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Merciless Love

Ron blinked.

His jaw seemed to be slamming against the rest of his skull as a sort of aftershock from Harry's punch caused him to shake his head. He could not remember a time when Harry had punched him. And after the battle in the Department of Mysteries, Ron had assumed that Harry's temper would deflate slightly. But from the anger in the eyes that flashed above him, Ron had jumped to an erroneous conclusion.

Hermione hustled forward as all the other students in the hall spread back to the farthest reaches the walls would allow.

"Potter, you are going straight to the Headmaster."

It was Snape. Why, of all the professors, did Harry have to fly off the handle in front of that greasy git? Ron's head whipped around magnetically as he watched Snape drag Harry off to see Albus Dumbledore.

"Ah, Mr. Potter!" Dumbledore growled from behind his desk. Harry always hated going into the Headmaster's office. It seemed like a mad-scientist's laboratory from Muggle science fiction films. The smoking and creaking instruments seemed to all be watching the perpetrators that entered for punishment. And the covered up pictures that hung on the wall made the room seem dusty and unnaturally deprived of life. "Causing trouble again?" His icy blue eyes shot like daggers at Harry's defiant glare.

"He punched Mr. Weasley, Headmaster." Snape practically sang.

"Thank you Severus. Would you be available to play chess tonight?" Dumbledore barked as Snape departed.

"Of course, Headmaster!" Snape bowed as he slipped out the door.

"Now, Mr. Potter…" Dumbledore sighed in exasperation as his face reluctantly turned back to Harry's.

"Don't you start with this again!" Harry yelled, his temper forcing him to jump up from the chair he had recently been pushed into. "You wanted him dead didn't you?"

"Sirius?" Dumbledore laughed, "I couldn't care less what happened to your foolish godfather!"

"You just don't understand do you?" Harry spat, his nails digging into his palm as he fought the urge to punch something again.

"Understand what, Harry?" Dumbledore scoffed, "I am the most powerful wizard of the age! I understand all the mysteries of the universe!"

"No. No you don't," Harry countered, "You don't understand love, do you? You've never had someone close to you that you cared about! Sirius was the closest I'll ever have to a father! And if you know what it felt like, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now!"

Dumbledore stood now from his side of the desk. And Harry became very frightened. He had rarely seen the Headmaster stand. And he looked horribly hunched, grimy and yet, powerful. The ceiling suddenly became a swirling mass of dark clouds, and Dumbledore bellowed, "I DO NOT KNOW LOVE?"

Harry was nearly knocked over by the sheer volume of his voice. He began to scramble toward the door.

"YOU KNOW NOTHING OF MY LIFE, HARRY POTTER!!" Dumbledore hurled after him. Harry nearly fell he was running so fast down the stairs.

"Oh, Harry!" Hermione sighed. They were gathered on the couch in the common room after everyone else had gone to bed. Harry had apologized, and then told them his fantastic encounter with the Headmaster. "Have you never read … Oh, never mind, I'll just tell you!"

"Tell us what?" Harry asked. He turned to Ron, who was usually equally puzzled by Hermione's obscure references to books. But Ron was staring into the fire. "You know what she's talking about?"

"Most people in the wizarding world know about Dumbledore's fiancée" Ron mumbled. "I forgot that you grew up with Muggles…"

"Well, maybe one of you could tell me why I made such a huge mistake by saying that…"

Hermione took a deep breath, "Well…."

Back at his desk, Albus Dumbledore had cooled down again. He was statuesque as he beheld a magical picture frame. There was a gorgeous woman smiling back at him, smiling despite the cracked glass from the times he had thrown the frame across his office. He had forgotten about the scalding power of love. Looking at her again, his soul was painfully aflame. Why was he such a fool? Why did he let such nonsense happen to him in the first place?!

The door opened again, and a short, angular woman peered tentatively into the office.

"Ah, Professor Fey!" Dumbledore sat up straight, hastily casting the frame deep into his desk. "Any problems? Are your Gryfindors settling down after Mr. Potter's outburst?"

"They are doing fairly well, Headmaster." She mumbled softly, "I was wondering if you… well… Harry said that you…"

"I am fine, Morgana," Dumbledore snapped, his ire returning.

"Ah, right. I will see you tomorrow, Headmaster." She slipped quickly from the scene.

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