Wishing for an Intervention

Author – Cornerofmadness

Disclaimer – not mine. All rights belong to Kazuya Minekura et al, no profit made, just a little fun

Rating – pg-13, work safe.

Prompt- smell

Pairing – none, Goku centric gen fic

Timeline – could be set anytime during the journey really, no spoilers

Notes – written for the saiyukitime's senses challenge: smell. Time taken 10 minutes. Give one or two more for spellcheck and a once over. Feel free to give concrit. Thanks to evillittledog for the once over.

Sometimes Goku wished he spoke his mind more often. Oh, he was really vocal about food, of course, but that was expected of him. So were all his complaints about the dumb kappa but most of that was to just distract everyone from the long, monotonous drive. Goku never complained about the important stuff and maybe he should, not that anyone would listen.

Occasionally, Goku caught Hakkai's expression, the raised eyebrow and pinched lips and hoped the man would say something but, like Goku, he kept his peace. All Goku really wanted was to be rid of the awful smell. It was even bad in Jeep when the wind kept carrying the smoke straight up his very sensitive nose. Sanzo and Gojyo both knew how sensitive he was to scents and yet they just sat on Jeep's stiff, uncomfortable seats and blew smoke at him.

At least if they were traveling, the wind carried most of it away. Goku knew Hakkai's irritated looks trebled when they were inside restaurants and hotels and the other two left thick, blue, hazy clouds over their heads. Everything they owned reeked of cigarette smoke. Sometimes Goku couldn't sleep because his own hair and clothing was permeated by it.

 That time their cigarettes has mysterious disappeared and it was two days to the next town, Hakkai managed to convince them that they had failed to ration correctly. Goku knew his friend was fully aware that he had dumped the cigarettes under a rock when Sanzo and Gojyo weren't looking.

The fresh air hadn't been worth the two days of bitching. Goku knew if he complained to Gojyo, the kappa would just blow smoke right in his face. If he complained to Sanzo, he'd get fanned, hard. Hakkai had made subtle comments about their health, especially if they had to walk and either of the smokers were huffing and puffing along and even that didn't faze them. Goku did worry about their health. He didn't want Sanzo to die of something stupid like smoking.

The best he could do was like he was doing at the moment, lounging away from them, upstream with Jeep on his shoulder. Here the air was free of smoke and the only smells were of mountain air and spring flowers.