Unpacking Kazu's things was somewhat without incident. Although there were some exchanges of curious looks between Kazu and Shun. It didn't take too long for Kazu to unpack that night. "Hey, Mr. Hasukawa?"
"Y-yeah? What is it?"
"Um well..."
"Well I should really change for bed now..."
"Huh? Oh yeah, of course! I'll just step out until your done." Kazu gave a silly smile and stepped out of the room and sat down. "Why am I acting so stupid? I mean yeah she's a girl and she's deffinatly cute and nice, but I shouldn't let it bother me so much." A minute or two later Shun could be heard from inside the room. "You can come back in now Mr. Hasukawa."
"Oh, ok." Kazu got up and went back inside and shut the door.

"So...he seems to believe it, and Shun is playing along nicely." Shinobu sat under the boy's study table as he spoke to the blond laying on the bed.
"Yes, with any luck we'll get the money we need to have a pretty good reception for Mr. Hasukawa."
"I must say this is a bit odd."
"Why do you say that? Shun's perfect for the role after all."
"No I mean this..." Shinobu handed the his blond roommate the note that was addressed to Shinobu.
"Huh? What's this?" Mitsuru looked it over for a moment.
"Why don't you just read it and see Mitsuru." The boy opened the letter and read for a moment then looked back up at Shinobu who had turned back to a course book.
"Well, what's so odd about this? A girl likes you, so what?"
"The place they ask to meet me is here on campus for one, and that's not the first note I've received from this person."
"Is that so?" Mitsuru went about getting himself ready for bed.
"Yes, apparently they've been 'admireing' me for some time now. They have even talked about how they like to watch me in my first class."
"Huh? But you don't sit next to any windows, and most girls would be in school at that time."
"Meaning it's some one here at Greenwood."
"I it's probably a boy." There was an awkward silence now as this realization sunk in for the two. "Well here, it's your note." Mitsuru handed back the note to Shinobu. "Any ideas as to who it might be?" Shinobu frowned a little.
"No, as you saw, they were clever enough to use a computer to type it and left no hand writing on it at all to compare to. Also they never say enough for me to figure out where I'm being watched from."
"I see...well good luck with it."
The blond yawned and flopped down in his bed. Shinobu held the note for a moment and then crumpled it up like the rest he had received and tossed it at the garbage can, missing it and ignoring that it fell to the floor near several other crumpled notes. "I supposed I shouldn't be too shocked at this. It is an all boy's dorm after all."

Back in Kazu's room things were quieting down as well. The two roommates were changed and laying in bed keeping to themselves now. Kazu's things were unpacked and Shun couldn't help but lay awake thinking of her new roommate. "He's so polite and a gentleman. I kinda thought he'd be like most guys and try something by now." Shun grinned mischievously for a moment then rolled over and went to sleep.

Kazu on the other hand was still awake going over all that had transpired that day. "Man, today was so crazy. Bad enough coming to live here and go to school with a bunch of strangers, but I'm a month behind on my school already and my roommate is a girl! I guess she's used to rooming with a guy, but I have to admit this is really weird." Kazu tried to quiet his mind now and let sleep take him, knowing that he would need to be rested for school the next morning. The quiet noise outside his window helped as he listened to it. The night birds and breeze made a kind of melody and Kazu made a mental note to take an evening walk sometime soon and see what was around this place. Then, blackness came as he breathed rythmatically, sleep having finally come to rest his mind and body.

Morning came and Kazu awoke to the sound of Shun's alarm clock and Shun rustling around a little as she gave off a sort of moaning groan. She lightly smacked the alarm clock and Kazu heard her flop back down in bed for a moment. He lay half awake trying to think of when his first class was. "Shun?" ..."Shun?"
"What time is it?"
"Seven o-clock."
Kazu thought for a moment and remembered that they started classes at 8am here at Ryokuto, or 'Greenwood' as people seemed to call it. Shun rolled out of bed and left in her boy's pajamas only to return a few minutes later in her school uniform. "I'll go ahead and get some breakfast now so you can change Ska'."
"Oh...ok. Thanks...Ska?" Kazu sat up with a look of dreariness on his face.
"Yeah, if it's alright with you, I think it would be cute to just call you Ska'." Shun smiled happily up at Kazu. "Well, I'll catch you later." Shun smiled at him again and closed the door behind her as she left, leaving Kazu to himself.

Getting up, he got dressed and then headed for the boy's bathroom, still in a morning daze that could make anyone not notice much of anything. There were other people getting up now as well with simulare looks to Kazu, some with the same energy that Shun seemed to have before she left, and many in between. Shinobu stood in front of a mirror as Kazu came into the boy's bathroom.
"Morning Kazu."
"Oh...morning Mr. Tazuka."
"Shinobu is fine."
"Kay'" Kazu took care of what most boys need to take care of in the morning and washed his hands and then began brushing his teeth.
"So you start your classes today right?"
"Mmhmm" Kazu continued brushing his teeth.
"Well be sure to ask me or Mitsuru if you need any help with anything ok?"
"Well seein' ya."

Shinobu left as Kazu finished up and went back to his room for his books. Shinobu did the same and came back into his room to a still sleeping Mitsuru. " long are you going to sleep? You'll be late you know." Mitsuru mumbled and rolled over to face the wall. The blond grumbled as a bright solid flash of light hit the room.

"Uhggg, fine, I'm up..." A totally naked Mitsuru climbed out of the bottom bunk and stood up with a very similar expression on his faze as what Kazu woke up with.

"Yes, up in more ways then one I see. You better give that a moment or two before you try to use the bathroom." Mitsuru glared at Shinobu who was turned away from him, and threw their tissue box at him, bouncing it off his head. Shinobu didn't respond and simply raised a hand. "I'll see you in class."

Stepping out and shutting the door Shinobu took off down the hall to catch some breakfast. "I wonder if Mitsuru knows who has been admiring me. Or perhaps...hmm..." Shinobu made no visible signs of thinking as he made his way to the cafateria.

The rest of the day went pretty much as everyone expected. Classes, lunch, more classes, Kazu sitting outside his door as Shun changed out of her uniform, and all the other usual happens of the dorm. Kazu had eaten at the cafeteria for dinner, Shun had gone out by herself, and Shinobu and Mitsuru joined Kazu, asking him about his first day of classes and being generally helpful. Kazu and his two neighbors were getting along and seemed happy as they ate. Shun on the other hand had headed out to a coffee shop before dinner. Sitting with her coffee Shun let her thoughts wonder. "How did Shinobu and Mitsuru talk me into this anyway?" Shun sighed and sipped her coffee. Looking up she noticed guy from another school from the looks of him, checking her out a little. The boy smiled and simply went on his way however. "I guess I'm the only one they could use for it, but's kinda insulting. And then there's Ska'..." Shun's stomach growled. "Aw geeze, I guess it's getting late." After eating Shun headed back to the dorm and knocked before entering her room. Kazu seemed to be gone so Shun simply sat down. It wasn't long however before she could hear Kazu coming back. Shun stood and put on a very pleasant smile. When the door opened Shun greeted him happily. "Welcome back home Ska'!" Something seemed to be bothering him because that seemed to make him sink to his knees.

After they did their routien to let Kazu change for bed, Shun sat in her chair and brushed her hair while a thoughtful Kazu watched her. "You know, your supposed to be pretending to be a guy aren't you? So wouldn't it be a lot better to try being more like a guy, like with your hair and everything?"
"It would be so easy to get found out if I did that. If I keep looking like this while going to an all boy's school then people will just think I'm a weirdo and wont suspect." Shun got up and stood on the edge of her bed while looking at Kazu. "But if your saying I should cut my hair, then I'll cut it Ska'"
"No, I wasn't saying you should do that specifically."
Shun giggled a little. "Your so cute Ska'...Say, would you mind doing me a little favor? Cause I'd like to get changed now." Shun made a gester like she was about to pull her shirt off.

Kazu sat in the hall while Shun changed for the night. Shinobu stuck his head out of his room and noticed Kazu. "Hey there. I'm glad your an honest person who takes this seriously. We can trust you with Kitsuragi and not worry."
A blond popped out now as well. "And if there's anything in your school work that you don't understand feel free to ask. Oh! And and why don't you let me tutor you starting tomorrow?"
"I really appreciate it guys." Kazu smiled a little at the help and compliment they offered.

The morning of Kazu's third day was more of the same. Although Shun was a little more slow in getting out of bed so Kazu changed in the bathroom this time, knocking when he got back to his room and being answered by a mumbled and tired sounding Shun. "You seem tired this morning Shun, were you out late or something?"
"You'll be late if you don't get up." Shun grumbled and waved a hand at Kazu. "Well I'm going now so go ahead and change." Closing the door, Kazu nearly bumped into a very sleepy looking Mitsuru.
"Geeze, you look even worse then Shun Mr. Mitsuru."
The blond boy had no response before turning and heading to the bathroom in a daze.
"I guess some people just aren't cut out for the morning." Kazu went on his way. Breakfast was shared with Shun, Shinobu, and Mitsuru, all looking ready for the day now and offering their help to Kazu.

Afternoon rolled in and classes were finished as Kazu made his way to the bathroom. Shun happened to be doing 'her' business as Kazu came in and thought nothing of it for a moment.
"Hey, are you supposed to start being tutored at Shinobu's and Mitsuru's today?"
"Uh, yeah."
"I'll be going there too." Shun quickly washes 'her' hands and started to leave. "There's something I wanted to ask them...I'm gonna head there first!"
Kazu stood in shock for a moment at what he just saw. "She...had a...and was!..." "YOU LITTLE BASTARD!!" Kazu exploded out of the bathroom with a look that could kill. Shun took off down the hall giggling with a grin on 'his' face. "Aaaa! Ahhahaha..."
Kazu caught him quickly and took hold of his silky long hair. Shun groaned in a bit of pain and was tossed against the wall.
"What was that just now! Why don't you show it to me?!"
"I'm sorry really! The only thing I was doing was fallowing what Shinobu and Mitsuru told me to, you gotta believe me!"
"Huh? Shinobu and Mitsuru...?" Kazu start off towards the two boys room with an almost visible storm cloud around his head. The other boys in the background quickly started to figure out who had won the bet on how long it would take Kazu to figure out Shun was a boy. "Man, I only needed one more day..."
"Hey...did anyone place a bet for today?"
Coming up to Shinobu and Mitsuru's door, Kazu could hear them talking. "Oh so he finally got it on the afternoon of the third day huh?" The blond could be heard.
"The payout is an impressive 18 to 1, that was a long shot. It looks pretty profitable for us." Shinobu could be heard now as well.

"Our job is done!" Mitsuru looked up and saw Kazu coming through the door. "Ah we've been expecting you. We heard that the idiot that got hospitalized was finally coming here after missing the start of school, so we figured we'd throw you a big welcome party. Thanks to you being fooled for three days, we made a lot of money for your party, so look forward to it." Mitsuru couldn't help but scatter a handful of money around the room after a very solid punch went across his cheek. Kazu turned and ran out, almost in tears some would say.
A calm as usual Shinobu spoke. "I told you didn't I? He's the type that doesn't have much of a sense of humor."
"That was a good punch..." Mitsuru felt his sore cheek. "I'm starting to like this guy..."

Shun stood in the hall for a few more and watched everyone settle down and go their separate ways. "Hehe, that was pretty funny, but then again I kinda feel bad for Ska'. He'll probably treat me different now...oh well." The pink haired boy decided it would be best to give Kazu a little room and wondered off out of the dorm unnoticed.

Despite his looks, Shun often slipped in and out of the dorm without anyone knowing really. He thought he could almost remember some one saying he was like a cat the way he came and went so quietly all the time. Normally he would smile at the thought, but this evening Shun just didn't feel up to smiling much. He just kept walking, not even knowing where he was going actually. Shun caught himself thinking about Kazu almost constantly as the warm sun slowly sank under the hills. "Ahg, this is stupid, why am I so worried about Ska'?" He kicked a pebble off the sidewalk in frustration. "Sheesh, I'm being so weird." He sighed and noticed that his favorite coffee shop was just up the street and decided that he'd force some coffee down and hopefully feel better.