10 Random facts about Firestar

1. He tried pulling a prank on Princess once. He hid all her kits and said that Tigerstar took them. Princess freaked out. He then told the truth and she jumped on him.

2. When he lived with the Twolegs as a kit, he spent most of his time inside watching Oprah ,Harry potter, and American Idol.

3. He had a dream that Sandstorm left him for Crookshanks Hermonie's cat

4. He likes to randomly go to his clan's borders and run over them quickly and then return He does this several times in a row.

5. He once had a dream in which Tigerstar was nice, Sandstorm went on American Idol, Leafpool left to go to Windclan, Brambleclaw stole his den and wouldn't come out, and Squirrelflight ate all the fresh-kill.

6. He once woke up at two in the morning and ran around the camp singing " We are Family". Surprisingly, nobody noticed.

7. He sometimes likes to scare Ravenpaw by sneaking up behind him and screaming " I'm Tigerclaw!"

8. He likes to randomly poke Greystripe, and then act like Sandstorm did it.

9. He sticks his tongue out at Blackstar when he's not looking

10. He likes to lead Longtail around in circles.

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