Oh, man. I'm no stranger to fanfiction but I've never submitted anything to other than reviews so I'm feeling particularly nervous. This is the first of a series of short stories featuring brief encounters between two smash bros, enjoy!


Featuring Luigi and Lucario

I've had a rough week thought Luigi. Luigi had told Mario he had gone to Hoenn for a vacation (which for some reason, never seem to work out in their own world) and hastily left for departure. After a troublesome experience involving the airlines involving delays, mix-ups and a god awful in-flight movie based on a battle against humanoid inter-dimensional dinosaurs he had somehow managed to get to the correct destination with his wallet and sanity intact.

Luigi had then spent the next few days in purchasing a PokeNav, figuring out how to use it (the damn things just keep getting smaller!) and wandering aimlessly throughout Hoenn. After purchasing a bike, finding out that he had the wrong kind of bike and thus would not be able to take the mountain shortcuts, he had really started getting envious when gigantic birds flew above his head, carrying people.

Luigi still could not wrap his head around the way this society works. People kidnap animals from their environments, the animals accept their captors as friend and master, the end result being that teenagers are walking around with creatures that could lay entire armies to waste. Some of them seemed to be as big as buildings. Guess that's why they've never had war declared on them. 'Unlike some people' thought Luigi grimly.

On the way, at least three people would leap out of bushes, trees and plain sight just to ambush Luigi. He would then be screamed at to "BATTLE!!" and be bombarded with electric mouse's, flaming slugs and (Luigi's personal least favorite so far) toxic specters. Luigi would then calmly tell the overactive Pokémon trainer to lay down his arms (the enthusiastic trainer would occasionally order his monster to punch him in the gut) and patiently wait for him/her to get the message and eventually leave to yell at another random stranger when ether their pockets or belt seem suspiciously big.

After a long journey, Luigi had made it to Lavaridge Town. Covered in cuts and bruises from his journey (between giant monsters and massive natural terrain, just how do people survive this on a regular lifestyle?). Luigi did not stop here to visit the springs though. Luigi took a cable car up to mount chimney and sat down near the tourists who had come to see the volcano. The sun went down. The tourists began to go home. Luigi waited.

Luigi stood up, stretched his legs and checked the PokeNav. Surely he would not have to wait this much longer. Ah, wait. I can feel him, we can all feel him, he can feel everything. Luigi turned around and noticed the familiar blue-furred, humanoid canine that was Lucario. He walked straight past him and kneeled down at the edge of the volcano. The light from the furnace like blaze illuminated his eyes, his compassionate yet sorrow filled eyes. Luigi walked over to him and kneeled down next to him.

Luigi cleared his throat and Lucario showed no signs of response. Luigi spoke to him anyway. "Ahem!" he began "err...ahaa." Get to the point, he thought.

"Okay" he continued "okay".

Lucario continued to stare into the volcano. Okay, that's sure a good sign.

"I went on this adventure with Mario a while back. A long while back if you think about it. But anyway, we went to the past and met our younger selves and--" Stop it Luigi, he has little interest in that. Luigi changed gears in his conversation and quickly started again "Look. First of all, you probably want to know how I tracked you down. You know about the legendary beasts' right? And there are those flying bird things. The unique ones, you know?" Luigi took a close look at Lucario, he did not really move but showed some faint signs of recognition. Encouraged, Luigi pressed onwards "So, anyway. In Smash Bros events we have sometimes used Poke balls in our battles. Now, all of the Smash Bros have a Pokedex to help us understand how to put these balls to use, right?" still silence "but anyway. I heard this thing about those legendaries I mentioned a few minutes back. I heard that the Pokedex could track them down one after having encountered one, which intrigued me. It turns out that the Pokedex does a sort of bio-scan and records some basic info. Animal cries, footprints and habitats. More info can be found if the Pokémon is captured of course but you probably know all about that"

Luigi chuckled to himself. "But you see, despite the fact that these are handed out to kids and teenagers, the PokeDex is capable of so much more than people think. I thought, 'hey, if they can track a legendary though DNA alone can they do it to a normal Pokémon?' Turns out that the legendaries can be found by this method easily because there is so few of them, but nobody ever wondered, what if someone could isolate the DNA scan so it only found one particular regular Pokémon. Like you Lucario"

Luigi was quite pleased with himself for remembering most of the details; people took you more seriously that way. "So I asked Red if he knew someone who could help me do this. He did. Dr. Wood or something like that and after searching though every little seat that I ever saw you sit on I finally managed to provide a strand of a certain someone's blue hair for that good professor. Then I found you Lucario. Really surprised that you where in Hoenn though."

Having been made aware of this information Lucario's nose seemed crinkle in annoyance. Luigi took this moment of concentration as an opportunity to continue "of course, now you're probably wondering why I found you. You see...after we met during the Subspace incident I was curious as to how you where able to read Auras, I felt that I could use this. But I could not just find any Lucario. You're the only wild one that I know as a friend, the only one who would trust me."

That was the easy bit out of the way; Luigi could tell that Lucario was paying attention even if he did not look at him. They stared at the magma for a little longer, it moved in mighty waves. A powerful and dormant destructive force. Luigi began to sweat and took off his hat. He coughed a little. "That...adventure I mentioned where I went back in time? Well, as incredible as it seems time-travel is not the bit that should concern you really" Luigi stopped to consider what he was about to share with Lucario, not even Mario had heard about it. "It's like this" He said once again "We all come across this big gate with a face on it. It reads Mario's very soul and lets him though, no surprise really. But when it came to me...It was horrible. I could feel the darkness within me rise up, I could feel every shred of guilt, jealously and greed I had ever felt. No hate...at least hate would not show me the darkness within myself so much." Luigi put his head in his hands "It wouldn't let me though until I pasted a test of courage. Being the guy he is, Mario had no trouble coming to terms with that, I believed I had redeemed myself too, I almost forgot about it."

"Until Mr. L that is" Luigi stared at the moon, recalling the circumstances that caused Mr. L's creation. Luigi once again was having doubts as to press on further with the conversation with Lucario (which was still pretty one-sided really). What the hell, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides, you need to get it out of your system someday. "One of my recent ventures involved me meeting someone called Dementino, nasty piece of work. He gained an artifact known as the Chaos Heart. It contained so much darkness. There was so much shadow. He used this to brainwash me. I became Mr. L and tried to destroy my brother." Luigi noticed that his eyes were beginning to water. Lucario did not seem to notice the angst on Luigi's face. "Do you know the worst part?! He said..! He Said! He said that I was connected to the Chaos Heart. It wasn't his doing! Do you know what it's like to find that you're the host of a dormant evil entity!? And that you always have and will be!?"

Luigi was at the verge of tears now but didn't stop. He may never get this close again. "Mario defeated me. Several times in fact. No surprise really. I always knew he was better than me." Luigi noticed that Lucario had turned his back to him and jumped onto his feet in fury "Don't you get it!? I'm still a threat! What if I attacked him while he was sleeping, huh?! Or maybe finishing him off after he emerges from a difficult and tiring battle?! What if I leave him to his fate when he needs my help?!"

Luigi was waving his arms around erratically. He ran in front of Lucario, who was still managing to avoid looking at him. "Do you know where the world would be without my brother!? He has saved his and many other worlds more times than I can count! He has come to my rescue! I've followed him to hell and back! It's because I have faith in him. I need him to continue living. If I betrayed him then I'm not sure If I could live with it."

Luigi sank to his knees. God. He had never been so furious. He had never expressed this before and it had bottled up inside him. "Lucario" said Luigi "you can read Aura's. You know a person's true nature just by examining them. You can look into my soul."

Luigi sighed. "That's the reason I came here you see. I need you to read my aura. I need to know if I'm a threat. I need to know what to do." Lucario still did not respond. Luigi could not take it anymore. "You know what Lucario!? You may like being a loner! It looks cool and all! I don't know what your past is like because you won't share it with anybody! Me on the other hand...I'm dependant on Mario! He has done so much for me and asked for nothing in return! I'm repaying him for that! It's not for selfish reasons I'm doing this!"


"Can you HEAR ME Lucario!! Luigi screamed in desperation. He bolted towards the Pokémon with incredible speed, grabbed his shoulder and spun him around "Face Me!"

What Luigi saw...he was never prepared for. It hit him straight in his gut.

Lucario was crying.

Luigi felt the anger drain from him as quickly as it came. He was speechless. The silence continued for what seemed like forever. To his memory, Lucario had never shed a tear in his life. And yet...when looking at him now...he looked so different. Lucario often sported a proud, confident and silent figure. It looked as though he could take the world head-on with nobody standing in his path. He did not look so invincible anymore.

"Lucario?" whispered Luigi

Lucario had never looked so venerable before. He never gave up. He never cried. And now he looked so fragile.

Luigi could see purple flames arise from the weeping figure of Lucario. It engulfed him. Luigi knew it was not actually fire. It was Aura. It was life.

For the first time in that night Lucario looked at Luigi face to face. Luigi noticed something in his eyes he had always missed.

Loneliness and worry.

He was more human than he would have ever imagined.


"Is this telepathy...?"

Not quite. I am communicating from Aura to Aura.

"Lucario, I am sorry. Will you still read my Aura?"

I already did. I read your Aura the second I came near you. It's not voluntary. I can focus it sure, but it's always happening. I can see the Aura of everybody I come into contact with. I can see the Joys, desires, greed, lust, pity, concern, love and anger within every, last soul.

"Oh" is all Luigi could manage. Realization dawned on him. "Oh, God! I never knew!"

That's why I don't spend more time with people. I feel everything. It bores into my mind until the point that I can't even think anymore. That's why I train in mountains, lonely, desolate mountains. Mountains can't think, they have no worries. I can't stop emotions flow into me. I didn't want you to know. I didn't want anybody to know. I feel often fall like I am falling apart. Lucario then stepped closer to Luigi and put his arm on his shoulder. You have experienced much wonder and sorrow.

"I don't really think--"

You have saved worlds. You have seen betrayal. You have had fun. You have fought and lived alongside Mario like a true brother and companion. You have faced your fears for him. You have seen the many faces of evil. You have defeated them.

"Your just being--"

YOU have defeated true evil. If there is darkness within yourself... Lucario, for the first time Luigi can remember...not only smiled. But grinned. I don't think it has a chance.

Lucario let go of Luigi's shoulder and began to walk away. "Wait!" yelled Luigi. Lucario turned his head. Yes?

"You never told me...Is that evil...will it ever break free?"

Luigi...I...I am so, so sorry...I'm afraid that...

"What!?" screamed Luigi, his face an expression of horror.

...I don't know. Lucario said very simply.

But I'll tell you this. If it emerges. Then it is down to you and you alone to stop it. No, wait...that may not be strictly true. You are fortunate you see. You have friends and comrades that are willing to help you. This is a blessing. Never, ever forget that.

Lucario finally walked out of sight. Luigi did not get what he had come for but felt that he had just gained something valuable. Luigi shrugged. He had to search his own soul, but just rummaging through just creates a mess. He would take his time. The first time all week Luigi smiled. He would take his time...but for now...Ever Grande seems like a nice place to visit...


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