L all over again

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Chapter 11: Self-proclaimed determination!

L opened his eyes. His back was hunched over and his knees were pulled up securely to his chin. He took a deep breath in and exhaled...something felt different. He hopped out of his default hunched position and stood upright (or tried to). He made his way down the hall and walked over to the nearest mirror, situated in the upstairs bathroom.

He faced the mirror and stared hard into it at his reflection; feeling a bit intimidated as he never did like looking at himself in any sort of reflection, really. Upon witnessing his reflection, his eyes widened and he felt his jaw slowly begin to drop.

Something was definitely....different.

L's pale hands rose to his face, then travelled down to his chest and finally to his knees. In his hunched over seating position again, he looked at his reflection again in pure disbelief. All meanings for self-explanation and rational disappeared as the dishevelled young man raced down the stairs to the kitchen, where his partner was currently residing; cooking breakfast. However, before the eager detective could rush in, he paused. It seemed as though Light was having a conversation, but with who and this early in the morning? Was he on the phone perhaps?

He waited; trying to pick up bits of conversation-then he froze. Was that a childs voice he heard? A voice that felt deathly familiar....a voice like...his?

L slowly walked into the room, his presence was not acknowledged.

"Light, look!"

"So...Ryuuzaki, how many waffles today?"

"Hmm...5 should be adequate....maybe 6!"

The pale man went paler still. Was he watching...the younger version himself!? He took in a deep breath and yelled. "Light! LIGHT!!" The hunched man rushed over and stood in front of his partner, who seemed to be staring right through him. "Light-kun...."

Light strode past his astonished partner and picked up the child that looked just like L, talked just L and acted just like L; but couldn't be L because wasn't the REAL L standing right there gaping in disbelief..!?

After Light had seated the child down at the table, the child had begun to devour his first waffle. It was gone in a matter of nanoseconds. The child was about to continue to the next when he paused. The child then rotated his gaze and fixated onto the pale, raven haired man. L's eyes widened. The child was staring right at him, could the child see him, though? L stared back, feeling acknowledged finally. Light must have noticed the child's staring as he stopped eating and followed the childs gaze, looking straight at the pale detective. He stopped for a minute, and then turned straight back to the child.

"Heey watcha lookin at there?"

L frowned. He felt angry...at Light and more-so at himself. The child, who had previously been staring at him smirked and turned away.

"No one, Light"


The raven haired detective balled his hands into fists, in annoyance. He felt like kicking the child senseless, but of course that was stupid, he'd be kicking himself after all. The whole circumstance was...


For the first time ever L felt...confused, completely and utterly clueless about his current situation. How was it even possible that a full grown adult could go back into the state of a child? It defied the laws of physics, it defied the laws or reproduction and evolution; hell it defied the laws of mankind itself! How would this detective, the world's best detective, solve this one?

He sighed heavily, 'Can I solve this...?' Looking over at Light again, a small smile returned to his grim expression. 'I'll solve this before Light can...!' He watched the two pass him by.

"Grow up!"

L's eye's snapped open. Grow up? What did that mean...mentally or physically!?

The child's arms were wrapped around Light's neck, as Light seemed to be carrying the child to the study. L gazed at the child; the child returned his gaze and waved with one hand as the two disappeared into the room.

The young man sank to the floor.


L felt his eyes painfully snap open as the bright sunlight flooded into the room. Shutting his eyes hard the detective rolled off the bed onto the floor, landing with a thud.

"L!?" A flustered Light, ran to his partners side. He opened his arms and attempted to grab the temporarily stunned detective. However with unbearable force Light was pushed to one side, as the suddenly energetic L sprang up and bounded out of the room and down the stairs with an unhuman-like speed.

Light sat on the floor, dazed. He got up slowly and dusted himself off. 'That was strange...' he thought. He paused for a moment in confused silence and then the thought hit him. 'Wait!? What if he's scared of me-because of last night!? And even worse...what if he thinks that I'm a child predator!!??' Light put a nervous hand through his hair and arose from the floor. He exhaled slowly.

'It's ok...I just have to approach him slowly and not act in a rash manner that might scare him...' he thought, approvingly to himself nodding slowly. He walked out the door and proceeded to go downstairs.

L was in the downstairs bathroom staring at his reflection in the mirror. All he saw was the pale face of a boy around 6 or 7 years of age, that definitely looked like he needed a little more sleep...and more sun for that matter. He sighed heavily, slipping away from the mirror and making his way back out of the bathroom. 'So it really WAS all a dream...' he thought numbly. 'But it felt so real....' The child detective felt his lips begin to twist into a nasty pout; he quickly bit down on them.

Sitting down at the table, L saw that breakfast was fully set out on the table, ready to eat. Light wasn't present. L could hear light conversation from the living room, though. He froze...he wasn't dreaming again was he?

L slipped out of the chair and tiptoed into living room. The child let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Light was engaged in a conversation on the phone. By the annoyed tone in Light's voice, L could only think of one person he was talking to.

"Look...thank-you for worrying but I won't be in today."

"...there's no need for you to be there anyway, you're not part of the taskforce..."

"You should be focusing on your acting a bit more...yes."


"...Yeah me too...bye"

Light sighed."...the fourth time this morning..."he muttered while massaging his temples and turned to the kid. "Misa says hi." He said walking over to the table.

L sat down at the table, sporting a grim expression. He stared mercilessly at the food on the table. Light swallowed hard, while looking at the child's obvious death glare at the food. 'I knew he'd be mad...but I didn't think he'd be that mad!?' he thought, nervously. 'His social skills are below average, so I guess that could be the reason....I better keep my distance for now.'

Light watched the miniature detective grab his fork and stab the defenceless waffle in a menacing manner. Light swallowed hard, he had no idea what to say to the child and it was already awkward enough as it was. He tried thinking of ways that he could bring light on the situation but each time he was close to a solution, the piercing clanking and screeching of the child's fork against the plate made him jump. Not looking up from his plate, Light ventured to ask:

"L...could you please quieten down..?"


'Did he listen to me!?' hesitantly Light looked up to see an empty plate, glass and seat.

For a noisy eater, he was incredibly stealthy sometimes. He let out an irritated sigh. He was so over worrying about this, he had much bigger things to worry about then something that never actually caused any harm in the first place. He made up his mind. He was going to get L, sit him down and tell him it was all one big misunderstanding, that he wasn't a pedo and that he didn't intend to do anything to him. He got up from the table and made his way over to the study, where (sure enough) the child was seated reading a book about the human anatomy.


Nonchantly the young detective looked up at his partner. Finally attaining the child's attention, Light rushed over to the small child and sat down next to him. He cleared his throat and sat down next to him. He gave the child a stern expression.

"Ryuuzaki, there is something I have to explain to you." He said. "Please hear me out."

The child just blinked. Light figured that was his cue to continue. Light cleared his throat and did jus that.

"I know how you feel."

"..you do!?" the child exclaimed.

Light let out a nervous laugh. "Y-yeah I do...about what happened before..." he started.

The childs eyes grew wide, could Light have somehow found out about his dream? Had Light figured it out!? The child put down his book.

"I didn't see anything, when came outta the bathroom before, I swear!!" Light said putting his hands up defensively. "Please don't see me as a pervert or anything, L!"

Ryuuzaki's sweat dropped. Light was acting weird about that!? The child had already forgotten about that long ago. He chuckled a bit, of course Light couldn't have known about his dream. It was a funny thought that L had jumped to, but that didn't hide the fact that he was disappointed on the matter. He really thought that Light had discovered some kind of break-through. It couldn't be helped though. The child looked up at his partner who was still talking, no doubt still trying to 'explain' his self.

The child put a hand on his partners shoulder, silencing him.

"I forgive you." He said, pondering as to whether it was the right form of action he had used.

The young L watched an expression of full blown relief come over Light's face. Light smiled and put his hand on top of the small detectives. "I'm glad" he said.

L began to ponder...'perhaps there's a clue to becoming myself again from this dream...' He thought. 'But what...?' He closed his eyes for a moment and began to think back. Basically what his dream was, was that he was himself again...but in a way non-existent to anyone but his younger self. Then those words that caught him by surprise sprang into his head once more. 'It's time to grow up' The child thought...concentrating on the words.

"The word time is used, along with the word grow!" the child exclaimed. "In order to grow a sufficient amount of time must elapse foe one to do so!"

"Uhh..." Light looked at the child with a confused expression. "Ryuuzaki what are you..-"

"But somehow time was manipulated in order for me to become in this present state...meaning in order to change back time must be manipulated again!" L replied to his own comment, excitedly. "Now the only possible thing that can ever manage to alter time is-"

"-the death note book!" Light chimed in.

"Exactly!" Ryuuzaki replied, grinning.

Light didn't have a clue what the child was going on about and where he got his sources of information from, but things started to slowly make sense the more the child rambled on. He turned to the young Ryuuzaki, which suddenly looked very excited. Light couldn't help grin with the child either.

"We need to get hold of that deathnote!" Light cried.

Ryuuzaki nodded in agreement. "Yes...!" he replied. "Who knows...using it may not only be the key, there could be clues in those rules too."

Light agreed. "Perhaps there could be something we over-looked or secrets about the deathnote we haven't yet discovered, that could lead to manipulating time!" he declared.

Without warning the child leaped into, Light's arms knocking him to the floor. The two of them began laughing and play fighting. Light savoured the moment as they continued to muck about with a mixture of excitement and anticipation.

"The answer was so obvious...how could we not have seen it...?" Light said, face palming his self.

The child nodded. "Yes! We were too busy focusing on the end we forgot the means!" he replied.

The child soon gained composure. "However; although I don't like saying this we mustn't set our hopes too high, the book may not provide a certain solution to the problem." He said.

Light nodded. "Yeah I know...but hey, it's a better plan then nothing right!" he replied surprisingly optimistic.

The child nodded in agreement, but then frowned. Light looked at him curiously. "What's wrong there, partner?" he asked.

"The problem now is.."he began. "Obtaining the death note and having a viable reason for taking it..."

Light's sweat dropped. "Oh...yeah.."

The two of them decided to make a plan. After two hours of sheer brainstorming and another hour of filling up on sweets, they came up with...

...not much.

The two of them laid sprawled out on the floor of the study. The fan inside the study rotated slowly in constant circles, it was almost hypnotizing. Light closed his eyes and exhaled, after a few hours of brainstorming (and coming up with next to nothing) tended to take out most of the excitement they once had on the matter.

'You know Light..." the child began. "If you just waltzed in there and took the deathnote for 'research' purposes, after the case had finished long ago, I'd suspect that you'd wanna be kira again."

Light let out another sigh, this one was a frustrated one. "Ryuuzaki..." he murmured.

"Yes, Light?"

"Shut up."

The child opened his mouth in protest, but closed it again. He wasn't gonna start up another kira argument with Light.

...well not in this current state anyway.

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