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Birthday Surprise

She stared at herself in the mirror of the changing room dressed in her sports bra and panties, she had really filled out since the day she entered the Digital World all those years ago.

Back then she was somewhat skinny although her face still retained some of the baby fat from her yearly years. Now her body was more athletic however had curves in all the right places, her tanned legs were long and smooth whilst her thighs were firm and rounded. Her butt was larger then she would have liked but he had told her that he liked it said he liked to knead it when they hugged. Her breast had really filled out, she was now a large C to a small D cup.

"Hey Sora, you going to get ready or are you going to admire yourself all day little miss narcissist." The sound of her best friend's voice caught her attention Sora looked over her shoulder and saw Mimi standing there dressed in her tennis gear

"Sorry." She replied sheepishly, quickly as she could the auburn haired young woman ran over to where her gear was stashed and dressed quickly.

Soon the two of them were on a court serving volleys back and forth to one another. Sora was glad that her best female friend was back, she'd moved away to America a year after the incident with Dioboromon over the internet but had come back to Japan to attend her final year of high school.

Ever since then the two of them would meet up once a week and play tennis, not only was it a good form of exercise it was also a good way to relieve stress (outside of beat the hell out of each other on Soul Calibur IV).

AN: Thats coming out soon, its gonna be awsome. Especially the PS3 version, lets face it Vader beats Yoda hands down.

The two had been playing for several hours now and were currently tied, Sora's thought's however were elsewhere 'Tai's birthday is coming up real soon. What should I get him, what could possibly be good enough to repay him for all the stuff we've been through. I mean he pretty much single handily rescued me from my pit of depression when after what happened with Matt.'

The memories of what happened between her and the blond haired chosen one of friendship, the accident had left scars for not only him but her as well and seeing him like that felt like someone had plunged a knife into her heart.

However it was the day when he told her that he didn't want to see her anymore and how he didn't want her to see him in the state he was in was enough to bring her to tears.

Not long after he and his father and brother moved away and it was then she began to fall deeper into her misery, during this she did things to herself that she never thought she was ever thought she was capable of and certainly would never admit to.

It was then when she seemed to at her lowest Tai seemed to magically appear like an angel or a heroic knight in shining armor, like in those stories her mother used to read to her when she was small, and rescued her from her personal hell, he became her rock as well as her light in the darkness.

With him there to guide her she was able to find her way through the darkness and back into the light, over the time the two of them they spent she had come to love him, a love greater then the one she had with Matt.

Just then the sound of a ball hitting the wall behind her caught her attention and snapped her back to reality.

"I'd say that's match point." Mimi said panting heavily "I'm exhausted, what's say we call it a day."

Sweat dripping from her brow and the familiar soreness in her legs Sora couldn't agree more, soon enough the two of them were back in the changing room ready to hit the showers.

Sora couldn't help but let out a sigh as she felt the water run over her body, washing away the sweat and impurities of the day and seemingly her aches and pains as well. Meanwhile her mind was still on the subject of what to get Tai for his birthday when something occurred to her 'Maybe Mimi will have suggestions. She tends to be good at this sought of thing.'

She looked over at her friend who was standing just opposite her; however she was instantly rendered speechless. Sora couldn't help it, her gaze just seem to fix itself onto the cinnamon haired girl her eyes traveling up and down her body. The way the water seemed to glide off her seemingly flawless skin, her full luscious breasts, her firm buttocks, as well as a quick glimpse of a neat triangle of golden brown hair between her legs.

Sora couldn't help but marvel at the sight, despite being the same age and height the two of them were built differently, Mimi's breasts were rounded and full whilst Sora's were heavy and hanging. Mimi's posterior was firm and tight but still had enough meat on it to give it some bounce when she walked whilst hers was huge in comparison. Damn this girl hadn't been born, she was sculpted.

'Wow, I never really noticed it before but Mimi's beautiful.' Sora couldn't explain why but she felt herself becoming aroused at the sight of her friend, her pussy starting to get warmer, and her nipples starting to tingle.

Just then Mimi caught her staring a pink tinge visible on her face "Something wrong?"

"Uh…no…everything's fine." Sora replied and quickly looked away. A little confused Mimi went back to washing her body.

Once they were done the two of them headed outside where they caught sight of Tai parked outside sitting on his motorcycle

"Well if it isn't my two favorite ladies." He said in a cocky tone walking over to them.

Sora smiled as he walked over to them, she then wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a kiss. "Hey beautiful." Tai said once they separated

"Hey yourself." She replied.

Tai smiled and looked over at Mimi "Hey Meem's."

"Hi Tai." The cinnamon haired girl replied

Tai grinned "So, you two have fun?"

"Well I did, but then again I won." Mimi said sounding rather proud of herself.

Tai laughed, he then took the bags that contained the girl's tennis gear and led them over to his bike and placed them in the side car after helping Mimi in. Soon the threesome were riding down the street headed towards the housing complex that Mimi was staying at.

Tai and Mimi were talking about something, Sora meanwhile sat in silence her arms wrapped around her boyfriends waist and her head on his shoulder simply enjoying the feel of him. Soon enough though the ride came to an end and they parked outside their destination.

"Thanks for the ride." Mimi said climbing out of the sidecar and fishing out her bag "You two want to come up?"

"Sorry, I got to help my mother at the flower shop because she won't hire an assistant." Sora replied

"Oh, ok then." Mimi replied sounding slightly disappointed "I'll so you both later then."

She then leaned forward and embraced Tai and gave him a peck on the cheek before giving one to Sora on the lips. For the brief moment that the kiss lasted Sora saw a brief image of Mimi in the shower. Mimi flashed them both a smile before heading inside.

Later evening Sora was lying in bed staring at the ceiling, the day's events flashing through her mind. Images of Mimi in the shower as well as the brief yet passionate make out session she had with Tai just before her shift at the shop. She knew that she should be feeling guilty about having attractions to someone else however she didn't.

She recalled their last night out, the two of them had gone out, it had been a fun evening however one part in particular

"Y'know Sora, you're really something." Mimi told the red head her words slurred slightly "You pretty much went to pieces after that jerk Matt left and now look at ya, you've got a great life, a bright future and a total hottie for a boyfriend."

She then downed her drink and motioned to the bartender for another "Your so lucky, Tai is a great guy. I'd wouldn't mind taking crack at him myself if there was a chance to receive even a fraction of the love he gives you."

Sora then recalled Mimi telling her that she had once been in love with Tai but had never got a chance to tell him her feelings, and it seemed that such feelings hadn't faded that much over time.

Just then Sora sat up, a look of inspiration on her face that quickly changed into a sly grin. Quickly she reached for her cell phone that was located on her bedside table and began going through all her contact numbers

'I know just what to get Tai for his birthday as well as just who to get help me.'

Tai let out a sigh as he entered his apartment and closed the door behind him. It had been quite an evening. Along with the members of the digidestined several of his other friends had gone out for a night, including some that had made the trip to Tokyo especially for tonight.

Naruto Uzumaki and his girlfriend Sakura Haruno, who brought along Kiba Inuzuka (who had insisted on bringing his pet Akamaru), Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga, Choji Akimichi, Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, Rock Lee, Neji Hyuga, Tenten along with a guy named Gaara and his sister Temari.

His duelist friends Jaden Yuki who had finally gotten together with Alexis Rhodes, along with Syrus and Zane Truesdale, Alexis's brother Atticus, Kenzan 'Sarge' Hassleberry, Bastion Misawa, Chazz Princeton, Mindy and Jasmine, Blair Flannigan, Aster Phoenix, Jessie Anderson, Jim 'Crocodile' Cook and Axel Brodie.

Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki who he'd met on a trip to Karakura Town had brought along their friends Orihime Inoue, Tatsuki Arisawa, Yasutora 'Chad' Sado, Uryū Ishida and Renji Abarai.

And Edward Elric and his brother Al along with their old friend Winry and Ed's girlfriend Rose, who Tai had met whilst on a soccer tour to Germany.

AN: Before I start getting negative comments about who's paired with who. Yeah I'm a Naruto Sakura supporter, sue me. Same goes for Ichigo and Rukia. And as for Ed and Rose, I don't hate Winry I just prefer Rose. Its my prefrence, your welcome to your own.

It had been a pretty good evening which had started at quite a nice restaurant that had moved on to a club before slipping into a small bar for another round of drink before calling it a night.

What had struck him as odd was that both Sora and Mimi had slipped away from the rest of the party earlier that evening which he was disappointed about. Shaking his head and realizing he'd just have to talk to Sora in the morning, Tai took off his jacket and kicked off his shoes with the full intention of heading to the bathroom and splash some water on his face before hitting the hay.

Entering the room he walked over to the basin rolling up the sleeves of his shirt as he did turning on the tap he cupped his hands under the water gathering a small puddle before splashing it on his face letting the liquid to roll down his face. Had he not been so focused on what he was doing he would have heard the sound of someone approaching him from behind and didn't realize it until he felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck

"Hey there birthday boy." A feminine sounding voice cooed before planting a kiss on the back of his neck

"Sor…" Tai tried to say however one of her hands came up and covered his mouth

"Shhh, don't say anything. Hold your tongue, until I can find a better use for it." Sora replied in a teasing tone.

She then removed her hands from his body, the next thing Tai knew something dark was draped over his eyes and tightened around his head

"Sora, what are you doing?" he asked as he felt himself being turned around before being walked to whatever his girlfriend had in store for him. The sound of a door opening caught his attention and soon he felt the temperature become warmer.

"Enjoy the moment Taichi-kun, this is the best birthday you're ever going to have." Sora whispered into his ear as she turned him, round.

Tai then felt another pair of hands which then ran over his chest before beginning to undo the buttons of his shirt which was then followed by the unfastening of his belt, then in one quick movement he felt him jeans fall down.

Sora and whoever was with her then pushed him and he landed on something soft yet firm, no doubt his bed. He got a further surprise when he felt both of them grabbed his wrists before they were bound.

"What are you doing?" Tai asked as he felt his jeans and socks being removed.

"Do you really want to know?" he heard Sora ask in a sing-song voice "Alright then, I suppose you've been kept in the dark long enough."

Tai felt the material around his eyes being undone, he then blinked a few times adjusting to the rather dim light. The sight before him was amazing, the entire room was light with a dozen candles and the sheets he lay on as well as the material that held him felt smooth and cool and was covered his flowers

'Silk sheets and rose petals, how cliché.'

But it was the sight of what stood at the foot of the bed that took his breath away. Stood there was Sora, he hair tied up in a bun with four chopstick dressed in a lavender silk robe as well a pair of matching silk stockings.

"So, you like what you see birthday boy?" the red head said in a sultry tone

"Well there are worse things to look at after you've been tied up." Tai replied

"Glad you approve, however I can't take all the credit. I'm sure my partner in crime would like to be acknowledged for her role in this too." Sora replied pointing to the right.

Slightly confused Tai followed her finger and saw Mimi seated on his chest of draws, dressed in the same matter as Sora although her robe was a soft pink.

"Hey there Tai." She said blowing him a kiss.

She then got up and walked to his stereo and pressed a button and Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles rendition of The Look of Love was heard

AN If your confused it's the version that was used in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

Smiling Mimi then walked over to Sora "Happy Birthday Tai, hope you like your present."

The two of them then walked to either side of the bed and climbed on kneeling either side of Tai's legs. Sora cupped Mimi's face with her hands whilst Mimi's traveled the length of her body, caressing it through the material. Mimi brushed her tongue across Sora's lips seeking permission to enter to which the red head instantly complied opening her mouth and they kissed passionately, they kissed and hugged with each other for a while.

Fortunately for the three of them Palmon Biyomon were spending the night at their partner's respective homes whilst Agumon was at Tai's parents for the night, so no they had no worries of being disturbed.

Sora had to admit that kissing Mimi was different, not bad but different. It seemed... maybe a little more sensual then any she had received from either Matt or Tai.

Sora took hold of the cord around Mimi's waist and untied it whilst Mimi did the same, their kisses never ceasing, once the cords were untied Sora's hands traced their way up Mimi's body to her shoulders whilst Mimi mirrored her movements and gently slipped the garment off revealing that they were both wearing a silk babydoll that were the same color of their robes.

'Whoa, and how long she's had this little number?' Tai wondered.

The show continued and pretty soon both girls had removed their babydoll's as well as their stockings revealing they both wearing a silk bra and matching thong and garter belt.

"Sora-chan," Mimi managed to say in a breathless whisper once their lips had parted once more "I think maybe Taichi-kun might be feeling a little left out."

"You maybe right Mimi-chan, after all it would be rude of us to not let him join in." Sora replied

"We've been very bad girls; he may have to spank us later." Mimi said in a mock serious voice.

The two of them giggled before separating and crawled over to where they captive lay and lay down on either side of him

"Happy birthday Taichi-kun." The both said in a sultry tone before both planting a kiss on either cheek. The two of them began planting kisses on him face and neck whilst running their hands over his toned athletic body.

A small smile appeared on Sora's face seeing how much Mimi was enjoy herself, had it been any other girl kissing her boyfriend she would have been so pissed and probably punched her. However Mimi was her friend and she trusted her, besides this was just as much for her as it was a present for Tai, plus she had to admit it was kinda hot.

Mimi could hardly believe what she was doing, how many nights had she dreamed of being with him like this. Once during a chat with some of the girls that she'd met whilst in America the topic had somehow turned to love or more precisely the exact moment you knew you were in love. Mimi had almost scoffed, of course she knew, she could recall every exact detail of the exact moment she fell in love.

It had been when she had been kidnapped and held prisoner in the convention center during Mytoismon's occupation of Odaiba, she had just escaped from a group of Bakemon when from seemingly out of nowhere Tai appeared the sight of him standing there made her heart beat faster and a feeling that she's not felt before boil up from the pit of her stomach, together they rode out atop of Greymon's back she held as tightly to him as possible.

However observing the way Tai and Sora interacted it was pretty clear that whatever she felt for him would have to be kept to herself. So when Sora called her up and asked her to seek her participation in this she jumped at it realizing she may never get another chance.

Here she was with him conveying all her needs and feeling through her actions, and it felt good so much so to hell with what happens tomorrow or even an hour from now, she would lived only for this moment and if this was a dream then she was going to let it last as long as it could.

Tai stared up at his cinnamon haired friend who was running her fingers through his hair and licking his earlobe "Mimi, why are you doing this?" he asked

"Because I…I need this. I'm doing this because I might never get another chance to. I've wanted this for such a long time, I've wanted to show you for a long time but…I was scared, scared that you would reject me." She then leaned in closer to him

"I…Love…you." She then pressed her lips her tongue slipping into his mouth.

Whilst Tai and Mimi were tongue wrestling Sora was heading her way south down her lover's body, running her tongue down his toned stomach momentarily dipping into his bellybutton before continuing coming to his pretty noticeable erection that was straining against the material of his boxer shorts.

She took hold of the garment and pulled them down past his knees and finally over his feet and tossed into a corner of the room (careful that it didn't hit or land near any of the candles), and there he was in all his glory standing proud and erect and whilst not huge (like some fan fiction writers who give their male characters huge cocks when they write lemons) he was slightly larger then average and besides she knew from past experience just how good he was with his 'not so little man'.

Taking hold of the base of the engorged item of flesh and muscle into her hand and began stroking him earning her an aroused grunt from him, she chuckled before licking him from the base all the up to the tip all the while still stroking him earning her more sounds of arousal from him. Mimi parted her lips from his and looked over at Sora "Ohh that looks fun to play with. Mind if I gave it a try?"

She then crawled over and lay on the bed taking the head of Tai's member in her hand and planted a kiss on it, then together both girls began their assault of licking kissing and jerking him and soon Tai began to feel a warm feeling welling up inside him signaling her was close and both girls moved up to the tip of his cock and began a combination of licking it and tongue wrestling with each other

"Mimi…Sora, I think I'm gonna…" before he could even finish several jet of his hot seed were fired out of him staining both girls faces and hair.

"I'm…I'm sorry…" Tai gasped out feeling a mixture of both pleasure and guilt. He was quickly silenced when Sora scooped up some of his spent load that had splattered on her face with her finger and licked it off.

She then scooped up some that had gathered on Mimi's chin and offered it to her; Mimi stared at it for few moments in uncertainty before licking it off. Sora grinned

"Say Tachi-kun, doesn't Mimi-chan look cute with your cum all over her face." She took hold of Mimi's shoulder and began licking the remaining cum off her face, once she was done Mimi then repeated her actions.

"Say Sora I think we've teased Taichi-kun enough by now, what say we move onto the main event?" Mimi asked

"Yes I do, the foreplay has been fun but it's no way as good as the real thing." Sora replied.

She and Mimi shared another kiss began removing one another's remaining garments giving the bounded Yagami a good view of both their bodies. Mimi glanced over at Sora who gave her a small nod which made her smile, the two of them then crawled over to the headboard where the young mans wrists were bound and untied them

"Trust me, you'll need your hands for this." Sora said. Mimi then positioned herself over him, taking his cock in her hand holding it ridged as she lowered herself onto it a moan passing her lips as she did. She sat there for a few moments before easing herself up and lowering herself again, repeating the process her movements gaining momentum with each one.

Tai's hands snaked their way towards the girl's thighs running them up her silky legs and to her waist where her took hold of her aiding her in her ministrations beginning to thrust into her.

Just then Sora leaned in placing her hands onto his head and bring his lips to hers kissing him hungrily muffling him moans of pleasure. After ten to fifteen seconds Sora pulled away from him, positioning herself over him with her moist vagina an inch away from his face

"I said I'd find a better use for your tongue Taichi-kun."

Getting her meaning Tai reached forward running a finger along the slit, testing the waters so to speak, earning him a moan from Sora, satisfied Tai reaching forward with his tongue and ran it across her lips tasting the slightly tangy tasting fluid.

He then parted Sora's lips and delved in again this time allowing his tongue to enter her body and after a moment of searching found what he was looking for: a small cluster of nerve endings that if brushed against could make a woman weak at the knees reducing her to moaning like an alley cat in heat.

Tai's tongue slashed inside her slit, striking her clitoris with so much force that it vibrated. Sora moaned in pleasure and her body jerked. Meanwhile Mimi too was moaning constantly now, deciding to shared some of her pleasure and leaned forward cupped Sora's breasts with her hands kneading them and playing her left nipple whilst taking the right in the mouth and began suckling on it.

Tai parted Sora's pussy lips with his fingers so he could get a better view of her enlarged clitoris. He then began nibbling at it and flicking his tongue over it, side to side and up and down. Sora was thrown into ecstasy and she was loving it. Sora was bucking her hips and shoving her boyfriends face hard into her cunt.

Tai could feel her tensing, building up to a tremendous orgasm and within seconds Sora gave a loud groan and Tai was rewarded with a fresh wave of the red heads juices, Sora bucking her hips madly against Tai's face as he lapped up every last drop he could.

It was also around the same time that Mimi experienced the same thing, her own fluids coating Tai's cock that was still pounding mercilessly into her, not long after that Tai experienced his own orgasm firing his seed deep inside into Mimi's womb.

Sweating and panting Sora climbed off of Tai whilst Mimi removed his organ from her body, the both of them then collapsed either side of Tai where they lay waiting for the afterglow of their orgasm's to subside.

"You're pretty good Tai, now I can see why Sora's always raving about you when we talk about boys." Mimi panted, a small blush on her face.

"Glad I could live up to the hype. You weren't bad yourself." Tai replied before giving her a small kiss.

"Hey what am I, chopped liver." Sora said punching her lover playfully

"Hey I couldn't forget you babe, even if I wanted to. Not that I ever would mind you." Tai said in a cocky tone before giving the red head a kiss which was both longer and passion fuelled.

"Nice recovery." Sora said once they were done

"I thought so." Tai replied.

The two of them shared another kiss before Sora got up and repositioning herself laying her back on his chest "Hope your not too shagged out yet lover, its my turn now."

Tai's arms snaked around her body cupping her breasts kneading them and toying with her nipples. Mimi meanwhile had crawled between the two lovers legs taking hold of Tai's cock, she then began running her tongue over it tasting both his and her juices from their recent session.

Once the item in question was once more enlarged and erect the golden brown haired beauty slipped it inside the folds of her best friend who began grinding against it which was followed by Tai beginning to thrust into her. Then Mimi did something that caught the young man by surprise by gently taking his balls in hand and started to lick them.

Tai was very surprised by this and came almost at once in Sora. She continued to suck and fondle Tai's balls and even a few times licked his cock when he would pull out of Sora, before thrusting back in again.

Sora groaned in pleasure as she felt Tai push hard to get himself deep within her. With each thrust the two of them gained momentum till they established a firm steady Rythem the two of them grunting with pleasure as he slid in and out of her.

Mimi had since ceased her ministrations on Tai's genitals and was climbing on top of Sora planting a trail of kisses from her abdomen all the way up to her neck before reaching her head, the two of them then began another round of kissing, their tongue's battling for supremacy.

As they did one of Sora's hands snaked its way down her back and over her butt and finding her vagina, she then eased her fingers inside and began to massage Mimi's clits. Mimi was quickly thrown into ecstasy and began kneading the copper haired girls breasts, Sora felt so good and returned the favor by slipping another finger inside her and began thrusting them even faster.

The three of them could feel themselves building to their respective climaxes, they tried to suppress it as much as they would not wanting the pleasure to end but pretty soon they could suppress it no longer.

Sora screamed and moaned as Tai pumped hard and then he fired his remaining seed into her. Sora could feel his throbbing dick and her juices combined. Mimi also reached climax and juices flowing out to Sora's fingers, removing them Sora then offered her cum coated fingers to her and she gratefully licked it off.

The three of them collapsed on the bed, tiredness was beginning to overcome them. Both girls snuggled up to Tai who had grabbed the sheet that was at the foot of the bed and covered them with it

"So Taichi, did you like your present?" Sora asked in a tired voice.

"Best present I ever got, I can't wait to see how you're going to top this next year." Tai replied

"Well you're just going to have to wait and see." Sora said in a teasing manner, they both looked over at Mimi to find that sleep had already claimed her, snoring lightly.

The two of them glanced at one another a small grin on their faces and shared another kiss before settling down themselves the candles burning themselves out just as they succumbed to slumbers embrace.

Tai had a small smile on his face as he did, yes this had certainly been a good day.

AN And with that this little project is over. I wrote this in part because it is my birthday on friday, I'll be 23, and I wanted to shared the occasion with you all with this. Oh god I just realized in 8 more years I'll be 30. Anyway there was going to be a small epilouge to this however I wrote it and didn't like it too much, depending on the reponce this gets I'll rewrite it and post it for your reading pleasure. Anyway hope you enjoyed this, I tried make this more then just your adverage piece of smutt. Send me your comments and tell me what you think and I'll see you all next time. Till then peace out yo.