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His worst fears solidified as klaxons began to sound in the Ministry's Hallways. Something had gone wrong Alastor had notified the Ministry that he was in danger. Albus knew aparation was impossible even for him at this point. He had to get farther out of the building. Dumbledore brushed past emergency medical crews who were all ready departing for the site of the attack. The Aurors had responded minutes ago.

There was chaos everywhere. Apparating didn't change the situation. The building was chaotic as well. There were hoards of Muggles milling aimlessly outside the building. None of them appeared to be hurt, merely dazed and frightened. There were people walking around with Muggle television cameras pointing them in various places… and people sticking large black ice-cream cones at people's mouths. But Dumbledore didn't see any of this. He was only interested in hearing the words of one person. Sprinting into the main conference room , by sheer instinct, he caught sight of a non-Muggle medical team. A tired looking Emergency Medi-witch stepped up to him.

"ALBUS!" She tried to hold him back. Albus had to restrain himself from casting her aside. Healer Pomfrey decided he meant business, "Minerva is over this way…" She didn't need to ask, but simply hustled in the direction she had pointed, knowing he would follow.

"How?" Albus panted.

"How is she doing?" Poppy interpreted. "Albus…" They had reached a partition that was set up next to the wall. She motioned behind the partition.

Dumbledore stepped around, and instantly felt his stomach turn inside out. Minerva was buried in the pile of rocks. She was badly bruised, and only free from the shoulders up. There was blood, her blood, everywhere. He stepped quickly back around the partition before she caught sight of him.

"Why isn't someone doing something?!" he nearly screamed at the teary-eyed Poppy, "Why is she still in that pile of rubble? Why isn't she at St Mungos? She can be fixed!! She HAS to be healed!!"

"Albus Dumbledore, it would only cause her more pain to be moved, and at this point, she's received so much damage, it would do absolutely no good." Poppy was crying now, "Don't you remember? She's my best friend! If I could do anything in right now… ANYTHING!! I would…"

"How long?" Albus asked quietly.

"Less than an hour," Poppy sobbed, "she's loosing blood fast."

Albus stepped back around the corner to begin the worst hour of his life.

Minerva couldn't feel anything anymore. Anything but happiness at having Albus there with her, and pain at having to leave him soon. She held his hand, and he told her about his day, as she had requested. She was smiling. After all, she had sacrificed her life protecting freedom and justice in the world. But she was going to miss Albus, and all the years she could have spent with him. A tiny tear rolled down her cheek. But she could never catch up with the constant fountain pouring down Albus' face for the past hour.

Things were beginning to get fuzzy. She knew Albus was still talking, but the words didn't make sense. In fact, she couldn't see him anymore. There was only his hand, the feeling of his voice vibrating. It was beginning to get very cold and dark. The voice was starting to get panicked; the hand closed on hers and shook.

"Don't worry, darling," Minerva sighed dreamily, "I won't be long. You'll see me again soon."

"NO! MINERVA!!" Those were the last words she understood. The tone was so piercing and desperate.

"I love you, dearest." She was so tired. But it would only be a little sleep, and then she would be with Albus again. And this time, there would be no bother of evil wizards.

Poppy stood at a respectful distance. Her best friend in the entire world was no longer in this world. It was tragic watching her fiancé grasp urgently at the limp hand, trying to pull her back to his side. There was nothing more she could do. Nothing more, except fall apart. Forever, every day.

Walking out of the building, she saw all the dazed Muggles. It was nearly impossible to not scream at them, condemn them for the blind existences. My best friend just DIED for you!! She thought furiously at the entire crowd And none of you will ever know!! She was pulled into a crowd of returning healers and whisked back to the Ministry.

Ron was shaking. It was officially hopeless. The furious Head of Hogwarts was storming down the aisle, ready to spill blood. All he could do was hope for a quick end.

"I HAVE GIVEN EVERYTHING TO THIS SCHOOL AND YOUR EDUCATION, YOU…" Dumbledore froze in the middle of his screaming, and whispered, "Minerva?"

Ron was even more worried now. The Headmaster was looking at the space next to him speaking to the wall. This was not good. True, he wasn't charging at Ron anymore. But the man was talking to walls…

"BLOODY HELL!!" Ron shrieked. The wall was no longer blank. He was standing next to a beautiful, graceful raven haired witch. She was smiling, but on second glance, Ron could see the books on the shelf through her semi-transparent cheeks.

"What do you want?" Albus snapped at the witch. Ron jumped a tiny bit.

The Apparition that held Dumbledore's gaze sighed, "Albus, it was never meant to be this way. I was never meant to die, but most of all, you should not have grown so bitter. Hogwarts should be a place of warmth and love."

"And it was!!" Albus began to yell again, "It WAS!! Until you left…"

"Oh, Albus…" The woman reached out to touch his cheek. The Headmaster tried to catch her hand, but it fell through to his own skin. "You must move beyond this cruel quirk of time. I am waiting for you someday. That day is sooner than you think. But in the mean time, you have a duty to this world. You have so much power for good that you refuse to put to use. You will never be able to reach our meeting place that way. Examine yourself, Albus Dumbledore. You have much to consider."

"It has torn me up, Minerva! Not to have you near me." Albus sighed.

"Ah, but I am. I am always with you. Time is so much broader than we ever believed. I am always kissing you, always sitting beside you, always laughing with you, always loving you." She smiled, and a bit of light trickled down her cheek.

"I am always loving you…" Albus seemed to brighten. Ron realized he was attempting to smile. "When, Minerva? When can I be beside you again?"

She laughed, "You still don't understand, do you?" The form was beginning to disappear, "You are always with me. And soon, you will realize this too. Soon, Albus Dumbledore, soon."

"Soon…" Albus whispered. The witch was gone. The Hogwarts Medi-witch rushed into the library.

"Albus!" She threw across the room, assuming she would have to save Ron from the thrashing he so closely avoided. "Headmaster, I have your medication prepared." She looked old, wrinkled, tired. This was not the first time she had had to intervene.

"That will not be necessary, Poppy," Albus sighed. And as he turned about, Poppy could have sworn she saw him smile. "I have all the medication I will ever need."

The Medi-witch stared after him in puzzled worry. He WAS smiling!

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