Once again I must apologize to the many readers who have been faithfully following this story for so long. Hard to believe I've kept Kim and her mother pregnant for so long. If I had done this to them in their universe, I would be so dead right now. You have been very patient with me, and I do promise to get this story finished. Who knows, maybe I'll even get around to finishing "Sarah" and introducing our villain properly.

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A Crime Lord Falls

Riveras had not fought to gain an empire by being stupid. He knew that it wasn't going to be a simple matter of walking around Middleton and just putting a bullet into Kim Possible's head. He spent weeks studying the city, the places that Team Possible's key members could be found each day, and the way the site worked.

Toward the end of October, he had discovered that it was impossible for him to even approach one of the targets. He recognized the various members of Team Go that were in constant attendance on Kim. The rest of her family was equally protected.

Ron Stoppable was a formidable man in and of himself, even if he weren't surrounded by people at all times. Collateral damage was perfectly acceptable, but bombing Smarty Mart head offices simply wasn't feasible. Besides, he wanted to see the look on each of his victims' faces as the life drained out of their eyes, knowing that he had defeated them.

It was then that he realized that the best way to get at Team Possible was to hit them where it would really hurt.

The last days of the month found the crime lord disguised as a factory worker, a homeless man or a delivery driver, as the time of day suited. Each of these identities gave him the perfect reason for being in the vicinity of a particular building in the heart of the industrial section of Middleton. The Thompson Print Company might have been long since defunct, but the edifice that was being watched was a hub of activity. Cars entered the parking garage at varying times. People from all stations of life inhabited the communications center on the second floor, not that a person passing by would know that was what it was.

One individual was putting in a lot of time. A young African-American man, dressed in a casual, but business like manner, arrived many afternoons, usually being dropped off by what appeared to be college aged people. A laptop bag was invariably slung over one shoulder and a large soda cup was in one hand. Doctor Wade Agamemnon Load. This was the target that Riveras watched so intently, learning his routines, his blind spots. If Team Possible had any weakness, it was this central fountain of information that they relied on so heavily. Without him, they would be directionless, and more importantly, would not be so well informed.

In his disguise as a homeless person, he had even been invited into the building itself, and served a simple but nourishing meal. He had also acquired a good idea of how to get Kim Possible and her team to come to him.

On a late afternoon, the delivery van was backed up to the loading dock of a warehouse across the street from the gate of Team Possible's headquarters. To all appearances, it was just another shipment of goods being dropped off. In the vehicle, Riveras waited, watching for what was almost the daily arrival of Dr. Load, with yet more goodies for his mainframe computers, in the form of data updates and program alterations. Today, those computers were destined to go without. If things went as planned, they might never be updated again. While he was contemplating all of this, a small sedan pulled up to the gate, and Wade pulled himself out of the back seat, the young lady next to him holding his drink as he arranged his bag on his shoulder. He took it back from her and she closed the door.

"Thanks for the lift, Peter. Don't forget to go over that last chapter on firewall coding again. Trust me, the exam is going to be a killer!", Wade said, leaning down slightly to peer in at the driver's window.

"My pleasure, Professor Load. I'll read it tonight, and call your teaching assistant if I have any problems.", the young man behind the wheel replied before putting the car into gear.

Wade walked up to the gate in the fence and was about to slide it open when he saw a man dressed in a UDS uniform cross the street.

"Excuse me young man. I've been waiting for some time across the street for somebody to open the doors to accept delivery, but nobody is answering the bell." The man pointed to his van. It was parked at the loading dock of a small import firm. As Wade turned to look at it, he smelled a pungent aroma. He was just in the act of dropping his soda to raise his arm when he felt an arm circle his neck and place a cloth over his mouth and nose. While he had begun to get into shape in the last few years, he still wasn't up to taking down an assailant without warning. "Don't worry, boy. I'm not going to hurt you, yet. You're too valuable as bait." Riveras removed the bag from the slumped form and left it lying against the fence. He then pulled Wade up over his shoulders in a fireman's carry, and dumped him into the back of the van.


It was only a couple of hours later that the bag was noticed by one of the volunteers coming in to work in the communications center. She recognized it immediately, and, knowing that Wade would never willingly be separated from his "portable office" had put out a general call that something was very, very wrong. Felix Renton was in the office first, and began putting together what had happened.

For all of his surveillance, Riveras either did not see the cameras, or simply disregarded them. In fact, it was impossible to approach Team Possible's headquarters without being seen on at least four separate screens simultaneously. By the time the Sloth pulled into the garage, Felix had a complete video montage of Wade's abduction, and had even pulled together a few close ups of the man in the uniform. While everyone had been looking out for Riveras, they had not seen through the uniform and sunglasses that had been in the neighborhood for days.

Now, most of Team Possible was sitting around the conference table.

"That dirty son of a..." Kim was fuming to herself.

"Kimmie! Language please!" Anne Stoppable was carrying rather heavily this pregnancy, and looked very matronly indeed as she admonished her daughter. As the team's emergency medical consultant, she had insisted on being in the room. Besides, Wade was family, as far as the Possibles were concerned. "I know you're angry, sweetie, but try putting all of that emotion into something that you can use. Just because he can stoop to being less than a gentleman so easily should not be reason for you to be less of a lady."

Kim, who hadn't even been paying attention to the people in the room with her looked up at her mother. She put a hand over her mouth. "Sorry, Mom. I know you raised me better than that. It's just, well, I feel responsible for Wade. I let him into the team when he was just a kid. I should have known that something like this could happen one day. He was safer in his room."

"You know that's not true, KP." Ron walked over from where he had been looking over Felix's shoulder. He gently pushed Kim into her chair at the head of the table. "He knew what he was getting himself into, and came anyway. He came out because we needed him, that we could never be safe without him, and he was in danger of being lost forever in his electronic world." He brushed back a strand of auburn hair that had moved in front of her eyes. "He has grown up more normal and happy than his family ever expected, thanks to you. Don't ever feel that you've made him into less than he could want to be. Or made his decisions for him, he'd never forgive you."

Kim was just getting ready to respond when the heavy door to the room slammed back against its stop.

"What has that varmint done with my Aggie?" Jocelyn Possible roared into the room with the fury of a mountain snow storm. Her eyes blazed with a heat that could have melted the polar ice caps on Mars from where she was standing. "I'm gonna get my daddy's scatter gun and leave his hole-filled carcass out for the buzzards! I'll string him up with his own greasy hair braided into a rope!" She made two full laps of the room before stopping at the window and staring down at the small patch of garden that had been planted in a corner of what had been a shipping yard, and was now a green space.

Kim looked up at her mother. "And you thought I was angry?" She regarded her cousin with a mixture of amusement and sympathy. "If we could harness that kind of power, I think we could power the building for a month." Despite her expanding abdomen, she got up and walked over to her cousin. She put her arm around the now crying young woman and made comforting noises as she guided her to her traditional seat, next to the space her boyfriend usually occupied. That chair, now backed against the wall to make room for Felix's wheel chair, would remain empty until its rightful occupant reclaimed it.

By now, the room was starting to fill to capacity. Sarah was sitting in her chair, going over every detail of the footage from the security monitors. Felix was seated at the main computer terminal, calling up anything that was requested. Jim Possible was sitting next to him, watching his cousin closely from across the table. Yori was sitting in on the meeting, though she was not formally a member of Team Possible. Honor required her to see her friend restored to his rightful place. Ron had taken his seat, next to Kim's and Anne was now sitting to his right. Scattered about the room were some of the more peripheral members of the team, including Monique, Zita and two youngsters dressed in mission gear similar to Sarah's.

Oddly enough, Tim Possible was absent. He had gone down to the labs in the basement when his brother had pulled into a space in the garage. When questioned, he had simply mumbled something about tracking gear and headed for the stairwell.

"Alright. We know who has Wade, and that at some point, he's going to call us. Any meeting he calls for is obviously a trap, and he knows we know that." Ron called out, bringing everyone to order.

"If you say one word about trap-traps, I am so going to slug you.", Kim told her husband drily.

"What I mean is, he is going to be ready for us to try to get around whatever he has planned for us. I suggest that we don't even try. We just have to figure out what he is most likely going to try, and put something into place around him, so that he doesn't have room to maneuver when we do get to him. For Wade's sake, we have to know what kind of bolt hole Riveras is sitting on. That's the only reason he got away from us three years ago, we lost him for a few minutes and he was out of the country before we caught up to him."

Joss looked up at him from her place at the table. "How do we do that? We don't even know where he's taken Aggie. Why wasn't he wearing a Kimmunicator like everyone else?" She looked at the unit strapped to her own wrist. "We could be tracking him right now if he'd put one on."

"It just didn't occur to us that he would be so vulnerable, Joss. He's always surrounded by electronic eyes and ears. Besides, the first thing Riveras would do is get rid of anything that could possibly be used for following him." Ron's eyes were filled with sympathy for Joss. He has asked himself the same question, and had to admit that somehow, Wade had managed to put the rest of the team ahead of himself yet again, and they hadn't noticed. He made a promise to himself that it would never happen again.

The door swung open again, and Tim walked in, a rather large box in his arms. He walked up to the table and put his burden down on the oak surface. He reached in and pulled out a device the size of a small tablet computer. He pressed a small button and the screen lit up with a map of the Tri-city area. "This is how we are going to find Wade and bring him home. Riveras is going to need time to set up whatever he thinks is going to stop Team Possible. I mean to beat him at his own game." He linked the device by a usb cable into the monitor above Kim's chair. The screen showed the map in clear detail, with buildings and roads laid out in a clear, easy to read scale.

"What does this do for us?", Kim asked. "We just got through discussing that Wade wasn't carrying anything traceable. What exactly are we going to be looking for?"

"That's where what Sarah and Felix have been doing for the last hour is going to come in. Did you get a good close look at that van, Sarah?"

"Yes, but the plates are definitely stolen. Felix ran them through the DMV computers, and they were reported two weeks ago. Unfortunately, Sergeant Hobble says none of the units he's had out looking have had any luck finding them." Sarah looked at the pictures she had on her Kimmunicator screen. "It looks like he stole them from a bakery van in Upperton, and put them on a van that he picked up semi-legitimately. There haven't been any reports of a UDS van being stolen."

"Right, but that means Riveras isn't likely to be hiding the van that well. Do you realize just how many cameras there are in the Tri-city area? He's probably been recorded at least sixteen times since I came into the room."

"I think I see where Tim is going on this." Jim looked at the map and then at his brother. "We're going to give these tablets to as many volunteers as we can put together in a hurry. They're going to wander around and we'll 'borrow' any camera feeds that aren't shielded. When somebody picks up the plates..."

"We start tracking where the van is and where it's headed.", Tim finished his brother's sentence, as was their habit. "I figure we'll have Wade located before we ever get a call from the bastard that took him."

"Tim, that is not a nice way to phrase that idea. Still, I think it will work nicely." Anne Possible looked at her son with an air of pride. The boys had certainly taken after their father where gadgetry was concerned. Now, that was going to pay off with big dividends.

A young man at the back of the room spoke up for the first time. "Um, I have an idea. Give the pads to as many people my age as you can. Lea and I can probably get them out there quick. Let's face it, when's the last time you saw a teenager without an electronic device of some kind." Ron Garvin blushed. He was generally pretty shy, and he and Leanne Barton had only just been brought into the team by their former teacher, Sarah Go. "Riveras might catch on if he sees too many people obviously tracking. If he sees one of us, he'll just see another kid playing a video game."

"Ron's right." Sarah said. "That's one of the reasons I asked them to come in with me. Short of Yori, young adults are the next best thing to invisible that we have."


Not much more than two hours later, the streets were flooded with gangs of teenagers. Adults passing by shrugged their shoulders, or rolled their eyes. Yet another new video game fad! The things seemed to roll out of nowhere. It it wasn't being played on a tablet computer, it was being used via a cell phone app. In twos and threes the kids wandered about the Middleton streets. What nobody actually saw was that, instead of the usual animated characters being generated on the screens, video of real time security and red light camera footage was being collected and analyzed.

As predicted, it didn't take long for somebody to win the game of "spot the plates". On a street corner in a seedier section of town, a store security camera just happened to catch a UDS van turning into an alley. A young man with his very first cell phone (A gift from a popular couple at Middleton High.) almost jumped for joy. Quickly, he pressed the button sequence that would send the image to a computer at Team Possible headquarters. He pocketed the phone and casually walked past the alley, being careful not to look too interested. When he reached the end of the street, he sat down on the stoop of a tenement building and waited.

The video and data attached to the camera that took it was gratefully received in the conference room on the other side of town. In all, Wade had only been missing for four hours. So far, there had not been any communication from Riveras, but now that he had gone to roost, it could be expected at any moment. Felix called up the location of the camera in question and put it up on the monitors.

Joss Possible looked up and scowled. "So that's where he's holdin' my Aggie. I am gonna fill him so full of rock salt and pepper corns outta Daddy's 'Old Bessy' he ain't gonna sit for a week!"

Ron Stoppable took a good close look at the map. He had never been into that area of Middleton, and wanted to know what exactly they were seeing. "Felix, can we go over to a satellite view? It might be a good idea to know what's out there." Generally, Team Possible had been fighting in the lair of any given villain. Damage could be done without endangering the public, as had occurred just before the wedding. Abandoned warehouses seemed to be the most popular sites, along with former military installations.

What appeared on screen was neither of those. These were older apartment buildings, housing those with limited means. The streets and alleys were tight, not much room for maneuvering, or margin for error is something went wrong. The only businesses down there were pawn shops, payday loan stores and the occasional convenience store. By the looks of things, Riveras had the truck he was using backed up into a space behind one of the apartment buildings, and had used a rear door for entrance.

Kim studied the images as well, and recognized all of the same problems. She closed her eyes for a few moments and thought about the sitch, and the obstacles. A simple rescue was out of the question. There were just too many places for Riveras to run and hide. He would certainly spot an assault team right off. Then he could disappear in any number of directions. No, they needed him to come out at a place of their choosing.

As all of this was going on, one of the volunteers working at a console jumped from her seat. The young blonde girl crossed the hall and leaned in to beckon to Felix, who invited her over to see ask what the commotion was. Amy Rice had just received a hit from the site, and it wasn't a request for help. It was a demand for attention. Felix put his fingers to work, and soon a video message was being played on the large monitor at the end of the room.

The aerial map that everyone had been looking at was replaced by an image of Antonio Riveras. He was backed by a dirty wall that might once have been beige. All that could be seen were his head and shoulders.

"Greetings Team Possible. As you have guessed by now, I have your good friend, Mr. Wade Load to keep me company here. I'm certain that you are trying to figure out where "here" is, but without him, I'm willing to wager it won't be so easy." The dark man moved to one side, to reveal Wade strapped into a tall, very solid chair. He was gagged, but the glazed look on his face indicated that he had been drugged quite severely. Riveras stepped back in front of the lens. "As you can see, he isn't in a very talkative mood right now. He will be able to talk in a few hours, however, but only if you do as I say."

A standard map of the Tri-city area appeared on the monitor. "Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable and Sarah Go will drive to the bus depot in the center of town. You will go to the desk and get the keys to the rental car which will be waiting for you in Mr. Stoppable's name." The map then showed a circle around a wooded area in Lowerton. "This is where I will give you your friend. You will put him into the car and then come with me. Any tricks on your part will result in Mr. Load's death. Any police intervention will result in his death. You have two hours from when you receive this message to meet me at the rendezvous point."

Pandemonium ensued in the communications hub. The volunteers were outraged and frightened. In the conference room Joss, Felix and Monique were madder than wet hens. Ron looked around at the chaos and closed his eyes for a moment. "Everybody! Hush up!"

Silence reigned. It wasn't very often that Ron Stoppable raised his voice, but he certainly had the lung capacity to be heard when he wanted to. Now he was going to take charge of the situation and step up again. A crisis seemed to have that effect on him. "We don't have a lot of time here. Given the time line that Riveras has given us to respond, I'd say we have to move quickly to keep things in our control."

Sarah looked at him from across the table. "What exactly did you have in mind? You've seen the lay of the land. There are just too many places he could go. We can't get in without possibly being seen and then he could do anything to Wade. The kid is tough, but he's not indestructible like Kimmie over here."

Kim reached over as if to swat her friend on the back of the head.

"Well, let's take advantage of his current residence. What is the one thing that will draw a crowd down there other than a police raid?" Ron's question was met with silence. "I suggest a couple of carefully place smoke bombs and somebody pulling the fire alarm. Riveras panics and heads for the first escape hole, his truck. He has to drag Wade along, or he has no leverage against us."

"Isn't he going to be watching for us to get to the rental car first?" Kim was positive there was a part to this plan she wasn't going to like. "I know we cut off his organization here almost four years ago, but he could simply have hired an innocent person to watch the counter."

"Ah, but we are going to go pick up the car. After all, we need time to get everyone else into place."


Antonio Riveras was just checking his weapons one last time before getting his hostage packed up. He fully intended to watch Team Possible put him into the car. As he thought about it, he picked up the detonator he had prepared in advance. As soon as the red head and her friends were doped up and in the back of the van, he was going to leave a smoldering heap for the forensics teams to comb through. He relished the thought of Jocelyn Possible's face as she was told what had happened.

A cell phone on the table rang. He picked it up and grunted. "Yes?" There was a tiny whisper of noise from the device. "They have left without examining the trunk?" Another whisper. "Excellent, thank you. I wouldn't want to spoil the late wedding present surprise. " He closed the phone and put it into a pocket. "I'll be back for you in a moment." he told the still drugged young man strapped to the chair. Things were going just as planned. In a matter of hours, Team Possible was going to pay for every moment he had lost, every drug shipment that had not gone out to the United States.

As he was picking up the bag of implements that he was going to enjoy using so much, there was an insistent beeping from the apartment below his feet. The smoke alarm was even louder when he opened the door. Judging from the smoke in the hall, the source was closer than he was comfortable with.

Riveras dropped the bag and shoved the door open even wider. Grabbing a large knife from the sack and sticking it in the back of his belt, he heaved Wade over his shoulders and started out into the now thickening air of the hallway. The back stairs were no more than a few yards from the door. Fighting with the dead weight of the young man he was planning to use as bait, he lumbered down the stairs and out a fire door to the alley. 'I have to get him out of here before the fire department comes!' Riveras thought to himself.

As he dumped the unconscious form into the back of his get away vehicle, he could already see a crowd beginning to form at the front of the building, on the opposite side of the street. With luck, the fire would be enough to distract them and keep anyone from noticing the delivery van, much less getting a description of its driver. What he failed to notice were three unusual shadows further in the alley. One had the cowl of her suit pulled over her oriental features. The other two were youths, dressed in dark gray cargo pants, long sleeved shirts and sturdy black (though a certain red head insisted they were "onyx") boots.

Riveras got behind the wheel and maneuvered the van into the alley. As he did so, the three shadows detached themselves from the walls, and followed slowly, so that they would not attract attention in the rear view mirrors.

As he entered the alley, he passed by a window sill. A tiny purple man leaped from his perch and landed almost noiselessly on the top of the truck. Mego crawled over the surface and grabbed the small antenna, so that he would not be shaken loose in what was going to follow, if everything when according to plan.

As the nose of the van came out of the alley, a large blue shape cut in front of it. Hego merely put a hand on the hood, and instantly it came to a stop. Riveras tried flooring the accelerator, but the rear wheels simply spun in place, creating a smoke screen, which worked in favor of the three people who were continuing to follow. It also concealed another young woman, dressed in a similar fashion to Ron Garvin and Leanne Barton. She was lowering herself from the roof of the building that Riveras had been using as his hiding place.

Joss Possible lit upon the ground behind the loudly revving van. With the help of Yori, she opened the back doors a crack, making sure that the driver could not see. The two women pulled Wade from the floor, and put him against an alley wall, where Ron and Lea took his arms and dragged him back away from the smoldering tires. They climbed in and sat on the floor, grateful for the closed panel between themselves and the driver's compartment.

Mego watched the doors shut quietly and waved to his older brother. Hego made a great show of slipping backwards, and let his grip go. The van bolted out of the alley, slewed out onto the street and took off to the west. A large portion of the crowd across the street disappeared, and a two nearly identical young men sauntered over to join their oldest sibling. The rest of the youngsters watched as Tim Possible exited the building in a gas mask, carrying the smoke bombs he had detonated. Jim met him with a canister, and they disposed of the means of deception. Now it was up to Kim, Ron and Sarah (a.k.a Shego) to take the plan to its conclusion.


Riveras wasted almost half an hour shaking a tail that was never there. He looped all around the outskirts of Middleton before finally making his way to the rendezvous point. Bumping along the old dirt road, he thought of places he could replace the abandoned torture tools. Certainly the drugs he would force Team Possible to take would render them helpless long enough for him to make a "shopping trip". With each jolt of the van, his grin widened, his teeth looking more and more like those of a wild cat, waiting to tear into an unwary prey.

Rounding one last curve, he came to a clearing in the woods. There, just as he had told them, sat Ronald Stoppable and his wife, and behind them, in the rear seat, was Sarah Go. Her dark plait swung behind her as she turned to watch him approach. They remained in the car, offering not even a token of defense or offense. This confused Riveras for a moment, and the smile left his face. As he braked to a halt, swinging so that the right side of the van faced them, they finally climbed out, but made no effort to approach him. Ron, in particular, leaned against the rental car as if he were waiting for an old buddy.

The former drug lord got out slowly and made his way to the back of the van, wondering why they made no move. Opening the door, he kept his eyes on the trio, something in the back of his mind telling him that something was wrong. He reached in to where Wade Load should have been lying on the floor. What he got instead was the boot of Jocelyn Possible stamping down on his fingers.

"Missing somethin' ya dirty scum ball?" She lifted her foot and he jumped back several feet, looking into the angry face, behind which was a black clad ninja, bemusement showing in her eyes.

Riveras scrambled for his pocket and pulled out the detonator he had kept with him. He held it over his head, so that everyone could see it. "I don't know how you got the kid, but you have just pulled your last trick!" Before he could push the button, the device was plucked from his waving hand. Looking up, he saw Mego waggling his fingers, holding the detonator in his other hand, far beyond his reach.

"Thanks. Kim was wondering how you were going to play dirty. It's so much easier when you villains are predictable." He merely continued to grin at the man below him.

At that moment, Hego stepped out of the woods. While Riveras had been going in circles around Middleton, he and the Wegos had driven directly to the site. The multi-hued van they used was carefully hidden behind a screen of shrubs. Wes and William stepped out of opposite sides of the clearing, and started duplicating themselves. In the blink of an eye, there was a wide ring of young men, shoulder to shoulder.

"No way!", Riveras shouted. "I'm not fighting all of you."

Mego looked down at the now frightened man. "Not all of us, just him." He pointed at Ron, who was stepping into the center of the living arena. "If you can get past him, you walk. None of us will follow." He sat on the roof of the van, like a spectator at the gladiator contests of ancient Rome.

Riveras walked out into the open, looking for either an opportunity to bolt or the chance at a sneak attack. Finding neither, he warily approached the young blond man. His eyes darted around him, but never strayed too far. Experience as a boy had taught him that you had to fight from the center and work your way out. If he could beat Stoppable, he would at least have another hostage. Taking deep breaths he took his time, sizing up his opponent.

Yori and Joss left the van and went to stand next to Kim and Sarah by the rental car. Hego had already searched it and found the bomb that was intended to create Wade's funeral pyre. Removing the primer, he had crushed it as if it were made of balsa wood.

Riveras lunged at Ron, reaching for his throat. The younger man simply stepped to his left, and stuck out a foot. Riveras tripped and fell on his face, sputtering in the dust. He quickly got to his feet and brought his fists up. He circled Ron, and lunged again, this time with a hay maker to the jaw. It landed, but only marginally, as the target weaved back.

As the fist grazed his chin, Ron grabbed it, pulled, and tossed his attacker halfway to the rental car. His gaze was calm, directed, unemotional, and turning blue! When he looked up from the ground, Riveras saw those eyes and decided that there was only one way out now. He scuttled backwards on his hands and feet, looking as frightened as a rabbit staring at a hungry wolf.

Suddenly, he was on his feet. He ran away from the menacing form of Ron Stoppable. He raced toward Kim Possible, and drew the knife that had been secreted at the small of his back. Just as he was raising the knife to plunge it into her gravid belly, a delicate, green tinted hand attached to an arm dressed in black with green piping reached over from Kim's left in a blur and intercepted his wrist. The tip of the blade stopped less than an inch from its target.

"Foul, Riveras. You fight Ron-san. And the weapon is entirely wrong.", Yori said from Kim's other side. Reaching over her shoulder with her right hand, she drew the katana that was strapped to her back. She threw it overhand, and it stuck into the ground eight feet from where they stood. "If you really want to fight with a blade, you may use mine." Sarah plucked the blade from his numbed hand and passed it to Kim. When she let go, Riveras backed away, holding his wrist.

He turned and once again faced the blond man. He had stopped some distance away, and made no move toward the sword, sticking up between them. Looking back at the woman who had thwarted this last attack on Kim Possible, he snarled. Stalking to the weapon, he grabbed the hilt and jerked it out of the ground. Hefting the unfamiliar piece, he marched toward the unarmed man who awaited him, only to find that Ron was now reaching for a sword that hovered in the air before him.

Not wanting to let his opponent have an advantage, he attacked swiftly, hoping to cut him down before he could prepare. A blur of blue light whirled before him, and the tip of the Lotus Blade was at his throat before he could take another step. Riveras' eyes widened in surprise, not sure of what he had just seen.

Ron closed the distance between them, letting the tip slide along the man's neck, then the edge until he was standing beside him. Casually, he reached up and took the katana away from his enemy, and held it loosely in his left hand. It replaced the blade over his carotid artery, under his left ear.

"Kim, I think the honor should be yours, as the leader of Team Possible."

His wife stepped forward and took the Lotus Blade as it was offered to her. She looked into the dark eyes of the man that had tried to capture her family. The man that had taken her friend Wade Load. The man that had attempted to take the lives of her husband and unborn child. The man she had every reason to kill. Her grip on the hilt of the sword tightened until her knuckles were white.

The sound of sirens became noticeable. Still, Kim waited.

The ring of Wegos disappeared, becoming two young men in red once more. They walked to the center of the clearing along with everyone else. A smaller circle formed as the squad car and an ambulance pulled up and Sergeant Hobble got out accompanied by the Lowerton officer who had been driving.

Everyone held their breath.

Kim raised the weapon to one side, and struck.

With her other hand, closed tightly into an equally white knuckled fist. The blow dropped the prisoner with a resounding clap like thunder. "And that is how a crime lord falls, not with a gunshot, but the hand of justice."