Story Analysis

Link was the Hero of Time. He was destined to pull the Master Sword from its pedestal. He was destined to put the beasts in the six temples to rest. He was destined to kill Ganondorf and save Hyrule. He did. He was also destined to return to his own time once the prophecy was fulfilled. He didn't want to…


This is it. I've failed.

He was out of arrows. He was out of magic. He was out of bombs, out of Deku seeds, and out of hope.

Link was running aimlessly around the battlefield, trying to come up with a plan, a strategy. His lungs were burning in his chest. His throat was nearly closed up from the overload of mucus. He was fairly sure that he was bleeding from more than one injury. He felt as though he might collapse from exhaustion at any moment, but that only gave him more of a reason to push himself harder.

"Link look out!" A voice screamed.

He turned his head slightly just in time. Without another thought, he threw himself to the left, rolling out of the way. Out of the way of an enormous sword.

The voice that had warned him screamed again. This time out of sheer fright.

Link pulled his face out of the dirt, spitting out a mouthful. He swiped his forearm roughly from forehead to chin.

A loud, continuous roar sounded from behind him. It became louder in unison with the sudden, violent shaking of the ground.

"Get up. Get up." Link muttered to himself. He turned his head once more, his eyes widening as one of two swords came crashing down. He rolled to the side of it, only to be stopped by the second blade.

"Link!" The woman standing on the other side of the flames couldn't watch anymore. She began to run towards the fire, but was stopped by what appeared to be a brilliant ball of blue light. It was waving wildly in front of her face, wings fluttering and flapping.

"Zelda no! You heard what Link said! We have to stay here!" The little fairy screeched, though she too wished that she could go to Link's side.

"Navi he'll be killed!" Zelda's eyes were filling with tears as she helplessly watched the man she had thrown into all of this fighting against a gigantic beast.

Link dove beneath the monster's legs, his chin scraping against the ground. He raised his fatigued arms, bringing down the hammer he weakly clutched. It crushed the tail, emitting a pained growl from the beast. It began to stomp angrily, nearly squishing Link.

He managed to pull his body up, using the tantrum as an opportunity to further weaken Ganon.

Link cried out as he brought the hammer down once more, falling over himself after the blow. He was stunned when the creature fell over, screaming in rage.

"The fire Link! The fire!"

He looked to Zelda and immediately saw what she was shouting about. The flames that had once circled the ruins of the castle were flickering. They were dying. He could reclaim the Master Sword.

He scrambled to his feet, ignoring Ganon as he thrashed about. Link ran to where Zelda was standing, the Master Sword sticking out of the ground beside her. He grabbed the hilt, easily pulling the sword free.

"Link." Zelda went to him, taking her handkerchief from her dress. She used it to tenderly clean the soot and dirt from his face. She held it to his chin in an attempt to stop the cut from bleeding.

"Zelda." He put his hand over hers. It was warm and soft against his face, which must have looked nightmarish from the dry blood and dirt.

He looked into her eyes and saw that they were wet. He hated to see her on the verge of tears. He didn't think it was right for those blue eyes to be filled with sadness, with worry.

"Please don't go. Please." She put her other hand to his face, pulling it slightly closer to her level. "This is my doing. I brought you into this. Let me go instead."

He shook his head from between her hands, taking his from hers. Without hesitation, he gently pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, allowing his fingers to linger for a few moments near her cheek.

"If anything is to happen, I would rather have it be me than you. Stay here. I promise I will come back."

And with that he was gone.