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Omake 35.1- Sakura and Tomoyo's Love Child

A/N: Because I do think Freya is adorable, now that some people mention her.

"Hold it carefully... yes, just like. Now keep it steady... steady... are you ready?"

"Yes... Let's do it."

Tomoyo moved her hand along the staff, her hand covering Sakura's as she started whispering the spell. Slowly, she infused her own magic into Sakura's staff, watching the tip glow a brilliant pink, before becoming lavender, and flickering back to pink.

Sakura gasped as she felt the wind get knocked out of her. She cringed and wanted to move, to get away, but Tomoyo held her steady. "Tomo... It hurts..."

"It'll be okay," Tomoyo promised after the chant finished. "Believe in us, believe in our magic, and let it be born." After several moments of silence during which sweat trickled down their bodies almost proportionate to the vibrancy of the glow of the staff, Tomoyo prompted, "Sakura, it's time."

Sakura nodded imperceptibly before she made the final words of summon. "Protector of all that is good and holy, grace us with your physical existence. Let the wind of our world be cut by your wings as you soar; Let your shoulders be broad enough to bear the burden of your mistresses; Let your heart be filled with the love that your mistresses already have for you."

Together, Sakura and Tomoyo intoned, "Freya, we summon thee. Come forth!"

The dual magic circle beneath them intensified as a shape emerged from the ground opposite them. The being was reminiscent of the Fly Card, but not as large, perhaps the height of Sakura when its long neck was extended. It had long thin legs as well, and quite a few feathers on its body as a whole.

Slowly, the light came to fade, and the figure opened its eyes. It looked down at its body and then at Sakura and Tomoyo, who had wide smiles on their faces.

Freya snorted and turned her tail feathers on them. "First an ostrich, then a flamingo? Really now, what's the difference?"

Tomoyo rushed forth to wrap her arms around Freya's neck, whispering how she had missed the familiar so.

Sakura came forth as well, smiling when Freya bent her neck to rest her head on Tomoyo's shoulder. "The difference is that as a properly summoned familiar with two magical energy sources, you are not privy to multiple forms. You said before that you had actually liked being an ostrich, so we compromised to make it easier for you to reach your final form."

"Final form?" Freya tried to honk, but a clicking sound changed the end effect of it. She raised a leg and scratched the back of the other knee joint. "If you say so, Mistress."

Sakura smiled, leaning over to pet Freya's beak. "Come on, let's go see everyone again."

"I only have one question." Freya started as the moved towards the door. "I couldn't see as well without the need to do so. What happened to Public Enemy #1?"

Sakura and Tomoyo looked at each other and giggled. "She found a girlfriend who adores her just a hair more than she can handle," Tomoyo answered.

Omake 35.2- Hayate's "Medicine"

A/N: I just realized that Reina is Rein with an A stuck on the end. Not intentional, as I just picked a random name for this OC, but amusing nonetheless.

"I'll take the Seafood Special and... which one did you say, Haya-chan?"

"Hmm? Which one?" Hayate looked up from her menu. "Oh, the Charlotte Chicken?"

Touya smirked as he looked at Hayate. "Good choice."

Hayate nodded. "Sakura-chan told me about it before, and I've had it before. Your chef makes it very well. Give my compliments to the chef."

"I will, thank you." Touya turned back to the other woman. "Will that be all?"

Reina smiled and nodded as she handed him the menu. "Yes, that should be enough for me. What are you having, Haya-chan?"

"Hmmm..." Hayate smiled and pointed as she listed the numbers of her selections. "I'll have 12 and 52."

"Got it. Do you want a dessert too, like always?"

"Do you have anything new?"

"Not since last month, sorry."

"Hmm... that's all right. It's Reina-chan's first time here so... I leave the choice up to your good taste. Give us one big portion to share, all right?"

"Noted. Is that it then?"

Hayate looked over at Reina, who smiled back. "Yes, that's all. Thank you."

After Touya left with their orders and menus, Reina giggled.

Hayate raised an eyebrow as she picked up her glass to sip. "What is it?"

"You're a regular here, aren't you?"

"I told you I was." Hayate smiled. "It's always good to know what the best restaurants in town are like."

Reina swirled the pearls at the bottom of her glass with her long spoon. "Am I the first girl you brought here?"

"Would you be jealous if I said 'No?'"

Reina looked up with a lopsided smile. "Do you want me to be?"

Hayate shrugged innocently. "You can be whatever you want to be."

"Hmmm..." Reina leaned forward, her folded hands forming a support for her chin. "It depends on who the others were."

Hayate said nothing for a good several seconds, fixing Reina with an amused smile. Eventually, she closed one eye and admitted, "I've never officially dated another girl before, so I've never taken a girlfriend here on a date before, if that's what you're trying to get at."

"And I keep telling you a dying shame."

Hayate laughed outright, leaning forward with her elbow on the table. "Reina-chan, I think you're the first girl I've ever really talked to that wanted me to have exes to talk about."

Reina giggled. "I'll introduce you to a few more. Some of my friends are avid fans of yours." After a moment, she said, "But come on, even if you didn't date anyone, I'm sure you must have at least loved at least one person like that?"

"What makes you think that?" Hayate leaned back again, curious as to what Reina would say this time.

Reina leaned back as well, taking another sip of her drink before folding her arms in front of her. "Because that's the kind of person you are."

"And what kind of person is that?"

"Loving." Reina replied simply. "You're the kind of person that will hold a person dear, even if they love someone else more. You can't help it."

Hayate chuckled, not giving Reina a confirmation on that point. "Are you saying that because you're the same way?"

"That's how I feel for you."

Hayate bit her lip as she turned her gaze down to the table top, a light tinge of pink to her cheeks. She still wasn't used to someone so frankly admitting that they loved her like that.


Hayate looked up again.

Reina smiled with a tenderness that belied their short few weeks together. "If you let me, I'll make up the difference."

"What difference?"

"For every love that failed to meet you halfway, or maybe less than halfway on their part, I'll meet you. If you let me... I'll love you more than any of the others could have."

Hayate was about to say the same, but she recalled the urge, going a different route instead. "I... thank you. I hope that one day, I can meet you halfway."

Reina grinned. "Just be who you want to be. That's enough for me."

Omake 00.2- What Could Have Been

A/N: Perhaps trite by now, I believe Tomate did have its potential, but, as someone said, only if Sakura wasn't so much in Tomoyo's heart. So this is AU in that Sakura never followed Tomoyo to Mid-Childa. I made it even more AU by imagining that Tomoyo came to Mid-childa at a much earlier age, letting her grow up as best friends with Hayate instead of Sakura.

Edit: And yes, I did rewind the time cycle /that/ much.


"What? What happened?" Tomoyo looked over at Hayate.

Hayate laughed nervously as she held up a newly bleeding finger. "I pricked myself."

Tomoyo shook her head with a frown as she set down her work and took the injured hand in her own and wrapped her lips around the wound.

Hayate winced a little at the suction, but smiled when Tomoyo brandished a childish bandaid with little cat designs on it and wrapped it around the injured digit. "Thanks."

Tomoyo leaned back with a lick of her lips. "You have to be careful, all right? Don't try to rush."

"I know, I'm sorry." Hayate picked up her sewing project and had the needle in hand... but she just couldn't get into it again. "Tomo-chan?"

"Hmm? What is it?"

"Can we... do something else for a while? I'm getting tired."

"All right." Tomoyo looked down at her work and finished threading the one she was on and marked where she had left off before setting it aside. She looked over at Hayate, who had done the same. "What do you want to do?"

Hayate looked at the clock. "Umm..."

Tomoyo followed her gaze. "It's getting late. You want to turn in for the night?"

Hayate smiled with open gratitude. "I think that would be best."

Tomoyo nodded and got under the covers, making sure Hayate was also tucked in before turning off the light. They lay there for a few minutes before Tomoyo asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"How do you know I'm thinking about anything?"

"Because of the way you're breathing."

Hayate laughed. "The way I'm breathing?"

Tomoyo leaned over and covered Hayate's hand in hers. "I know you. You're usually out like a light within ten seconds. Something's on your mind. What do you want to talk about? You know I'm always here to listen."

Hayate didn't say anything.

"Is it about starting Riot Force 6? It'll turn out great under your leadership, Hayate."

The sheets rustled as Hayate shook her head. "It's not that. It's... it's something more personal."

"Will you tell me about it?"

Hayate bit her lip and then asked, "Promise you won't laugh?"

"I would never laugh at something you wanted me to take seriously."

After a few moments of empty silence, Hayate nodded. "Tomoyo... these past few weeks... something has been on my mind... It's always been there I suppose, but I just never realized it."

Tomoyo nodded with a non-committal sound, urging Hayate to continue.

"I realized... I... Tomo-chan... I've fallen for you. Hard."

Tomoyo bit her lip.

Hayate accused with exasperated distress, "You're laughing! You said you wouldn't!"

Tomoyo broke out in giggles, all the while protesting, "I'm not! I mean, I didn't!"

"You were already laughing on the inside. Mou. Forget I said anything then."

"Oh, don't be like that." As Hayate turned her back on Tomoyo, Tomoyo wrapped her arms around her best friend's body. "I'm sorry. I apologize. It just surprised me, that's all."

"Do people usually laugh when they're just surprised?" Hayate pouted into the darkness.

Tomoyo nuzzled Hayate's ear affectionately with her nose. "You know you can't blame me, considering our relationship. After all, how many confess after dating for as long as we have?"

Hayate protested, "Are you saying you knew?"

"I knew that I've loved you for a long time now, and that you at least liked me enough to accept my proposal. Make no mistake though, I'm very happy to be told what you just told me."

With a sigh and a huff, Hayate muttered, "You know I love you, right?"

"I do now. Thank you. I love you, too."

"You're going to tickle me soon, aren't you?"

Tomoyo purred, as her hands traveled upwards. "Tickle? No, no, not tonight. Tonight... let's just see how much you've grown..."

"HYIII!! Tomo-chan!" The two girls suddenly became quite active underneath the sheets that they shared.

Omake 35.3- Vivio Hits Puberty

Oh what Vivio would give to not be where she was right now.

Nanoha had placed a chair in the middle of their suburban garage and had uninstalled all but the single swishing lightbulb that swayed on a wire above the chair. She then slapped an "Interrogation Room" on the door leading there from within the house and had sat Vivio down on the chair.

"Do you care to explain this to me, young lady?"

Vivio sighed. "No, Ma'am, to be quite honest."

"Are you giving me lip, girl?" Nanoha was suddenly inches from Vivio's face, forcing the 14-year-old girl to look at her. "That was not a request. Explain!"

"Why should I have to explain it? You clearly know what it is and what's it has been used for. And I took it from your drawer, so don't even say you've never used it." Finding her voice as Nanoha leaned back, Vivio pointed out, "Speaking of which, do you ever clean those things? God, the smell!"

Nanoha's face flushed red, but whether it was from embarrassment or anger was unknown. Perhaps both. "There's a reason why there was a lock on that drawer!"

Vivio started to stand to make her point but Nanoha forced her back down with a hand on her shoulder.

"I did not say you could get up."

Vivio glared as she ranted from her seat, "Look, Mom, we're family. We're all girls, and face it, we're all lesbians. I've grown up watching you and Mom go at it, sometimes when I was in the same bed as you. I know I'm underage, but even you have said that doesn't mean I can't be mature and confront my problems or know where I'm lacking. And you've also said before that I'm very resourceful; I know where and how to get what I need most of the time. So try and see things from my perspective, for once, would you? Ruby and I are to the point where we'd like to use toys. We're both obviously unable to buy toys ourselves, even though we have enough spare money to afford some. We know you and Mom have toys of your own. We also know that you have very high quality toys. So put two and two together and this is the result. It's not like I stole it either; I was going to give it back."

"I don't want it back!" Nanoha huffed as she tossed the object on Vivio's lap, though she barely managed to catch it before it made a mess of her clothes. "There's a reason why you ask for things and not go through other people's belongings!"

Vivio huffed in disbelief. "What, you would have given it to me if I'd asked?"


"It's just one toy. I'll pay you back."

Nanoha let out a long, tired sigh. "That. Is. Not. The. Point."

"Then what is?"

"Fate..." She called out towards the house door which was opened a crack. "Fate! You explain this. I'm tired."

Fate looked down at Hayate, who was also peeking in at the scene. "You do realize this is all your fault, right?"

Hayate scoffed and tried to walk away. "Nonsense. You guys brought this down on yourself."

Fate grabbed Hayate by the cuff of her collar. A chill went down Hayate's spine as Fate's shadow suddenly loomed over her. "Hayate-chan? You will be helping us clear this up. You did it so well when Vivio was growing up after all."

"I'm just the aunt!" Hayate protested, "Child-rearing is parents-only responsibility!"

Fate opened the door and dragged Hayate with her. "Not in our family it isn't. Come on."

Omake 35.4- Future Sequel?

A/N: This is by NO MEANS a promise of what's to come. A teaser, if you will.

I never believed I had it all. But I never believed I wasn't happy with what I had either. What wasn't to love? I had a nice, caring girlfriend; good family and friends that always looked out for each other as well as me; and even a job anyone had to kill to get. I had made it past countless hurdles and I had risen in the ranks with a swiftness rivaled only by two of my closest friends. Everyone else believed that I had it made, that if I died today, I would die a happy woman.

But they're wrong, of course.

Everybody is, including me, at some point in their lives.

Yes, they're wrong because... well... I actually have one more big dream that I've always wanted to actualize.

And finally, the day has come when I actually stand a chance at realizing it.

I'll need to tap into all the resources and networks I've developed over my years with TSAB, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

No, not anymore.

My name is Hayate, and my mission is-

"Haya-chan," I looked up from the screen as Reina popped her head out from the bathroom. "Can you get me some fresh clothes to wear? I took a shower forgetting to bring some with me."

I smiled and left the screen where it was before going to the closet. I called over to her, "Where are you going tonight?"

"My friends are taking me to that new night club in town. Want to come?"

"That's all right." I picked out an outfit I thought she'd like for the night and then walked over to the bathroom to hand it to her. As she took the pile of clothes, I added, "I can wait 'til you return for that. Have fun."

"Waitwaitwait!" I paused from turning to leave when she grabbed my hand with a slightly damp one. She smiled as she tugged me closer and kissed me. "Thank you. For bringing me the clothes."

I couldn't help but smile at her. She was just so cute. "You can thank me later."

Reina giggled before moving back to close the door, and I took this as my cue to return to what I was doing.

I will leave TSAB and form my own official army. It will be different from TSAB in that it won't have politics mixed in with the military. Peoples lives will no longer have to depend on the speed of someone getting through the bureaucratic red tape. I will make this world a safer place... and I will bend TSAB to my will by taking my friends, which are dear to both me and TSAB, along for the ride. No one will be able to stop us. We will start with Earth as our base of operations, our first task to make Antarctica habitable yet unpenetratable by enemy forces. Earth is where our adventures first began after all. And it's about time Earth got a taste of widely publicized magic. Not enough to be corrupted more than it already is, oh no. But enough to know that there is someone out there with more capabilities than they have... ready and willing to "purify" them.

Nanoha, Fate, Vivio, and Ruby even. Shamal, Signum, and sweet Vita. Rein and Agito would follow me anywhere, and Signum will assure that Agito will come without a fight. Sakura and Tomoyo, too, of course. Who else is there... Oh, Teana and Subaru should prove useful... not to mention Shari and Mariel... It would be good if I could get Carim and Schach to come along as well...

That will be enough to start us off. We'll have long range, mid range, and close range fighters... We'll have healers and caretakers... Diplomats and reinforcements... And we'll only grow in number from there.

What will my army be called? You might be surprised, but I already know it.




HLA or in other certain terms...

Hayate's Lesbian Army

God, you have got to love the sound of that. I hope Reina will come with me as well... she said she'll always support me in whatever I do... and this is something I will do.

What do you think? You'll join won't you?

With the utmost sincerity,

Ground Force Captain, SS Rank

Yagami Hayate

P.S. Please get back to me as soon as possible with an initial 'yay' or 'nay'. For head count purposes. Thank you. If you support me, I promise you won't be sorry!

Girl power For The Win!

--End Omake/Epilogue--

The Story in a Nutshell

(So you can copy this and tell others about it)

On the eve of Sakura's marriage to Syaoran, Tomoyo prays for a miracle, and a miracle transpires. An inactive Lost Logia responds to her feelings, sending off signals to summon her to it. When she touches it, the Lost Logia fuses with her own latent linker core and Tomoyo becomes ill with the unnatural power that is suddenly coursing through her veins. No doctor from Earth can so much as figure out what is wrong, other than that she obviously has a high temperature that no amount of sweating out can soothe.

Enter Nanoha and Fate, fresh from Mid-Childa to retrieve the Lost Logia before it becomes permanently embedded into a non-magical human's linker core. With Sakura distracting the TSAB officers at a crucial moment, they find that they are too late. The worst case scenario, Tomoyo's death, does not occur however; rather, her body accepts the foreign Lost Logia, allowing for a symbiotic relationship with Tomoyo. She can go on living, now with magic, but TSAB policy states that its officers cannot simply allow an identified Lost Logia to its own devices. Therefore, the Lost Logia must be brought back to Mid-Childa, human vessel and all.

Eager to harness the magic that she has always dreamed of having (so as to fight alongside Sakura), Tomoyo accepts, but only after she has finished her duties as Sakura's maid of honor. After six months of being married to Syaoran, Sakura realizes that she would rather be by Tomoyo's side as best friends than be with Syaoran as husband and wife. She catches Nanoha and Fate on their Christmas vacation on Earth and since she is a magic user that could be useful to TSAB, Nanoha and Fate agree to bring her back.

Here begins the Mid-Childan tale of Tomoyo's struggles as she first battles with her beloved Sakura becoming part of the military and thus putting her life at risk on a daily basis, and then Sakura's extended departure on a mission that soon becomes more dangerous as a war erupts. To make matters worse, the arrival and absence of Sakura gives Hayate room to get closer to Tomoyo, whom she has come to love dearly since Tomoyo's initial arrival on Mid-Childa. To combat this "threat" to Tomoyo's happiness with Sakura, a familiar is born from Tomoyo with the aid of the Lost Logia.

Sakura returns at a perhaps shaky time, and the trust between her and Tomoyo fractures. They make amends, however, and soon embark on their first mission together, what they both worked so hard for the chance to do. On the tail end of this short mission however, an accident occurs, leaving Tomoyo void of all her memories, and subsequently, all her feelings for her most important people, Sakura included.

The recovery is taxing and Tomoyo nearly breaks, preferring to run rather than embrace something she doesn't understand, but in the end, Sakura steals her heart once more, and Tomoyo finds herself giving it willingly.

Throughout this story, both Tomoyo and Sakura grow in a way only real people can, in a way only those whom they represent can truly understand. 35 chapters and some 200,000 odd words later... Sakura and Tomoyo are no longer the people they were when their journey first began. But at the same time, neither are they far removed from who they never realized they wanted to be.

This is the story that began with a single shard, the Lost Logia, the "Shard Card."

I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

One more time for the road,

Thank you all.

Last A/N: As you might have noticed if you visit my profile, my shoujo-ai stories skip around a lot, series-wise. So if you want to read my next story, whether it begins a month or six months or a year from now, keep a tab on me and not my story. I hope to see any of you again in the near future, and if you care to PM me, you can almost bet that I'll PM you back.

KL signing off.