Been a long while since I wrote something but I just wanted to write this before I get stuck with exams

Been a long while since I wrote something but I just wanted to write this before I get stuck with exams. (my last one from high school ). I got this idea from listening to the song while reading fanfics. Basically team 8 goes to Suna stays in a hotel and… well just listen to the song karma hotel and you know. also if you listen to the song sung during the clip you'll notice that the first verse is different then the one I use. That's because the version of the song I have on my computer is different and I can't find the lyrics they sing during the clip.

This disclaimer counts for the whole story since I'll put it up all in once even though it'll contain multiple chapters: But I don't own these chapter nor the song this story is based on.

Chapter one: prologue.

"I can't believe it !! Our first serious mission without our sensei!! This is gonna be awesome, right Akamaru?" the little puppy hiding in his jacked barked energetically.

Team 8 was currently walking through the forest on their way to the hidden village Suna where they were supposed to inspect some rumours about a hotel or something like that.

"I-I just hope Kurenai-sensei g-gets w-well s-soon." She twiddled her fingers again. Normally when it was just her and her team she would stop doing that annoying habits but this was her first A-ranked mission and she was rather nervous.

"I believe it's merely a cold our beloved sensei has and that she will be healthy again by the time we get back from this mission." It was the first time the third member of the squad had spoken all day.

"awh come on Shino aren't you at least a bit excited? I mean our first A-ranked mission on our own, no sensei, no annoying-noisy Naruto's. Just the three of us."

He looked at his silent companion and saw that the young bug user just ignored his stimulation. This made boy sigh since it meant another one of his attempts to get his best friend to talk failed, again! He turned to his other side and saw that the girl on his squad had become quit red in the face.

"K-Kiba-kun!! N-Naruto-kun I-isn't annoying!!"

"Heh I thought you got over your crush when he and Sakura got together, Hinata. Besides you didn't say he wasn't noisy so at least I got something right, right?"

The shy girl just shook her head and gave a little smile to her enthusiastic dog-loving friend. It was true that she had got over her little crush but that didn't mean she didn't admire him anymore nor did it mean that she stopped trying to get stronger. After all, she still had to prove the rest of the village that she was strong, especially her father and Neji-niisan. Perhaps this mission would help her make that dream come true.

At that moment they left the forest behind and begin their journey throughout the desert. Hinata and Kiba removed their jackets, leaving Kiba in a sleeveless black shirt and

Hinata in a black top which barely covered her breast with a mesh shirt above it. Her face almost became purple and she murmured something about Tenten and Ino hiding her clothes and only leaving this. If it weren't for the incredible heat she never would've taken off her sweater but she didn't want to faint from a heatstroke and be a burden.

They looked at the Bug user in a questioning way but he refused to remove any of his clothes. In a way they were disappointed, after all it wasn't the first time they tried to see his face. but so far they hadn't succeeded at doing this.

The Aburame was silent during the whole time. Something didn't feel right. He had heard some thing about the place they were supposed to go to and they made his bugs buzz extra loud. Which in turn gave him a hell of a head-ache. Also the fact that

'just checking out some rumours'

as the hokage put it, was considered an A-ranked mission didn't settle right. He didn't tell his team members tough. It would just make them nervous and they needed to keep their calm for this mission. Besides he didn't want to scare Hinata she was nervous enough as it was. He actually pitied the girl, if only she would get some more self confidence. She was one of the strongest kunoichi's of their age and when she took of her baggy coat you could really see how beautiful she was. But she always underestimated her strength and looks. Secretly he blamed her family for that but since there was nothing he could do about it he just remained his stoic self. Helping her with her training and trying (together with Kiba) to get her to go out some more and show off her body.(what guy wouldn't want their female team mate to show of her curves?)

After a walk of a day and a half they saw the walls of Suna. Even from afar you could see it was guarded very heavily. When they approached the gates the shinobis on gate duty watched them wearily.

"Please state your business in our city." One of them said curtly.

The almost fiend-like tone made Akamaru growl and Hinata whimper quietly so Shino answered.

"we are here following orders from the fifth hokage, Tsunade-sama, leader of the leaf village. There are rumours about a certain residence in your city. We are here to check things out and see if there are other things we can do to help."

He said monotonously to the first one while handing the other one their mission and identity papers.

"very well you may proceed." While passing through Kiba just couldn't help himself but mutter under his breath: "Why thank you so very kindly" using every ounce of sarcasm in his body.

Thankfully the gatekeepers hadn't heard him otherwise they wouldn't have taken it too lightly. They didn't really seemed like the kind to joke around. Shino sighed, sometimes he wished his friend wasn't that bold. Then he heard the Hyuuga heir giggle softly.

"At least she's her positive self again." he though, "I guess I should feel thankful for that."

They walked throughout the town wondering bout their next step. Finding a place to spend the night or search for the place they are send to. Suddenly they someone whispering for them. they looked around and noticed a man dressed in dark tinted clothing hiding in the shadows of a dark alley. He stepped more into the light and they noticed a scar running over his right eye which seemed blind. his was grinning like crazy and waved for them to move closer.

"Hey you three, over here!!"

They looked to each other, should they trust them? He didn't seem very dangerous to them and you never know he could help them with the mission. If he did try to attack them, well it was three against one, and with three expert ninja against one, what could he possibly do?

They went to the guy and he began talking to them: " So you heard some rumours right? I bet they're about the Suna hotel!" again the three exchanged looks and Kiba replied: "So what if they are? What's it to you?" "It has to be about that place, it's like the best known place in town! All the ninja's try to go there so they can tell their friends they survived. And here's where I come in. I can lead you there to a very small price. You'll never find it on your own. You need someone who knows the way."

"G-give us a m-minute if you'd p-please." "Sure sure I'll be waiting here. for you."

They went back to the road and talked in hushed tones.

" I guess this comes in pretty handy, I mean this way we have a place to crash at and we can work in the mission at ones." Kiba said while Akamaru nodded his little head apparently the little pup agreed with his master.

" Affirmative, this way we can succeed our goal as soon as possible."

"I-I guess so, but that g-guy doesn't really s-seem t-thrustworthy. Is this really the only way?"

"I'm afraid it is. Apparently there is some kind of special jutsu placed upon this hotel. If my information is correct even the wielders of the byakugan can't find it without a guide. Unless they've been there."

This being said it was obvious that they were following the stranger.

His grin became (if possible) even larger and he guided them through the city, following small dark paths. "so you do this for a living?" Kiba asked the guy. "This, and other things yes" "so you've ever seen many of the hotel's guests?" "My dear boy I've seen them all."

"Seen any of them again?" "Oh I've SEEN some of them all right. But I guess you could say they weren't really themselves anymore."

This made team 8 very curious but the guide answered their questions in a way that confused them more then they already were. Something which frustrated them to no end.

Just when Kiba was going to attack the man and beat the answers out of him he stopped and told them they where here.

The building was rather high and vast. When you looked at it you wondered why you hadn't noticed it before. But every time you blinked your eyes it seemed, different in a way. They couldn't put there finger on it but something seemed to change about the building while they were watching it. As if it wasn't really there or something like that.

They said their goodbyes and paid the insanely grinning man and opened the glass doors that were the entrance to the 'Suna Hotel' as it said on the front. A rather normal name for an abnormal place.

The first strange thing that happened to them was that the moment the entered the building the door seemed to disappear behind them. They stood with their backs and bags against a cold marble wall as if there had never been a door. Hinata immediately activated her Byakugan and looked around her at the lobby they were standing in. But she couldn't notice anything strange about the place. Everything and everyone seemed normal and when she told her team mates this they just shrugged. Something strange was happening but so far it didn't seem dangerous. Then Kiba noticed Akamaru. The little pup obviously didn't like the place. He kept shivering and shaking as if he was freezing his butt of. He began to whine softly, until suddenly a man behind the information desk gazed at him with a fiery stare, then he began to act normal again. This was something neither Kiba nor Hinata had noticed but Shino did.

"What happened Akamaru, why were you acting like that? Is something wrong, something we should know?"

Kiba softly talked to his dog and after a while he seemed to be pleased with the answers he was getting and cause he ended their conversation and told the other two it was nothing.

"I-I believe it is b-best if we s-split up. This place seems p-pretty large and if we want to find s-something we will need all the t-time we can g-get."

The two boys agreed (though not really glad about the decision)

And they went of while here a soft voice sing:

To the...

Okay so there you have it, the prologue. The next chapter will be the first verse and will be about Shino.

Also if you want to see what Hinata's top looks like you look at the link below but leave out the spaces.

http/ / phoenix element .deviantart . com /art /Hinata – InkSketch –18610009

I know really un-hinata-like but don't forget that they stole all of her clothes and left only this plus her sweater (they didn't know what her mission was and didn't want to give her a cold they just figured she would have to take of her sweater at least ones)