Title: Quick Learner
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Thirteen/Cameron
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 400
Summary: Smut. No, really, it's pretty much just a sex scene.
Disclaimer: "House M.D." is not mine and I am making no profit from this; just borrowing the characters.
A/N: My muse informed me that there weren't enough 13/Cam smut fics out there, I was only too happy to oblige!
Writing smut is not one of my strengths & I think this is the first time I've written detailed F/F, so if it's awful please do leave me some constructive criticism! :-)
Unbeta'd; all mistakes are mine.

Neither was quite sure how it started; one kiss, one time, and then Cameron had come over wanting to "talk". They didn't get that much talking done.

"I've…umm…" Cameron attempted to form a sentence as Thirteen left a trail of tantalising kisses along her neck. She sighed as she continued her assault and they both hurried to discard their remaining clothes, "Never done this before," Cameron eventually managed to admit in between kisses.

The younger doctor's brunette hair tickled Cameron's stomach delightfully when her focus turned to her breasts, and she sighed at contact of tongue against skin.

"I know," was her whispered response once she was able to speak again; the blonde looked down at her questioning, having forgotten her previous admittance. "I've got you," she reassures with a slight smile, leaving a tender kiss on her colleague's forehead.

Cameron smiled in understanding before pulling her down for another passionate kiss, and soon felt the brunette's leg gradually sliding up between her own. She moaned at the unexpected touch of her expert fingers on her sex, and even more so when Thirteen let her mouth wander over her body once more.

She smirked at Cameron's reactions, noticing the sheets becoming tangled in her lover's right hand as she continued her ministrations, watching as the blonde approached a climax. Thirteen was so engrossed watching her reactions that the sudden feel of Cameron's fingers inside her core made her gasp in surprise.

"Quick learner." Thirteen managed to quip as the doctor's fingers moved increasingly faster and she rapidly lost all trail of thought.

Their lips collided in a frenzy of passion and a clash of tongues as they both reached their climax. Cameron's hands scrambled at her back for support as she gave in to the overwhelming pleasure of the new experience. Thirteen collapsed against her soon after; breathing jagged and heartbeat pounding in her chest.

She left a lazy kiss on Cameron's neck, waiting for her body to return to a semi-normal state and was surprised when the older doctor didn't leave immediately afterwards. A moment later, Thirteen felt the impossibly soft feeling of her fingers running through her long brown curls and smiled to herself - maybe, just maybe, they would work out.

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