Camp Starlight

Chapter One: Camp

Bella's p.o.v.

"EMMETT! COME ON WERE GONNA BE LATE!" I yelled from the passenger seat of my older brother's shiny red jeep wrangler, my fist slamming against the horn, 3 sharp honks piercing the silence of the car. Me and my older brother Emmett were du to be at Camp Starlight in one hour. We were both councilors this year. Well actually, Emmett used to go to Camp Starlight when he was younger and when they offered him the position as one of the councilors; he asked if I wanted to come with. I was pretty hesitant at first, I mean 2 and a half months of pesky little kids who are sticky all the time, nature, bugs, hiking – which means a LOT of falling down and getting SERIOUSLY injured on my part- but then I thought about it.

If I didn't go to camp with Emmett, then I would be stuck at home all summer with dad, or even worse, I would be shipped off to Florida with my mom and Phil and I REALLY don't wanna get in the middle of that sap fest. I mean its not that I'm against romance or anything, its just it's not really for me I guess. I'm not the type of person who goes off looking for love…I'm very happy with where I am now. But the most important reason for my going to camp was that I would get to be with Emmett. He's my best friend – despite the 1 year age difference- and we do everything together! If he was gone all summer, I would defiantly go crazy.

"Sorry bells! I just forgot something…you ready?" I simply nodded as Emmett climbed into the driver seat, the jeep rumbling to life. Quickly I got comfortable. Better enjoy the ride…we've got a LONG way to go with a LONG summer ahead.

Edwards P.O.V

"Edward would you slow down please?!" the shrill voice came from my terrified sister, fingers clutched to the passenger seat in a death grip, frantic eyes looking anywhere but out the windows.

"Relax Alice, when I have I ever gotten into an accident? Let alone gotten a speeding ticket?" I grinned, but slowed down a little for her benefit. She sighed.

"Never, but still, could you at least try and keep us alive…please? I actually enjoy living." The speedometer slowly crept down to 80mph as my silver Volvo raced down the highway.

We were heading to camp. Camp Starlight to be exact. Yes…I know what you're thinking. Two 18yr olds going to summer camp? Get a life! But we were both going to be councilors this year. 

Both Alice and I have been attending Camp Starlight since we were kids, and when they called us up and offered us the positions as councilors for the younger kids, I couldn't help but think back to my time at camp and how much fun I had, and the thought of going back to watch other kids have the time of their life and become part of their experience as someone they can look up to was just something I couldn't refuse. Alice was just happy to get out of having to find a real summer job. But boy did we both love that place.

"So, are you excited?" Alice asked, practically giddy now that I wasn't speeding to our death. I chuckled.

"Sure, I guess. I mean its camp!" She just laughed, reaching over to the control panel to blast the music as we headed back to our summer home.

Rosalie's P.O.V.

"WHY?!" I don't understand! Why were we being punished?!

"Rose, calm down." Jasper, my twin brother whispered soothingly, rubbing his warm hand up and down my arm, calming me down. He always knows how to get me to calm down.

"But why?! I don't under stand! What did we do?" I yelled. My salty tears rolled down my perfectly rosy cheeks as Jasper and I sat across from our parents in the living room of our beautiful Washington home. I don't understand. One minute I'm planning my trip to California with Jasper and our friends, and the next minute we're being shipped off to some absurd summer camp I've never heard of! I DON'T UNDERSTAND! Why on earth would I want to spend my summer outside with a bunch of rowdy little kids, getting bug bits all day? I actually had a goal this summer. Finally, I saved up enough money –after HOURS of working down at the Grease Monkey- to pay for the auto workshop in northern California. That workshop is going to help me get into collage! Doing something I love…working on cars. But only Jasper knows about it. He was the one who helped me get the job down at the local garage, and he was the one who set up the interview for the Auto workshop. And now I'm being sent to CAMP?!

"Rosalie, seriously, what were you planning on doing all summer? Go tanning? Shop with your girlfriends? Spend all our money? I don't think so." My father scolded, crossing his arms over his chest. My mother sat next to him, a glass of brandy in one hand, a cigarette in the other, just rolling her eyes. Her perfectly curled blonde hair pulled up into a half ponytail, her fake tan extenuating her big blue eyes as she glared at me.

"No dad! There's this Auto class that I was really interested in and it's actually reasonably cheap…-"

"I don't think so Rosalie. I think that if you worked this summer on something other than your shopping skills then it would do both you and your brother some good!"


"No buts. Now go pack! You're leaving today" and with that my father got up from the couch and left the living room, my mother hot on his tail. The last thing I heard was the sound of the H3 Alpha hummer pulling out of the driveway.

"Well goodbye to you too my loving parents…" I muttered to myself as I got up and started towards the stairs. I got to the first step before I heard Jaspers voice behind me.

"Rose, I'm sorry. I know how hard you worked to get the money for the auto class; I know how much it meant to you." He whispered. His ocean blue eyes were locked onto mine, and I could feel his sorrow and annoyance at the whole situation radiating from him. I tried my best to smile, but failed miserably.

"Come on Jazz, we have some packing to do."