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Road to the X Games

Chapter 2

Vegas, Part 1

The next morning Richard was dead asleep on his bed when the phone started to ring. The exhausted rider groaned and picked up his blue cell phone and flipped it open.

"Hello?" he said groggy.

"Hey Richard, this is Tony Hawk. I didnt get you up did I?" he asked.

Richard's eyes flew up and sat up in bed.

"No, no it's only...8:30?" he said looking at his clock.

"All right, why I'm calling is I was wondering if you'd like to come to Vegas with us and celebrate the newest addition to Team USA?" he asked.

"Sure, you mind if I bring some friends?" he asked.

"By all means, just dont get too carried away." he told him.

"Well how much is too much?" Rich asked.

"How many do you plan on bringing?" Tony asked.

"Just 7 of my closest friends." he told him. Tony laughed.

"Sure that works just fine." he smiled on the other end.

"Just let us know when your ready, we're heading over there this weekend. Does Saturday at 8am work for you?" he asked.

"Yeah sure, we'll be there." he said.

"Awesome, cant wait to see you. It's going to be a blast. You ever been to Vegas?" he asked.

"No I havent, and I dont think the guys have either." Rich admitted.

"Just so you know, I can pay for your friends hotel rooms." Tony offered.

"You dont have to do that." Rich told him.

"No it's cool, it's no problem for me. Just so you know some of the guys will want to iniate you." Tony told him.

"Iniate me how?" he asked.

"I cant say, just be ready for anything. Dont worry it wont be too bad. All the guys go through it, it's something we do for all the athletes." Tony told him.

"All right if you say so." Rich replied.

"Cool, see you Saturday." Tony said.

"All right." Rich said.

"Later." said Tony.

"See ya." Rich said before hanging up.

"Oh boy." he said shaking his head.

A while later Rich told them the news.

"WE'RE GOING TO VEGAS?!" yelled Gar.

"Yeah I just got off the phone with Tony Hawk this morning and he's taking us there on Saturday." Rich said.

"This Saturday?" Kori asked.

"Well all right!" yelled Vic.

"That's great bro!" said Slade.

"Yeah Tony said it's to celebrate me joining the team." he said.

"Are you sure that's a great idea?" Raven asked.

"We saved the city from evil, how much worse would a trip to Las Vegas be? Besides I travel the country doing races." answered Rich.

"Yeah but for all of us?" she asked. Rich looked at her strangely.

"You are going arent you?" he asked.

"I dont know, I'll have to ask." she said.

"I live alone so I dont have any problem going." said Vic.

"I'll probably have to ask my parents." said Gar.

"I'm sure my Dad wont mind." added Slade.

"I got to ask my parents too." said Tara.

"Guys!" Rich said.

"Sorry Rich, we cant just go off to another city like you." Kori told him.

"Get your parents together and meet me at the house." Rich told them.

A while later the 7 families met up at Wayne Manor in the Grand Hall with parents arguing at Richard about going to Las Vegas when Bruce Wayne finally came into the room waving his arms.

"Settle down everyone, now what's this all about?" the boy billionaire asked.

"Your son wants to take his friends to Vegas." answered Tara's mom.

"Just let him explain...Rich." he said sternly.

"I got invited to the X Games by the President of ESPN the other day. Now a few competetors from Team USA want to celebrate by going to Vegas and I asked if I could bring some friends along." he said.

"Are these teammates responsible adults?" asked Galfore.

"Yeah they are, most of these guys are in thier mid-20s and some of them are married. One of my teammates Tony Hawk offered to pay for our rooms." Rich told them.

"Who's Tony Hawk?" asked Galfore. Vic fell out of his recliner dumbstruck with a thud.

"He's a world champion skateboarder!" he yelled.

"He's the first guy in history to land the 900 degree spin and the second on to nail the McTwist." added Gar.

"Well whatever, I still dont see how you can make money skateboarding." Galfore replied.

The guys gave him dirty looks, which Kori returned the same look to the guys.

"So in short, everything's been taken care of. All we need is for you to say yes. How about it?" Richard asked.

"Well I trust these guys, from what I read Tony's an excellent father so I know he'll take good care of our kids." Arella said.

"Did Raven's mom just vouch for us?" whispered Gar.

"I know I'm just as suprised as you are." whispered Vic.

"Plus I'm sure most of you know about your children's superpowers so I'm confident they can take care of themselves." she added.

The parents looked at each other nervously. Galfore breathed a heavy sigh.

"Fine. Kori can go." he relented.

"Tara's in good hands." said Greg.

"Mine too." said Wintergreen.

"I guess he can go." said Mrs. Logan.

"Then it's settled. Rich, what time are they leaving?" asked Bruce.

"Saturday morning at 8." he said.

"Well, there you have it." said Bruce.

A days later it was Saturday, the guys were up early as alarm clocks went off and hurried to get dressed to meet Tony Hawk and the others at the airport. Kori got in her Midnight Blue Mustang and peeled out of the driveway, while Richard rushed to his red '89 Corvette and slid over the hood. The Titan leader got in his car and took off with wheels spinning. Vic loaded up his silver Ford F-150 and took off. Gar got into his jade green Pontiac Grand-Am and was off like a shot. Tara got into her black '99 Mustang and was off. Raven got into her blue '03 GMC Envoy and took off and Slade jumped over the hood of his black '01 Mercedes-Benz E320 sports coupe and took off like a bullet, the wheels spin as he swung around the circle drive and out onto the main road.

The cars all met up on the main highway a while later and then got on the interstate passing each other at various times as they raced towards the airport. It was 7:30 and they only had a half hour to get there and get through security. Slade and Richard led the charge in thier supercharged vehicles taking up both lanes, as the lot of them weaved in and out of traffic in a desperate attempt to get there. Richard floored it at 100mph as Slade followed suit, Kori was closely behind him at 90. Raven at 70, Tara at 75, Gar at 65 and Vic at 105 as he raced past the others on the left side.

They arrived at the airport a while later where Tony and the others were waiting.

"Hey you made it!" he smiled and high fived Richard drawing him into a hug.

"Sure wouldnt miss this for the world." he told him.

"So who are these guys?" he asked.

"Tony these are Vic, Slade, Raven, Gar, Tara and Kori." he introduced.

"Tony Hawk, oh my god it's so cool to meet you! Can I have your autograph?" Gar asked.

"Sure. Should have seen that coming." he joked.

"You got a pen?" he asked Gar.

"Yeah!" he said pulling out a pen.

Tony took the pen and paper and signed it for him.

"Anyone else need one?" he asked.

"I'll take you up on that offer." said Vic.

"Sure, I got some extra paper in my bag." Tony said retireving some.

The skater took out several scraps of paper and autographed them for everyone.

"Thanks." said Raven.

"Thank you Tony." said Kori.

A little kid came up to him and tugged on his shirt.

"Mr. Hawk, can I have an autograph?" the 6 year old boy asked.

"Sure." he smiled grabbing another sheet and autographed it for the kid.

"Who do I make this out to?" he asked.

"It's Robby." he said.

"Here you go, come on guys. Before anyone else sees me." he said picking up his back.

"Thanks Tony!" the kid yelled.

The gang quickly rushed through security and rushed through the terminal when a group of people spotted him. The plane was in the air a while later, while the guys got acquainted with the other champions.

"Guys I want you to meet Bucky Lasick." Tony said.

"Hey what's up guys?" he said slapping hands with Richard and the guys.

"What's up Bucky?" asked Gar.

"And of course you know Travis Pastrana. Motocross God Extrodanire." said Tony.

"How's it going?" he said slapping hands with Richard.

"It's cool to meet you man." he said.

"And this is Carey Hart, the man that pioneered Motocross Freestyle." Tony said.

"How's it going man?" he said slapping hands with Rich.

"Pretty good, it's hard to believe Freestyle's only been around for 5 years, it seems alot longer than that." Richard said. Carey laughed.

"I know seems like it's always been there." he replied.

"How many tattoos do you have?" Rich asked.

"I lost count. Ha ha. I've got tattoos on top my tattoos." replied Careyhis new teammate laughed back.

"You'll fit in just fine." Tony told him.

"Thanks man." he said.

They arrive at Las Vegas International Airport 2 hours later, getting off the plane they went through security and rented a limo. Driving down the strip, it didnt seem as impressive during the day as it does at night but even without the lights they couldnt help but take in the sights. As they cruised through the center of town they came across the illustrious MGM Grand Las Vegas hotel. A massive 30 story hotel, casino and entertainment center with stores and attractions that's covered in emerald green glass. And the famous Leo the Lion statue guarding the front entrance. The guys were amazed by what they saw, what was even more suprising is they were pulling into the hotel.

"Oh are you serious?!" yelled Gar who could be heard outside the limo.

"Yeah welcome to the MGM Grand Las Vegas." Tony said.

The gang checked into the hotel a while later, once they were done they were free to do whatever.

"All right let's hit the casino!" said Rich.

"Wait, what about your stuff?" Kori asked.

"Oh right. Better take care of that first." the guys got thier stuff and rushed to the elevator. After going up three floors they made it to the hotel room at the end of the hall and opened it.

Thier room was far more luxurious than they could have imagined. Green carpeting and massive queen sized beds. Gar and Slade took a look out thier window and could see the Strip.

"All right guys, we'll unpack later. Now who's ready to gamble?" Rich asked.

"Count me in." said Slade.

Rich took out his wallet. "Anyone need some cash?"

"I'm good." Slade said.

"You dont have to do that." Vic said.

"I could use some." said Gar. Vic gave him a look.

"What?" he asked.

"Your not old enough, you have to be 18 to gamble here." he said.

"Sorry Gar, its the law." Rich shrugged.

"So then why does he get to go?" asked Gar.

"Because I turn 18 in a month, there's a loophole." smiled Vic.

"No fair!! Ugh!!" he growled.

"Ha ha ha. Gotta love Vegas. Come on guys, see you later Gar." he teased.

"Humph, I'll show them." he said and followed them out.

A while later the guys hit the casino while the girls shopped. Gar stood in the lobby over looking the various casinos that lined the inside of the hotel. Richard was at one slot machine and hit the jackpot the first time. Slade was at the Blackjack table and Vic was playing Craps. Gar grumbled to himself as he watched knowing he couldnt go in. A man in an overcoat approached him.

"Cant get in?" he asked.

"Yeah, how'd you guess?" he asked.

"Its pretty easy to tell your underage." he replied.

"My friend's 17, turns 18 next month and is able to gamble becuase of a loophole." he complained.

"Well that's a crying shame, but what if I could help you get in?" he asked.

"Really how?" he asked.

"Come with me." he told him.

They walked outside where he had a van parked next to the curb and pulled out a giant Arizona ID card with a hole where the picture should be and gave it to Gar.

"Hold this up while I take a picture of you." he said.


He did as he was told and the man got out a camera and took a quick picture of him. After hooking it up to a printing machine and printed out a plastic ID card and gave it to Gar.

"Here you go." he said.

"Thanks man!" he said.

"That'll be five dollars." the man told him.

"Oh yeah, of course." he said handing him the money.

"Dont tell anyone about this ok?" the man asked.

"You got it." Gar said.

"Pleasure doing business with you." the man smiled.

"You too, thanks!" he said.

"No problem." he said. When Gar left the man chuckled.

"I love my job." he commented.

Gar came back into the hotel a second later and entered the casino, and showed his ID to the bouncer.

"Go on in." he said.

"Cool, thanks man." Gar said and went on in.

Gar looked around the casino there were so many games he didnt know where to start and decided to try his luck at the One Armed Bandit.

"Hey Rich." he said putting a coin in the slot machine.

"Gar what are you doing here?" he hissed.

"It's cool, I'm legal now." he told him as he pulled down on the arm and started up the game.

"How?" he asked. Gar showed him his ID card.

"Huge Roddington?" he read.

"No it says Hugh Roddington dude." his friend said. He shook his head.

"Oh Gar...what am I going to do with you?" he asked.

"Just relax dude, what's the worst that can happen?" he asked.

"I'm sure we'll find out soon enough." he commented.

"Quit being so negative man." Gar told him.

Oh boy, looks like there's going to be some suprises in store for our friends. Think Gar will make it out of this unscathed? Find out in the next chapter.

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