Never Ending Hope

This is my first story ever so I apologize if it isn't so nice

This is a Wolfram-centric story that happened during episode 78 after Yuuri left and before he returned

Disclaimer: I don't own Kyou Kara Maou or any of it's characters i only own the idea of this story that i made

A few days had passed since Yuuri left Shin Makoku and all Wolfram could think about was Yuuri's last word "Goodbye" and how he cried his heart out as Yuuri jumped into the portal and disappear. Why did it have to end this way? Atleast I know that he's happy with his life on Earth based on what I saw and...I know that...he'll never come back but...but why do I still keep hope that he will come me? Wolfram thought to himself in between sobs while walking back and forth in the garden.While he was taking his sweet time in the garden he noticed that Greta was approaching him with an expression that said I have a lot of questions I'd like you to answer'. When Greta finally reached the spot where Wolfram was standing she started asking him questions like "Will Yuuri ever come back?" and "How do you think Yuuri is doing in the other world?". All Wolfram could do was shrug his shoulder and wish that he could easily say yes to those questions.

Night time came and Wolfram, who was still sleeping in the room that he, Yuuri and Greta shared, was dreaming of nothing else other than Yuuri but in the middle of a wonderful dream he suddeny woke up in hopes that he'll wake up and see Yuuri sleeping peacefully beside him but to his dismay he woke up alone in the bed (Greta moved out of their room a few days ago saying she preferred the view she could see in the other room). "Why do I still hope to see him even though I know that he will never come back? I am so stupid! Raising my hope up for the impossible. I can't believe what a wimp I've become and if he ever comes back I wouldn't want him to see me act like a wimp." Wolfram murmured to himself.

After Wolfram said that he had become a wimp he fell fast asleep with a smile on his face...a soft hopeful smile. When he woke that morning the first thing he did was take a bath and eat breakfast with Greta on the balcony. After breakfast Wolfram had to tell Greta about things he saw on Earth that they didn't have in Shin Makoku like TVs and airplanes and about legends he learned from Miko since he promised her he'd tell her what happened while they were in Earth.

Later that day after Wolfram rested in the garden near a well...a wishing well...after making his wish he was called out by Doria who said that he was summoned to Shinou's castle by Conrad. After a few minutes he arrived in Shinou's castle and met up with everyone by the fountain. Conrad and the others were discussing with Wolfram about how the kingdom was doing and the progress with it's construction from the result of the battle with Soushu's army and Soushu himself. Little did they know that their beloved King Yuuri was about to return to Shin Makoku thanks to Ken Murata. After a few minutes of talking they were all shocked to see two familiar double blacks in the middle of the fountain and out of shockall Wolfram could do was stare at Yuuri and think to himself My wish came true...Yuuri...he's back...he's really here...I can't believe I get to see his cute face again! I guess I should thank my never ending hope that he'd return...I guess being a wimp and having too much hope isn't too bad if it pays off. and with that thoughthe smiled...a smile that said 'Welcome back' and 'You don't know how happy I am to see you come back'...a smile he never thought would ever come.

The End