A/N: Takes place during the Lost season four finale.

As soon as Desmond heard the man say "Ms. Widmore," he knew everything would be all right. As soon as he heard her voice order, "Throw them a rope. Take them around to the stairs!" he knew everything would be made right in the world.

It was Penny.

"Penny!" He yelled, "Penny! Penny!" He watched as her face turned from confused to shocked. She turned and ran, and he, he climbed over, desperate to reach her, after being away for so long.

And then, they were there, less than two feet from each other, so close. He stared at her, so beautiful, unable to fully convince himself that this wasn't just a pleasantly realistic delusion; that she was truly, really real.

The next thing he knew, she was in his arms, and he was kissing her. Penny was crying, but she laughed a little through her tears.

"You're okay," she said, voice filled with wonder.

Desmond, amazed himself, asked, "How did you find me?"

Penny answered, "Your phone call. I have a tracking station." She gave a little laugh again.

She was so beautiful, Desmond thought. And she was real. She was standing next to him, really talking to him, not just the dreams he'd had of her since he'd left, regretting losing her every single day. He never wanted to let go of her again, or let her disappear from his sight once more. To do so would let her slip away from him, and that was unacceptable. She belonged in his arms forever.

He pulled away from her a little, to see her face – her beautiful face! – and said, "I love you, Penny. And I'll never leave you again."