Chapter one A Forced Marraige

True it had started out as a marriage by law, since the wizarding world has lost so many people in the battles. This law contracted the wizard, and witch, who was chosen by the Department Of Magic, forcing the muggle born and half blood to be wed to a pure blood, for three years, and conceive a child within one year. That went for pure blood widowers.

I lost my first wife, first love, during one of the battles. She had fought protecting her sister, and in turn lost my child which she had been pregnant with what would had been our first child. I told myself I would never fall in love, then the law took place two months after the light side won.

My brothers Fred, Percy, and Ron had died in battle also, leaving behind George (Fred twin), Ginny, Charlie, and the honorary Weasley Children, Harry, and Hermione. Harry, and my sister were one of the lucky ones, because the ministry allowed the two to be husband, and wife.

Charlie turned out marrying some muggle born named Mandy, who worked in Romania with him, at the dragon resort.

George married a half blood named Anya Simmer's, who was from Switzerland, who turned out to be the best thing to happen to him, both had the same type of humor.

Last, but certainly not least, Hermione Granger, who was paired up with yours truly. It wasn't like she had asked to be my wife, but since I barely lost my wife and unborn child, I was angry. I was thinking of all my losses, and didn't stop to think about what she lost. She lost her first love, my youngest brother, she lost Ron, apparently they were planning on getting married after the war was won. Ron had died fighting to protect her. He died a hero in her book, and my book as well.

The only ways you weren't ruled to marry, was if you were already married with children (yes for those who didn't have children after five years of being married to their spouse were forced to divorce), and if you were comatose, or already buried six feet below ground.

The Engagement

I was sitting in my mom's living room, staring into the fire place, had just got the parchment indicating my matches name. 'This can't bloody well be happening."

My mom came down the steps, with an equally angered Hermione, who had in her hand the same looking parchment. My mom was trying to calm the witch down, "Hermione, it ­

could be worse, you could have ended up being married to the Malfoy's, Crabbe's, or Goyle's."

"I know, but I just lost Ron, and Bill just lost his wife, not fair to either one of us to be stuck with one another," Hermione hadn't yet looked in my direction, but my mother had.

My mom smiled at me, not letting the witch in her arm know, as they walked through to the kitchen, "I agree, but I am just happy you are going to be a real part of the Weasley's clan still," she sat the girl in the chair at the table, with her back still facing my direction, and went to get her a cup of tea.

"I was going to marry Ron, but damn Voldemort killed that dream," She clenched the parchment still in hand, tightly in her fist, "I don't think I could love someone after Ron."

Mom smiled as she carried in the tray, with three cups upon it, then looked at me, "Have a seat Billy, please?"

Hermione's body tensed at the sound of my name, she tried to look away from me, as I slowly took a seat at the table, "Bill."

"Hermione," I acknowledged her in the same tone she used, not one of hate, but a tone one would use if greeting a person just to be polite, I looked at my mom, "When do Harry and Ginny get back from the honeymoon?"

Hermione broke down in another fit of tears, and tried to hide them, behind her cup. I admit she wasn't the worse person to be married to, she was smart, brave, and someone that would make any wizard happy, Merlin knows my youngest brother spoke volumes of her, during his time at Hogwarts in his letters.

"Hermione, I know that neither of us want this, but I think the sooner we make this final, the sooner we could go on with this some what pretend marriage," I leaned in towards her, and rested my hand over her hand, "I think this is temporary idea, and it won't last the law, but till then we will have to play the parts of husband, and wife."

She pulled her hand from mine, and glared, "I will marry you as soon as possible, I agree that this law won't last for more than a year, and since we have two months to marry, I rather do it sooner, rather than later."

Mom smiled at me, as she hurried back into the kitchen to attend the soup she had been cooking for the last two hours, "I have the whole wedding planned out already, we could do it this weekend, invite all our-"

"No!" Both Hermione, and I burst in unison, causing my mother to drop her spoon to the floor, and stare at us.


I looked at the girl next to me, "Department Of Magic, we'll get married there."

She nodded and looked at my mom, "Molly, I did dream of having a big wedding, with Ron, and now that he is gone, I don't want to over load on a wedding, which was practically forced upon me," She looked at me, with tears streaming down her face, "And I don't want you to forget the wedding you, and your wife had."

I looked at my mother, and smiled, as I pulled the witch beside me in my arms, "We'll see you later mom," I watched as my mom hurried towards us, as I apperated the two of us out of the burrow.

After we got the paperwork, and were married we returned to my home, 'Shell Cottage' and discussed how we were planning on keeping the appearance of our marriage seem real, without feeling as if we were really husband and wife, because in my heart, and was sure hers to, it just was not real.

First Month

I knew she was in her bedroom, one of the things we agreed to, okay she suggested without caring what I thought, except the one night a week when we would have sex. I knew that was where she would be, because she hadn't been in the library, and nor was she in the lab she had made inside the basement.

"I know your out there Bill," She shouted from the other side of her closed bedroom door, with venom in her voice, "What do you want?"

I sighed, "I just wanted to see how your feeling?"

"I'm not pregnant," She shouted.

"Oh, okay," I stomped back into my room.

It was something of a routine now, going to her room, checking to see rather she was pregnant or not, and then go back to my normal routine. Both of us relieved that a child would not be coming into this world, where there own mom, and dad didn't even give the other the time of day.

Honestly, I think I know how Professor Snape felt, talking to his students, who cared nothing about what he was saying.

Only time I heard my 'wife' have an actual conversation, was when my mother, or Ginny, and Harry were talking to her. She was a brilliant woman, I knew that, so that was what got me mad, when she just locked herself inside her room just to avoid any unnecessary reason to talk.


At first, I personally didn't mind…..