trying to mock them?"

She quickly got a response. "I saw it in a movie! All foreigners do this as a sign of peace!"

"Nanoha, you're actually from here. Could you not act like you're from another planet?"

One of the bodyguards spoke up, unaware of this communication. "What is your business here?"

Nanoha cleared her throat, drew herself up to her full height, and answered, "My apologies for our rudeness. We have business with… Daidoji Tomoyo. Is she at home?"

"Visitors will be met at the front door. Balcony visitors are to be escorted out."

"Nyahahaha….Urk." Nanoha's nervous laugh was cut short when she was confronted by a taser.

"Please leave."

"Nanoha… we can't show them we can fly... these are non-magic-users…"

"I know that! Umm… umm… I know!"

Nanoha nudged Vivio forward. "Um, you see, the thing is, this girl… is Tomoyo's long lost… daughter."

"NANOHA! Tomoyo is said to be 20 years old! Vivio is 9! And Tomoyo isn't a guy- you can't fool a mother into thinking-"

Nanoha quickly amended, "I mean, she's a really big fan of Tomoyo. She always says she wishes she could be Tomoyo's daughter… yeah."

Vivio looked up at her mother and wondered if she was selling her off to the slave market.

Nanoha hurriedly mind-whispered to Vivio, "Sweetie, please, please, play along. Mommy will buy you a big double-scoop of ice cream when we get home if you do!"

At the promise that her Spartan mommy would treat her to ice cream if she did good, Vivio played her part as well as a 9 year old could be expected to, if not a bit better. She nodded at the bodyguards, giving them a double eyeful. But she still kept a hand clutching Nanoha's skirt for support. "Vivio… Can Vivio see Tomoyo-sama for a little bit? A little, little bit?"

"Guards. Stand down."

Nanoha and Fate craned their necks to see who the voice from within the room was. It sounded older than this Tomoyo person was supposed to be. But the guards obeyed and stepped aside. The lights were on, but Nanoha noticed that only one door beyond the balcony was closed. The target must be in there.

Fate focused on the woman before them. Their sources told them she was Tomoyo's mother.

"Guards, stay outside the room. I'll call if I require your services." They bowed and left. The woman asked simply, "Are you Sakura's friends?"

Nanoha glanced at Fate.

"You know magic, don't you?" Nanoha and Fate froze at her calm demeanor. What did she know? "That's how you came up here so easily, isn't it? It's all right. Sakura has been doing that since they were children, always sneaking around to spend time together. But I've never met you before. And trying to use the child was a nice touch. Who are you really?"

Fate bit her lip. "What could we stand to lose? She doesn't look like a blabber, and this Sakura girl is probably the source of the other magic."

"Just don't mention TSAB. We have to see what we have, but we have to be honest enough that we don't get booted out."

Fate elected herself to speak. "Before we answer that, may we see Tomoyo? We have reason to believe that… she might need our help. That is why we are here. Our names and our methods are negligible in comparison."

The woman raised a skeptical eyebrow. "You make yourself sound shady, but I can understand that people will have their secrets. Do you have any proof that you are not hostile?"

Nanoha sighed and placed a hand on Vivio's shoulder. "This… this girl is my daughter. I would never take her on a house visit if I was doing so with the intention of being hostile."

"Brave words coming from a stranger who just insisted that this girl was a fan of Tomoyo's."

"My apologies."

The woman sighed. "One last question. Are you doctors? Tomoyo's become ill with something, but nothing suggests that it is a common cold or flu. I've had doctors come by, but none can explain it. I'm not even sure if she's in pain so much as she feels she's lacking something…"

Nanoha and Fate shared a look. "This is our girl." Nanoha answered, "I believe we can help."

The woman merely nodded and turned her back on them, gesturing for them to come in. "One false move and I'll order the laser beam loaded to the security camera to fry you on the spot."

"Of course." Fate frowned in the momentary darkness of the inner bedroom. "We can't show her our magic, Nanoha. Even if she does seem to know something already."

"Let's just see the girl first."

As their presence triggered the motion sensitive lights, Tomoyo moaned and rolled over in bed. There was no mistaking the vibrant feeling of a Logia, locked inside a human.

"Yes, we can help, certainly." Fate hesitated, but plowed on, addressing the woman who had led them there. "You are Daidoji-san, correct?"


"I believe my partner can handle this on her own, but she requires a distinct lack of distractions in order to do what she needs to do to make your daughter healthy again. Could you show Vivio and I downstairs? Perhaps then we can start over as if we did not land on your daughter's balcony."

The woman chuckled, knowing she should be distrustful but intuition telling her that these girls meant to save her daughter. "Very well. Come along. Vivio, was it? I have cookies in the kitchen. Would you like some?"

Vivio hesitated and looked over at Nanoha-mama.

Without looking at her daughter, Nanoha told her, "Mama isn't going to spank you for accepting our hostess' kindness. Just remember to mind your manners, all right, Vivio?"

Perking up, Vivio smiled broadly. "Cookies sound very nice, thank you, ba- um, Nee-san?"

The woman chuckled and rest a hand on Vivio's head. "Auntie is fine, little one."

Fate glanced one last time at Nanoha before they left the room. "Go get 'em, White Devil."

"Don't call me that! Mou!" Nanoha pouted but shook her head and approached the bed.

Tomoyo chose that moment to open her eyes wearily. "Sa…kura…chan?"

Nanoha smiled. "You're going to be fine in a little bit, Tomoyo-san."

"Not… not my cute… cute Sakura-chan…"

"I'm a magical doctor that specializes in illnesses like yours."

Tomoyo smiled softly. "Sa…kura-chan can't cure illnesses… If I had that power…"

Nanoha's eyes widened as Tomoyo's body began to glow, noticeably from her chest. The Logia was activating… she had to stop it now.

"Raising Heart."

"Yes, Master. Stand by. Ready."

Nanoha raised the rod, ignoring the flashbacks from the days long since past. "Lyrical Magical. Lost Logia Seal!"

As she brought down her rod, ready to hear Raising Heart confirm, "Sealing," Nanoha's guard was down too low to expect any backfiring in the plan. Which is, of course, why there was room for it to backfire.


Raising Heart bounced off a solid transparent bubble and when Nanoha took a second look at it, a girl, about as old as any of them, was standing before her.

Nanoha recognized the fire in her eyes. The fierce protectiveness that came from defending a weakened partner. She glanced at Tomoyo, who was smiling more strongly as the glow intensified.


Sakura only glared at Nanoha. "Who are you?"

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