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Summary: The first day of a new year. Edward Cullen is ready to commit himself to another year. It would be a lot easier if his sister Alice stopped destroying his underwear, and if her new roomie wasn't so mouth-watering. Only for the first time Edward finds that this girl won't drop to her knees and beg to date him like others did. For the first time Edward finds himself chasing the girl...

I'd like to point out right now that in this story Bella originally lived in England. This is mainly to make my life easier as it allows me easy comedy, English spellings and give Bella the chance to become awfully confused in a new life within a new country. Except for when Bella is speaking, I will try to use the American phrases such as Soccer rather than football but sometimes I don't even realise if the word exists over in America so please let me know and I'll try and explain the meanings.


The move to America had been necessary. The week spent flying from England to America and back again had been filled with sleepless night, worries and a lot of organising - something I most certainly can't do.

It had all come down to this day. As I lifted a hand to open the door my heart rate dramatically increased, but not to the thought of meeting the girl whom I'd be sharing this room with for the next year, but to the raised voices coming from within. Although I couldn't make out the words, I knew it was a girl and one angry guy. Bugger. This was all I needed; to share my room with a girl who had an angry boyfriend.

I contemplated knocking - to save both parties from embarrassment but the idea annoyed me. This was my damn room too, so sod these guys.

With a deep breath I pulled open the door; fixing a huge - but obviously fake - smile upon my lips as I prepared myself to face hell.

A/N: Sorry it's short, but I wanted to have a short get-to-the-point introduction without going into to much of Bella's background. I want this to be revealed as Bella tells her new friends and Edward about it.