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Chapter 21 The plan succeeded!

"Hmm…it feels like something's missing…" Eiji put a finger to his chin.

"Yeah…ah Echizen's not here yet." Momo remembered.

"Oh that's right…" Eiji agreed. They both stood smiling idiotically and nodding. "…But why isn't Echizen here yet?"

"Saa…" Fuji appeared behind them all of a sudden.

"Nyaa! Fuji?"

"What is this about Echizen not being here yet?" Fuji queried, and then turned to Momo; a menacing aura surrounded the genius. "Wasn't it your job to tell Echizen about the party Momo?"

"Oh yeah! So that's what I was supposed to do earlier!" Momo exclaimed.

"You baka Momo!"

"I-It'll be fine!" Momo explained. "I'll just go tell Echizen now! But…does anybody know where he is…?"

"Hmm?" Ryoma sat up and began rubbing his eyes. He had just woken from the nap of his life. He looked around and realized he was still sitting on the beach chair by the pool. "Ah…" He remembered that he decided to take a short nap to avoid the summer heat, but it seemed the nap went on longer than planned. "Oh well…" Ryoma thought. "I guess it's time for bed now." He decided and headed inside the resort, when his stomach grumbled. "Maybe I'll get a snack first…"

Sakuno glanced at the clock for the fifth time. It was already twenty minutes past the time Fuji told her Ryoma would be coming to pick her up. "M-maybe Ryoma-kun's…not coming?" Sakuno thought, feeling dejected. Then shook her head. "No! I can't think like that…it hasn't even been that long." She reassured herself, as she sat waiting, hopeful.

"Echizen!" Momo called out. "Here boy! We have Ponta…and tennis balls!"

"Echizen's not a dog Momo…" Oishi sighed.

"Hmm I guess not." Momo nodded.

"What do you mean you guess not? Isn't that obvious?" Ace shouted as he walked up to them clad in pink sparkly hello kitty attire from head to toe. "And why am I the only one who's wearing this stupid hello kitty stuff?"

"Fsshhh!" Kaido hissed aggressively at Ace for insulting his favorite famous female Japanese cat, as Inui began scribbling down something in his notebook.

"What is it Inui-senpai?" Momo asked, hoping he had some info on Ryoma's location. "Something important?"

"…It has increased by 5 percent…"

"What has?" Oishi asked.

"The possibility of Kaido having an obsession with hello kitty." Inui answered matter-of-factly. Eiji, Oishi and Momo sweat dropped, while Kaido flushed in embarrassment.

"Um…Inui exactly how much data on Kaido involving hello kitty do you have? I mean is this something we should talk about?" Oishi asked, wearing a genuinely concerned expression.

"Uh hello? What about my Hello kitty issues huh?" Ace interrupted the soon to be intervention.

"Nya! You guys! What about O'chibi and Sakuno-chan and the plan and the edge and the romance and the—!"

"Ok ok we got it senpai!" Momo sighed, quieting the red head. "So I think we should split up and search for Echizen. I'll take the north quadrant with Taka-senpai, Oishi-senpai and Eiji-senpai can take the south, Inui-senpai and Mamushi take the east, and Tezuka-buchou and Fuji senpai can take the west quadrant. We will communicate over these handheld two-way radio transceivers." He explained and brought out a box of pearly pink walkie talkies. "We'll also need some sort of source of mechanism that brings light to get around in the dark and—."

"Or we could just call him on his cell phone?" Oishi suggested. Everyone readily agreed, except a poor dejected Momo who hugged his box of walkie talkies.

"Its ok guys…we still have each other." He assured the pink gizmos. Oishi proceeded to call Ryoma, but to no avail.

"He's not answering." Oishi told the others.

"Hah!" Momo laughed victoriously. "Now we have to go with my plan!"

"Fine…we'll split up as Momo suggested." Oishi decided.

"Hey! What about me?" Ace yelled.

"Nya…you don't have to shout Anger Management Mountain, we're all right here. We're not like 100 miles away…" Eiji commented.

You stay here with the girls and the freshman trio." Momo instructed.

"Aww Why?" Ace pouted

"Because you use too many exclamation points and question marks and TiRaMiSuLoVeR is tired of typing them." Momo answered.


"Ok then, let's go!"

"R-Ryoma-kun!" Sakuno blushed, when she saw Ryoma standing there at her door.

"Do you know where everyone else is? They weren't in their rooms…" Ryoma asked, unfazed by Sakuno's expressions as usual.

"Huh? W-well they're p-probably at the party." Sakuno answered, confused, that Ryoma didn't already figure that.

"Party?" Ryoma raised an eyebrow.

"Y-you don't know?" Sakuno blinked. Then it became clear: Fuji. He knew about Sakuno's feelings for the tennis prince, and being the nice senpai he is (well Sakuno believes this) he was probably trying to set them up. But something must have gone wrong, and no one told Ryoma about the party. Then she realized this was her chance. Fuji and the other senpai had done half the work, and she had to do the rest. "U-um…Ryoma-kun…d-do you want to go…to the party…w-with me?" She slowly looked up to see his reaction. He looked…confused. Sakuno's heart dropped to her stomach. Maybe this was a bad idea? Maybe I shouldn't have said anything? These thoughts raced through her mind, as she anticipated his answer. "A-ano…Ryoma-kun?" He suddenly took off his hat, revealing that trademark confident smirk with just a slight pink tint to his cheeks.


"We didn't find him in our room." Momo said when the regulars met up after searching a bit.

"He wasn't near the pool." Inui reported.

"We didn't find him either." Oishi sighed. Just then, Fuji phoned. "Hello Fuji? You found him? Really?" Oishi smiled, making the others confused. "Ok, I'll tell them. Bye." Oishi hung up, with a big grin on his face.

"What happened Oishi?" Eiji asked.

"Did Fuji and Tezuka find him?" Inui asked.

"Oh they found him alright. And guess who he was with?"

"Uhh…Kevin?" Momo guessed.

"No! Sakuno-chan." Oishi replied.


"Looks like everything worked out after all." Fuji smiled contently, as he walked back to the party with Tezuka.

"Why did you call me to that sandwich shop and then never show up?" Tezuka asked.

"Ah…sorry about that, I guess I just forgot."

"I see…45 laps then." Tezuka replied.

"…Really?" Even Fuji was a little surprised by this. "Ok…well after the party then—."

"No, right now."

"Saa…Tezuka really doesn't like to be stood up huh?"

"50 laps."

The moment Sakuno and Ryoma stepped into the resort's ballroom, they were bombarded by people.

"Sakuno! I thought you weren't going to come!" Hikaru squealed. "And with one of the boys I approved of! Well that's not that great, but it's better than showing up with one of those shifty characters."

"Kyaa you two look so cute together!" Tomoka cheered.

"Sakuno you finally came! But why with that brat?" Ace frowned, just as the regulars walked in.

"Yes! Everything with the plan is finally coming together!" Momo cheered, "Now we can finally enjoy this party!"

"So can someone finally tell me why no one else is wearing this hello kitty stuff?" Ace asked.

"Oh that's because that wasn't really the theme we decided on. We just told you that, because we thought it would be funny." Momo explained. "Anyways the Mamushi is probably the only one who actually wanted a hello kitty theme."

"Fsshhh s-shut up idiot!" Kaido stammered.

"79 percent chance Ace feels embarrassed about this predicament. 80 percent chance Momo wanted to wear a hello kitty dress." Inui recited his data, causing Kaido to snort in Momo's direction.

"Where are these numbers coming from Inui-senpai?" Momo barked.

"Ace?" Sakura walked up to the frustrated idiot, who was busy, fumbling about with his hello kitty shoelaces.


"Um…I just wanted to tell you something." Sakura twiddled her thumbs awkwardly.

"Uh sure, what is it?" Ace answered, still preoccupied with those dang shoelaces.

"W-well…you—I mean I…I—."

"IT'S FUN TO STAY AT THE…YMCA!" Immediately the song burst through the speakers, drowning out Sakura's attempted confession.

"Oh yeah!" Horio cheered. "This is my jam!"

"Oh shut up, you're annoying voice is ruining the song!" Tomoka yelled.

"Well you're voice is more annoying!" Horio shouted back.

"Oh shut up and dance with me!" Tomoka smirked and grabbed him by the hand. Horio's mouth dropped to the floor.

"B-but I thought you like Kaido-senpai!"

"What did I say? I said shut up and dance with me!" Tomoka berated him, attempting to hide her blush. Horio shrugged and agreed, all too happily.

"Sorry what was that?" Ace asked Sakura, trying to hear over the blasting music, and Tomoka and Horio's voices.

"N-never mind!" Sakura slapped a hand over her red face and walked away. Maybe next time…

"Hey guys have you seen Fuji-senpai anywhere?" Momo asked.

"Yeah I haven't seen him in a while." Eiji added.

"Tezuka's also gone." Oishi pointed out.

"Isn't that them out there?" Taka pointed out the window to the beach. Fuji was running along the beach shore, and Tezuka was counting out the number of laps left.

"Wow…the guy devotes his whole summer to uniting two kids in love, and that's what he gets as a reward…running laps on the beach at night, with Tezuka supervising." Momo shook his head like it was just so sad...which it was.

"Why are we even at this stupid party?" Zen grumbled. "People are all like dancing and holding hands and doing gross stuff!"

"It's not gross." Misa replied.

"Uh yeah it is." Zen sighed, as he slouched in his chair.

"But there's good food at least." Misa held up a bowl of guacamole and chips.

"Yeah…I guess…" Zen nodded. "Wait a second! That's not guacamole! That's a zombie's face!"

"Huh? No is isn't—."Misa was silenced, when Zen slapped a spoonful of the avocado dip right on her face. "That…still doesn't make sense….stupid."

"Well is doesn't have to, 'cause now you have green stuff on your face ha ha!" Zen pointed a finger at the girl.

"You'll regret that…or rather you'll be sleeping with the fishies for that." Misa threatened as she took a spiked club out of her purse dipped it in the guacamole and started chasing him.

"H-how can some stupid girl who still says fishies be so scary?" Zen cried as he ran for his life.

"Maybe we should stop them?" Katsuo suggested.

"I guess…but first, you should really try this dip!" Kachiro grinned as he dipped a chip into the guacamole.

"Oishi…I need to tell you something…" Eiji had a stern expression.

"Uh sure, what's up Eiji?" Oishi asked concerned about what his doubles partner was going to say.

"W-well…I…I lo…lo…"

"Oh just spit it out already!" Momo interrupted from a ways away.

Eiji glared back at his loud mouthed kouhai, and then turned back around to face Oishi.

"I…I lost the bag for the cookies, so I've been carrying them in my pocket since yesterday!"

"…What?" Oishi and Momo blinked.

"I'm sorry! I let you eat that cookie even though it was in my pocket for a long time and I… kind of dropped it…" Eiji looked away, clearly ashamed. "A-and when I went to the bathroom I might've—."

"Oh god! That's disgusting!" Momo gagged.

"…what?" Oishi repeated himself, clearly not able to grasp what had just been said. "The…the BATHROOM? WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU TAKE COOKIES IN THE BATHROOM?" Oishi yelled out.

"Nyaa! I'm sorry Oishi!" Eiji cried.

"THAT'S SO UNSANITARY!" Oishi freaked out. "WHERE'S THE MOUTH WASH?" He hurriedly grabbed his emergency bag, fished out a bottle of blue mouth wash and started gargling down the stuff.

"O-Oishi…" Eiji said nervously. "I'm sorry…please don't hate me."

"I don't hate you…" Oishi sighed, as he wiped droplets of mouth wash from his face. "But did you give anyone else those dirty cookies? Because you should go tell them about it and apologize."

"No, I didn't give any to anyone else. Well I did give some to Sakuno-chan, but that was when I still had the bag…so they weren't dirty." Eiji answered.

"Well that's fine then, as long as no one was poisoned." Oishi nodded.

"Yay! So can we go party now?" Eiji asked.

"Yeah." Oishi smiled and followed the excited red head onto the dance floor.

"Fuji-senpai, you're back?" Momo noticed the now sweating senpai walk in. "Wasn't Tezuka-buchou making you run laps?"

"Ah yes…but he let me go free, because I told him I would go to the sandwich shop with him." Fuji explained with his signature smile.

"…Huh?" Momo blinked.

"So how's the plan going?" Fuji ignored the younger boy's confusion.

"Ah seems to be going pretty well!" Momo snickered. "Oh and about the whole forgetting to tell Echizen about the party thing…"

"Ah about that…" Fuji nodded, "Well, we can just let that go, since everything ended up working out."

"R-really?" Momo gasped.

"Yes. Besides, I'm going to be busy working on my new matchmaking project."

"You're going to get another couple together? Who are they?" Momo asked.

"Hmm…I don't think I'll need your help with this one Momo." Fuji answered. "I actually want this one to work out without all the…issues."

"Oh please let me help senpai!" Momo begged. "I'll do better this time!"

"Well…we'll see." Fuji smiled.

"C'mon." Ryoma held a hand out.

"E-eh?" Sakuno blushed.

"You wanna dance right?" Ryoma asked, clearly new to this as well. Sakuno immediately grabbed his hand as he led her out to the dance floor. A slow song started playing. "They swayed to the music for a few seconds before Sakuno stepped on Ryoma's foot, causing the tennis prince to flinch.

"S-sorry!" Sakuno flustered.

"It's fine." He sighed. "Y-you know…what I said before about taking back what I said…I-I take it back."

"H-huh?" Sakuno blinked.

"I-I mean…I do like you." Ryoma confessed, causing them both to turn as red as the reddest roses. "I'm sorry for saying I take it back…"

"Y-you've been really c-confusing lately…" Sakuno said. "B-but…I still like you too."


"S-Sakuno. C-call me Sakuno." Sakuno said, with a new found confidence she mustered from who knows where. Ryoma was silent for a while, taken aback by her directness. Then he smirked.


3 weeks later…

"Ne Fuji! Fuji!" Eiji's chipper voice rang through the school hallway as he ran to catch up to his friend.

"Good Morning Eiji." Fuji smiled, as he paused in his steps to allow the hyper red head to catch up.

"Guess what I just saw! O'chibi and Sakuno-chan holding hands! They were holding hands!"

"Hmm that is quite a good development." Fuji nodded.

"I know right?" Eiji chuckled. "Wow we really did an amazing thing didn't we?"

"Ah young love!" Momo popped up from behind them.

"Momo? What are you doing here?" Eiji asked.

"Just saw those two love birds holding hands! Isn't it great?" Momo smirked and flashed a thumbs up. "Oh by the way Fuji-senpai, didn't you say you were setting up another couple? I've been wondering who they were."

"Oh yes that's right." Fuji glanced from Eiji to Momo, and then smiled to himself.

"Go Taka-san!" Everyone stared at the loudest voice at tennis practice, which happened to belong to Ace. Yeah that guy…after summer vacation ended, Ace decided to transfer to Seigaku and become a part of the tennis…cheering squad. "Wow Taka-san you're amazing!" He yelled, making Taka nervous and embarrassed.

"That's really nice Ace-san…but I-I haven't even stepped on to the court yet…" Taka sighed.

"Oh right sorry!" Ace chuckled as he scratched the back of his head bashfully.

"Geez can you be any more of an annoying fanboy?" Sakura scoffed as she walked up to Ace and Taka.

"Aw jealous again?" Ace teased.

"I-I'm not jealous! What do I have to be jealous of anyway? God you're annoying!" Sakura rambled on as she tried to hide a blush. Sakura had also transferred to Seigaku after she and Misa moved in with Sakuno and her grandma. Misa attended the local elementary school, which also happens to be the school Zen goes to. Funny how things work out…

After tennis practice, Momo and Kaido were arguing once again, as they headed to the clubroom, when they spotted Inui hiding behind a bush, jotting down some notes.

"Ah Inui-senpai…? What are you doing?" Momo asked, as the two walked up to him.

"At this pace, in approximately two weeks, three days, 4 hours, 7 minutes, and 31 seconds, Echizen and Ryuzaki will engage in their first kiss." Inui stated.

"Wow really?" Momo gasped in amazement.

"So if TiRaMiSuLoVeR would just fast forward the story to that time…"

"You just wanted your prediction of them kissing in this story to come true right?" Momo sighed. Suddenly everything around them started going at super speed. "Whoa what's happening?"

"I think we're fast forwarding to the time senpai said." Kaido figured with wide eyes.

"Yes, that's exactly right." Inui said a tinge of excitement to his voice.

"What the heck? When did this become a science fiction story?" Momo freaked out.

"What are you doing in the back of that pickup truck senpai?" Ryoma asked, Ponta in hand. Then suddenly they passed by him.

"Huh?" Momo, blinked as he looked around to see the three of them were crouched down inside the back of green truck which had some bushes, branches, and other debris surrounding them.

"…How did we…?" Kaido was just as confused. It seemed the truck had started driving, and they were now nearing the exit of the school.

"We're not in a sci-fi story! We're in the back of a moving truck! Help!" Momo yelled.

"Relax, I have a plan." Inui announced, and then he stood up.

"Senpai isn't it dangerous to stand up when we're moving so fast?" Kaido asked.

"Ah you're right." Inui nodded and sat back down.

"Gaah! What are we going to do now?" Momo panicked.

A little bit later…

"Momo! Kaido! Inui! Wake up guys!" The three slowly opened their eyes to see Eiji staring back at them.


"What is this?"

"It's the diner on 5th street." They all looked around to see they were indeed sitting in a diner and all the other regulars were there.

"Why are we here?"

"Because look!" Eiji pointed across the restaurant to Ryoma and Sakuno who were sitting alone together.

"So…?" Kaido groaned.

"They're on a date!" Eiji grinned.

"So…?" Kaido groaned again.

"Shut it Mamushi! This is awesome!" Momo suddenly got excited and completely forgot everything that had just happened in the past half hour.

"We have to go train…" Kaido said, and looked to Inui for assistance.

"We'll train later Kaido." Inui answered, as he fished out his notepad, and peered in anticipation at the two youngsters on their date.

"What is this…?" Kaido thought to himself in despair.

"What's wrong?" Ryoma asked, noticing Sakuno's discomfort.

"I-it's just…the senpai…" Sakuno blushed, and glanced towards the people in question, who weren't being as secretive as they thought they were.

"Why won't they just go away…?" Ryoma sighed, as a huge colorful sign was being put up. It read: Congratulations on your 1st date O'chibi & Sakuno-chan! Love 4ever! "This isn't even our first date…" Ryoma pointed out.

A gasp was heard.

"What does he mean it's not their first date?"

"What's wrong with that? They've been together since the end of summer vacation anyways…"

"I know, but still, they should be taking it slow! They're still young y'know?" Ryoma and Sakuno could tell by now that the two yelling were Eiji and Momo.

"Oh please senpai…you've probably gone way further with—."

"That's different!" Eiji cut Momo off. "And what about you and Ann-chan huh?"

"W-what about me and Ann?" Momo was the one stammering now.

"You guys are too loud." Tezuka reprimanded the two.

"Ah…sorry buchou…" Momo and Eiji frowned.

"How about we let them have some time alone?" Fuji suggested. Everyone agreed and they all proceeded to leave the diner. Five minutes later, Fuji returned and immediately hid behind the garbage cans. A matchmakers job is never done you know?

Ryoma-kun…t-thanks for dinner." Sakuno smiled as they were walking home.

"Sure." Ryoma answered nonchalantly.

"I-It seems that the senpai went home."

"Finally…you better not keep mentioning them or they might just appear again…" Ryoma sighed, making Sakuno giggle.

"But…if it w-wasn't for Fuji-senpai and the others, w-we wouldn't be together." Sakuno looked down shyly.

"I guess…" Ryoma stuffed his hands in his pockets, and glanced at Sakuno from the corner of his eye. He suddenly grabbed her hand in his own, surprising Sakuno, who just blushed madly, clearly still not used to the fact that they were dating.


"L-let's go home."

Sakuno couldn't help but smile after seeing Ryoma's pink cheeks. "Ok."

-The End.-