Hey people this is my second fanfic, and I'm really excited, because it's about one of my favorite couples, RyoSaku! Anyway, I'm thinking of adding some other couples like maybe Horio and Tomoka, what do you think? Maybe I'll just completely leave them out of the story, who knows. Well enough of my blabbering, I'll get on with the story.

Chapter 1 The invite

"So, you and Sakuno are definitely coming over for the summer right?" A nervous man asked through the telephone.

"Yeah, yeah, Hikaru, for the hundredth time, Sakuno is packing as we speak, and she seems very excited, so stop worrying. Well, we'll see you soon, okay bye." Just as Sumire Ryuzaki hung up on the phone, her granddaughter, Sakuno ran downstairs to ask who was on the phone. "Oh it was just your father again, making sure that we're coming. It's like we're just going to cancel our plane tickets and not go to a fancy beach resort without calling first. Honestly, that man worries too much." Sakuno just smiled at the fact that her father seemed so anxious for them to come.

Meanwhile, our favorite tennis prince (is there more than one?) was walking with Momoshiro Takeshi to their favorite burger joint.

"Here's the deal Echizen, whoever eats the most double cheeseburgers wins, and the loser has to pay for the winner's and his own burgers." Momoshiro explained.

"That's fine, but when you lose, you're buying dessert." Ryoma responded.

"You little…" Just when Seigaku's power house was about to use extremely foul language with his kouhai, they heard yelling from behind.

"Oi, Momo and O'chibi look what I got!" shouted Kikumaru Eiji, a member of Seigaku's "Golden Pair." When the red-head caught up to the other two he showed them what he had.

"What's so great about a folded piece of paper? I mean I know you've been wanting to do origami, but that's not exactly, well you know…umm how should I put this you lack the skills neces-."

"No, Momo you baka, this isn't just a folded piece of paper, it's a brochure for a beach house I won from a sweepstakes! It's so big that I invited everyone to come, even Sakuno-chan for O'chibi's sake, but she already has plans for the summer." Eiji explained. "Anyways, do you guys want to come?"

"Sure, why not…wait a second is that Mamushi going to be there? He is isn't he? Oh well, I was hoping to avoid him for at least the summer…"

"What about you O'chibi?"

"Hn." Ryoma answered nonchalantly.

"He's probably not excited since Sakuno-chan isn't going to be there." Momo told Eiji, as Eiji nodded in agreement. Ryoma just rolled his eyes and said he was going home.

"Nya! O'chibi, so are you going to come?" Eiji shouted to Ryoma as the tennis prince was leaving.

"Fine, I'll go." Ryoma answered, waving his hand without turning around.


So, how was it everyone? I hope it's at least a little interesting. (bends down on knees and looks to readers with big teary eyes).

Eiji: Nya, why are you on the floor TiRaMiSuLoVeR?

Me: Oh, I'm just begging pitifully.

Eiji: Oh, I see…anyways, when did I ever say that I wanted to do origami?

Me: Uhh…I didn't say that, Momoshiro Takeshi said it! (points at Momo)

Momo: Yeah, but you made up the story.

Oishi: Everyone, lets not gang up on TiRaMiSuLoVeR, she might be claustrophobic.

Momo: Can you really defend her after she didn't even include you in the first chapter?!

Oishi: …lets get her!!

Me: Why Oishi?! I thought you were motherly?!(runs from Momo, Eiji, and killer Oishi)