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Chapter Five

My dad sat beside my father inlaw, as we waited our turns to bowl, he was a big muggle sports fan since him, and Oliver started getting to know eachother, "Now what is the object of this game, again?"

Oliver smiled at my father, "Watch me, Authur," he stood up, and picked up one of the bowling balls, (I been bowling with my wife, so I knew about the game), and rolled the ball down the alley causng all but one pin to fall, "The object of the game is to knock down the pins with the ball. We get two chances per turn."

"Hermione, and I came here when she was pregnant," I smiled at Oliver, who just grinned, and drank his beer. I smiled as my dad tried to do what Oliver had done,

Dad cheered himself, when the ball knocked all the pins down, he looked at me, "I like this sport."

"Alright, your turn son," Oliver gestured for me to take my turn, he looked at my dad, "Can't wait until Alex is old enough to play. Hermione started playing when she was four."

"Which is probably why she beat me all five games," I mananged to get the ball in the gutter both times. "Hopefully my son is better then me."

"Maybe next time you might want to cut down on the beer intake," Oliver pointed to the second empty pitcher, as if he was trying to prove a point.

"I will take that into consideration," I mumbled to myself, as I took a seat beside my dad.

My dad looked around after looking at the time for the fifth time, "What's keeping George, and Harry with the food, and drinks?"

I jumped at the opportunity to go search for the two brothers who abandoned me fifteen minutes ago, "I'll go find them father," I turned to leave, just in time to see the two men in question returning with a tray of fries, nacho's and another pitcher of beer.

George probably noticed my expression change, because he laughed knowingly, "Sorry to leave you with the elder, brother."

Oliver rolled his eyes, "Elder, are we?" He looked at my father, "Authur what do you think, should we challenge the three to a another game. Three against two 'elders'?"

My father glared playfully at my brother, and smiled at Oliver, "Only hope these old bones still work," he teased.

Harry laughed as he sat on the other side of me, "I think there teasing us," he looked at George, then me, "George has a big mouth."

I looked at my brother, then to my brother inlaw, "Took you almost nine years to figure that one out?"

"Unless you are afraid of getting beat by us," My father inlaw added in a daring voice.

"No!" All three of us answered at the challenge, then laughed.

This was definiately a night to remember...

I grinned as I watch her lay our son down in his room, she was beautiful, robes were open allowing me to see her breast, "Mmmmmm."

She just rolled her eyes as she tightened her robe, "Don't even look at me like that," she turned on the night light to my sons room, then tried to pass me, but was stopped by my arms, which circled her waiste.

She crossed her arms, and stared at me, "What do you think you're doing?"

I leaned down, and started kissing her neck, "You."

"You're drunk," She rested her hands against my chest trying to push me off.

"Am not, took sober up potion," I reached my hand down to the knot to her robes, and untied it, "I would never come home to you drunk," I teased her nipple with my thumb, causing her to moan, "I was actually planning on going to bed when I got here, but I watched as you nursed my son, and my evening plans changed."

She looked at me puzzled, "How long have you been home?"

"About thirty minutes," I dropped her robe to the floor, "I want you."

"I haven't noticed," She teased as she pulled me into our own room, and over to our bed.

I grinned as I removed my shirt, and quickly joined my wife on the bed, "I should try to be more obvious."

She giggled as I started kissing behind her ear again, "How would you suppose, you would be more obvious?"

"Next time I will just have you take all my clothes off as soon as I step into the house next time I want to shag my wife," I loved the feeling of her small hands rubbing against my chest, "Oh yeah, your father sent his love to you."

"Merlin no," She rolled to her side, and laughed, leaving me a bit puzzled, "You didn't just tell me that, as we're about to make love."

I looked at her confused.

She smiled shaking her head, "How would you like if we were about to make love, and I say 'by the way your mother says hi'," she looked at me, "Unless you wanted to ruin the mood."

"I see your point," I looked at the ceiling, "So what do you want to do now?"

She leaned over me, and pressed her lips to mine, "I want you to hold me," she lowered her head to my shoulder, and wrapped an arm around my waist, "Just hold me."


"I could do that," I wrapped my arms around her, and smiled as I listened to her studed breathing, "Hermione, love?"


I kissed the top of her head, and smiled, "You are a good woman, mother, and wife Mrs. Weasley."

One Month Later

"Want to try this mac and cheese mommy got for her boy?" My wife leaned against the magic high chair, which made sure a child from the age of birth, to three was safely kept during feeding, making it the ideal baby furniture for any parent to own. She was trying to get him to take it for the last ten minutes, without any success.

I made myself know, "Need a hand dear?"

She raised her brow, "You think you could get him to eat this?"

"Watch and learn," I took her place in front of my son, and scooped up his food, and slipped it into his mouth without any trouble. So at least I thought.

Next thing I knew, I had yellow gunk all over me, and a giggling wife behind me. I turned and glared at her, "I don't think it's that funny."

Alex started laughing, causing my wife to laugh louder.

I looked at my son, trying not to smile, and ended up joining the laughing two, "I think you met to do that, didn't you?"

He just smiled, as he started playing with the food I had set in front of him.

I watched as he sucked on his fingers, and smiled up at my wife who was now standing behind me, "Well at least he is eating it his own way."

"Yes, that is progress," She smiled as she watched our son, and massaged my shoulders not realizing it at first.

I smiled as Alex stared at me, like he knew something I didn't, "Our parents are double dating tonight."

"Really," She slid her arms around my neck, and rested her head on my shoulder, "So interesting how well my father, and you father get along. My father never really liked to be so social with our neibhor's, except for the Miller's, but they moved to the America's."

"Well they are like family dear," I looked down at my stained shirt, then at my son, "I don't think they will be to happy if I show up at work with my shirt stained."

My wife smiled as she waved her wand, causing the stain to dissapear, "You will be hom by three, I have a Healer's appointment."

"I have a meeting, I asked Ginny, and she said she would watch Alex for us," I looked at our son, and smiled as he grinned at the sound of his aunt's name.

"Mommy out!" Alex unclasped the top of his high chair, then put his arms out toward his mom, "Play."

"At least he lets me put him in the chair," She lifted our son from the chair, and carried him to the sink.

Our son is a good eater, when we have company, or when it's just him and me. But when the three of us are all home, without company, he likes to play around.

I walked into the living room, and sat on the couch besde my wife, "I'm sorry about not being able to come home and watch Alex," I noticed as tears started falling from her cheek.

"I will drop Alex off at Harry's, and Ginny's on the way to the Healers, then on my way from the Healers I will meet you at your work alright," She rested her head on my shoulder, and smiled as our son walked from one toy chest to the other as he sorted out his toys, "He is a smart littlle boy isn't he?"

"Hermione, if you are pregnant, don't be afraid to tell me alrignt, I'll love the child just as much as I do Alex," Just as I said that, I felt something cushiony hit the side of my head, "Perhapos a little more," I crawled on the floor, and tackled my two year old and started tickling him.

My wife laughed as she watched us, she was hold the nerf ball that hit my head in her hands, " You're going to be late for work, and I need to bathe, and lay our son down before I drop him off."

"I love you," I kissed my son soundly on the cheek, before getting to my feet, then kissed my wife before flooing to Diagon Alley.


I smiled as my wife entered my office, "How did it go Mrs. Weasley."

She smiled as she came around my desk, and sat on my lap, "It went well," she leaned in her face towards mine, and kissed me, "The Healer said I am due October twenty eighth," she placed one of my hands over her stomach, "I am pregnant."

I leaned back in, and kiss her with all the passion, and love I felt for her at the moment, "I'm going to be a father, again."

"I am glad your happy," She looked around my office, and froze when she noticed a picture of the two of us out by the lake hanging by the fireplace, "When was this taken?"

"George's birthday party, before we apperated, mom managed to snap it," I smiled as she continued to look at all the other pictured on my wall of my family, mostly of my wife and son.

She smiled as I wrapped my arms around her waist, "Well the meeting went well, we just barely finished right before you came actually," I kissed the top of he head, "You know I love you, Mrs. Weasley."

She smiled at me, as she pulled out of my arms, and sat on my desk, "Do you really now?"

I didn't waist anytime embracing her on my desk, I grinnned, "Of course I do," I slid my hand under the sun dress she had on, "Anticipating?"

"No it's easier to take on, and off for the Healers," She looked at me, then at the door, "Uhm."

"Oh, right," I waved my wand, as I sound proofed my room, and locked the door, "That would had been awkward."

She nodded before I leaned back in, and kissed her, "I love you," I removed the dress she had on, leaving her in only her bra, and pantes, "I'm so glad to have you in my life."

After the two of us made love, and got our clothes back on, we both finished up my last minute parchments, and left to get our son. With a few employees looking at us knowingly as we left my office.

My wife smiled at me as we sat in my sisters living room, "People will definiately be talking tomarrow."

"Talking about what dear?" My mom, who was visiting Harry, and my sister, asked as she took a seat holding my son.

My sister rolled her eyees, "She's been here since you dropped him off," she looked at our mother, "It's like she doesn't think I am capable of watching Alex."

"So how was that appointment dear?" Mom asked, ignoring her own daughter.

"It was routine," My wife answered as she gathered our son in her arms, she looked at me, "Darling, I think it's time to drop Alex off at his grandma Jean, and Grampa Oliver, then I need to get hom and rest."

I glanced over to see my mom open, and close her mouth a couple time, "Love you mom," I kissed her, and my sisters cheek, and watched as my wife did the same to both woman.

"I'll see you next week for Alex's birthday party,"My wife said as she kiss my mothers cheek, before we left for my house.

As we walked a little away from the neibhorhood of my sisters, I wrapped my arm around my wife, "Now why didn't you tell my mom, or your sister you're pregnant?"

"Because your sister was going to tell her she's pregnant, didn't want to take her moment," My wife smiled as our son rested his head against her shoulder, "Can't believe I am going to have another baby."

I grinned, as I thought about being an uncle, and a father again, "So mom will be besides herself, trying to figure out who to visit when the babies come."

"I doubt that, I think most her attention will be on Ginny's baby, since Harry doesn't have his parents, and I do. My mom will be around alot with our baby, like she is with Alex," My wife assured me, "So my mom is going to keep Alez for four days, and will bring him to the Burrow for his birthday party."

"Sounds good to me," I smiled as my son popped his head up, and smiled, "Got your attention, didn't I?"

My wife laughed as she kissed the side of our sons cheek, "You're going be three, aren't you baby."

"Party!" Our son clapped his hands excitedly, as he bounced in his mothers arms.

Who could ask for anything else?

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