AN: Hey everyone this is my first Supernatural fic, I hope you enjoy it! It's a Sam introspective on the episodes "Faith" and "The Benders" both episodes were amazing!!

Major thanks to Moogsthewritter for betaing, you rock girl!!

The Winchester family was notorious for a lot of things—their weapon prowess, their competency in the field, and their intrinsic knowledge of the abnormal, to name a few. They were also notorious atheists. Not that they had always been that way. Mary Winchester took Dean to church regularly, and she prayed with him over Sam's crib every night. But when Mary died there seemed to be less room for faith in their lives.

Sam didn't remember the prayers, but he also didn't remember Mary's death. He did understand that sometimes when your life is submersed in darkness—especially to the level that theirs was—it was easy to forget the light altogether. Still, Sam didn't see religion in the same way his family did. Maybe it was due to Pastor Jim; maybe it was his staunch rebellion; or maybe it was the fact that every time he looked at a picture of his mother, Sam had to believe that she was somewhere good.

He wasn't exactly the good old Sunday school kid, though he had gone to church with Jessica before…

No, Sam had no delusion of being a Saint; but ever since his return to the family business—his second emersion into the world of unexplainable evils—he found himself clinging to one thought. If there was evil, there had to be good.

So when he found out Dean was about to die from heart failure, he prayed more fervently than he ever had in his life; desperately seeking out the good he so hoped existed.

The 'healer' was no miracle worker, but Dean was alive. He realized the event with the blind preacher should have shaken his dubious faith more than it did, but Dean was alive.

A short time later when he found himself encompassed with the depths of human depravity, captured and alone in a dark dingy cell in a barn as far from civilization as you can get in Minnesota there was only one thing he could do. He prayed, and it was one time he was pretty sure Dean wouldn't mock him for it.

So when the lady cop told him his brother was on the way there was only one thing he could say, and he meant it from the depths of his soul.

"Thank God."