This is from a Picture!! I did not make it

Lee: Okay Naruto tell us what happened

Shikamaru: Yeah, we're here like you asked.So spill.

What happened with Sasuke

Naruto: Yeah, gotcha.

So we were talking, okay?

And i'm all annoyed, cause I figure he's just gonna be an ass.

But then he goes...


Sasuke: Naruto

I've been thinking...

And i just can't take it anymore

I must have you

Please, Take me now


Shikamaru: Is that REALLY what happened?

Neji: I certainly can't imagine Sasuke saying that.

Naruto: No no! It really did happen!

And i was all like-

YES! This is my chance!

At first i was pretty nevious right

But then i got confident and was all like-

"Prepare yourself Sasuke"

Shikamaru: O.o

Rock Lee: Oh nice one Naruto

Shikamaru: Oh God! The mental image is stuck!

Neji: ...

Naruto: At first it was pretty tough

But then it was like-


Yup, thats how it went

Mmm hmm

Oh yeah.

Shikamaru: "sigh"

I think i'm scared for life.

Neji: ... blushes