"No way, dobe. "I'm not doing that," Sasuke's voice came out irritated and bored, but Naruto persisted.

"Come on, Teme!" he whined. Sasuke shook his head. Naruto changed his tactics. He shrugged indifferently.

"Fine," he said. "You'll probably lose anyway, and then you'd be broke." He sighed in a "that's-too-bad-but-what-are-you-gonna-do" kind of way. Sasuke tensed. Stupid, color-blind overactive bastard always knew how to wind him up.

"Okay, I'll do it," he grumbled. "Happy?" Naruto grinned hugely.

"Yup! And remember what the conditions are," he said, sticking his hand out for Sasuke to shake. The raven-haired nin took it and let the blonde boy shake his own hand violently. When the Uzumaki finally released his hand, Sasuke turned and walked away from the smirking Naruto.

Bastard…" Sasuke thought as he walked. His thoughts were penetrated by a voice calling to him.

"Uchiha!" Sasuke turned and saw Hyuuga Neji walking toward him, wearing an all-too-familiar look on his face. He was carrying a sheet of paper and he stopped a few feet from Sasuke.

"What do you want?" Sasuke grouched, his bad mood clear in the tone he was using. Neji raised an elegant eyebrow, seeing the Uchiha's obvious scorn, but decided to ignore it.

"Tenten and Lee have a bet going," he stated matter-of-factly. His voice was stoic, as always, but his eyes showed all the distaste he was trying to hide. "They want to see how many girls I can…" He paused and took a deep breath and let it out again before he continued. "They want to see how many girls I can…pick up…with these." He held the sheet of paper he was holding out to Sasuke, who just stared at the Hyuuga for a moment before taking the paper. He looked over the pick up lines and almost literally gagged. WHAT!! These were horrible! Even Sasuke could see that, and he never tried to pick up any girls! He looked up at Neji and saw the look of embarrassment on the other's face, no doubt at his teammates' stupidity.

"And you agreed to do this?" he asked incredulously. Neji went slightly red and shrugged.

"They forced me," he said. "They said they'd force me to spend a day with Naruto, Lee and Gai-Sensei if I didn't." He shuddered and Sasuke could tell why. An entire day with the three creepiest people in Konoha? No wonder Neji agreed. "And it's not so bad," Neji continued. "They promised they'd leave me alone if I did do it." Sasuke looked at him.

"Why not just don't and say you did?" he asked. Neji looked back at him.

"I have to write a list of the girls I try to pick up and they're going to go around and…ask if I really did…you know…" he answered dejectedly. Sasuke's mouth almost dropped as he stared at the brunette prodigy. Hyuuga Neji, heir to the esteemed Hyuuga clan, master of the Byakugan, reduced to trying to pick up girls with these!? The thought made Sasuke shudder. Then, he was hit by a sudden thought.

"But, why come to me?" he asked. Neji's face became slightly desperate.

"Well," he started awkwardly. "I figured you'd know more about these sorts of things, and that…maybe…you…could…" Neji scowled and broke off, looking at Sasuke's amused face. Sasuke suppressed a laugh.

"You want me to help you," he asked. "Pick up girls with THESE?" He held the pick up lines in Neji's face and shook the page for emphasis. Neji rolled his eyes, his scowl deepening.

"Point taken," he said through gritted teeth. He reached out and snatched the papers from a now slightly shaking Sasuke, who was trying very hard to hide his laughter.

"Hold on, there Hyuuga," he called. Neji stopped and turned his head.

"Yes?" he said pointedly. Sasuke took a deep breath and avoided looking at the Hyuuga while he replied.

"How many girls do you have to…pick up?" he asked, his eyes now watering from trying not to laugh. Neji grimaced at Sasuke as he turned the list over and stuck it under Sasuke's nose. Sasuke looked it over. There was a list of girls Neji had to try to pick up and they were all girls that he knew. It seemed that they were being merciful to the poor prodigy. There were only five:

Yamanaka Ino

Haruno Sakura

Hyuuga Hinata



Sasuke looked at Neji.

"You have to try to pick up your own cousin?" he asked, a little disgusted. Neji looked positively revolted, but nodded weakly. Sasuke shook his head, but shrugged.

"Well, at least it's all girls you know," he said. Neji raised his eyebrow.

"I don't know Temari, and I really can't say that I like Sakura or Ino, and as for Hinata…well, you know the trouble with that," the prodigy said. Sasuke smirked and chuckled.

"Well, then," he said. "Start choosing the pick up lines you're going to use. I'll help you with that much." Neji nodded, thoroughly angry, and Sasuke shook his head, smirk still fixed on his face, and started to help him decide between the corny pick up lines.

Comment, please!!

I got the idea for this fanfic from my friend when she brought in a list of corny pick up lines that guys use on girls!

I thought of who would sound the funniest saying these pick up lines and I immediately thought of Neji! And Sasuke. I couldn't pick between them so I decided to do a fanfic involving both of them!