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Birthday Surprise

Time is something we have no control over, no matter how much we would like to sometimes prevent it forever moves forward. The night gave way and soon enough the sun rose signaling the start of a new day.

Sora let out a groan as her eyes lids grudgingly parted before closing them again and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Once she was thinking semi-clearly the first thing she noticed was that Tai was missing, the only ones in the room were herself and Mimi who was still asleep. A smirk on her face the red head leaned over and gave her friend a shake.

"Meem's, Meem's. Wakey wakey sleeping beauty."

Mimi groaned and pulled the sheet over her head however she eventually succumbed to Sora's efforts to wake her. Satisfied Sora then got up and began searching for her panties that had been tossed aside the night before slipping them on once she'd found them along with her robe as well as tossing Mimi her own similar articles of clothing.

The two of them exited the bedroom and entered the kitchen, standing there at the stove wearing a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt making what appeared to be pancakes. As if sensing their presence the young man looked over his shoulder and smiled.

"Morning you two, my thanks for treating me to such a beautiful sight this fine morning." He said a cheery tone.

"God that is so cheesy." Sora scoffed.

"Maybe, but you also can't deny it." The brunette haired man said in a matter-o-fact-way.

Deciding not to argue Sora went over to the fridge whilst Mimi sat down at the table, the red head sat down next to her placing various items on the table such as syrup and milk. Tai then placed a plate before them which had a stack on them and once they had settled on their morning beverages the three of them settled down to enjoy the morning meal.

Soon as she finished Sora got up from the table saying she had to cover a shift at her mother's shop so she needed to get showered and dressed leaving Tai and Mimi to their own devises, however this suited Tai just fine as he had some questions that he needed Mimi to answer.

"Mimi, not that I didn't appreciate what you did but I have to know, why did you agree to last night?" Mimi placed her glass of orange juice back on the table; suddenly she didn't fancy her breakfast anymore.

"Mimi…I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, you don't have to tell me." Tai said not wanting to see her upset.

"No it's alright, I should really tell you." Mimi said a sad smile appearing on her face, "Remember what I told you last night, I love you Tai, I have for a long time and I wanted to tell you for a long time, but I used to see the looks that you would give Sora and I'd get depressed because I knew you'd never look at me like that."

She fell silent; her eyes began to water so she turned away as she didn't want him to see her this way "Then when Sora told me about her plans for your birthday I jumped at the chance, I thought that maybe if I could have just one night with you showing the same kind of love that you show Sora I could be happy..."

She couldn't hold it anymore, she couldn't hold back her tears anymore. "I…I love you, I love you so much that it kills me inside knowing that you'll never love me back."

Mimi was suddenly caught by surprise when she felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around her waist and her head pressed against Tai's chest.

Tai brought and hand up to her face and began brushing her tears away and made small 'shhing' noises in an effort to calm her. "Mimi, I love you too, choosing between you and Sora was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. When I first met you I'll admit I didn't think too much of you but over our adventure you matured and grew into the smart loving compassionate person before me now. Then when you moved away and told us about that guy Michael I got disheartened because it felt that I would never get the chance to tell you just what you meant to me. And then Sora started dating Matt and I went through it all again, two of the most important people in my life had been taken away from me and I felt so down."

Mimi stared into the chocolate brown orbs before her, her eyes beginning to tear up again.

"Mimi, please don't cry." Tai pleaded "I hate it when people important to me cry."

"Baka, I'm crying because I'm happy you said that." Mimi replied, rubbing her eyes. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and crushed their lips together that lasted for twenty seconds.

They then broke apart the two of them still staring at one another, Tai grinned at her mischievously "Wanna go surprise Sora in the shower?"

She returned his impish grin with one of her own "Sounds like fun."

Inside the bathroom Sora stood inside the shower allowing the water to cascade over her, images of the previous night activities, the feeling of being sandwiched between Tai and Mimi, her cinnamon haired friend sucking on her nipples like a babe whilst she was fingering her friend's pussy and her boyfriend fucked her at the same time.

Just the memory of it was making her horny and she was silently cursing her mother for having to go and spend her morning in the flower shop. She was so caught up in relieving last night's events she didn't hear the bathroom door open nor did she notice she had company when two bodies pressed themselves against her wrapping an arm around her waist whilst another two snaked down her stomach and towards her abdomen.

"Hello Sora-chan." A voice whispered into her ear.

"Hope you don't mind us dropping in like this?" said a second, neither one even trying to disguise the tone of lust in their voices.

Just then the two of them pressed their lips to the red heads face, before spinning her round and she found herself face to face with both Tai and Mimi both of them with lust burning in their eyes.

"Wha...what are you doing?" she asked, a little taken aback.

"What, you really think I'm going to let you get away with what you did to me last night?" Mimi told her before grabbing the red head and crushed their lips together. Standing back Tai watched the pair as they made out, his dick getting harder by the second.

Just then Sora and Mimi broke their lip lock and looked over at Tai, both of them wearing a devious look on their faces.

"Mimi, doesn't Tai look all lonely over there?" Sora said to her friend.

"So he does Sora, maybe we should ask him if he wants to play too." Mimi replied.

They then grabbed him and pulled him over to them, before they kissed his on the lips at the same time Sora sucked on the top right of his mouth while her tongue went in his mouth as Mimi sucked the bottom left, with her tongue snaking its way inside his mouth as well. Breaking the lip lock Tai wrapped an arm around both of them bringing them close to his body and cupped one of their breasts and began massaging in whilst squashing the others together and began running his tongue over them.

"T...Taichi." Sora gasped.

"Tai, that feels so good." Mimi managed to say before letting out a moan.

The two of them grabbed hold of his hardened member and began stroking him, their actions resulting in him letting out a moan into their breasts.

"Does that feel good Taichi?" Sora managed to ask between moans.

Tai didn't answer; instead he merely redoubled his efforts on Sora and Mimi's breasts. This went on for several minutes until Tai took hold of both girls arms and led them out of the shower and bathroom and back to the bed room where he threw the pair of them back onto the bed.

"If you two don't mind, there's something I want to try." Before either of them could say anything Tai pushed Sora onto the bed before placing Mimi on top of her.

"Tai, what are you doing?" Mimi asked, curious about the brunette was about to do.

Tai said nothing and only grinned lustfully as he approached the pair and slid his cock between their pussies and began thrusting the act catching both girls completely by surprise although not an unpleasant one. The two of them began moaning as Tai's hardened manhood repeatedly brushed against the nub of nerve endings.

"I take it your enjoying this." Tai managed to say between grunts.

"Tai, you pervert." Mimi managed to gasp out.

"Oh is that so." Tai replied, "I guess I'll stop then."

"Don't you dare." Sora growled.

Tai smirked and began to quicken his thrusts, soon enough he could feel a warm tingling in his nether region and several spurts of his sticky mess shot out coating both Sora and Mimi's stomachs and crotches.

"Ohh Taichi you made a mess on our tummies." Mimi said in a childish tone.

Tai let out a chuckle, "You're probably the only person I know who could say that who could say that at your age and still sound adorable."

A coy smile spread across Mimi's lips, "Oh believe me I can be more than just adorable."

She then leaned towards Sora and captured her lips with her own which went on for several seconds, Tai, who had started to go soft after shooting his load, began to feel aroused again by the sight. Once the two girls separated Mimi positioned herself over Sora's stomach and began licking off Tai's sperm, every time she traveled downwards towards Sora's crotch Mimi would tease the red head by momentarily running her tongue over Sora's clit before travelling back towards her stomach.

It took a full minute for Mimi to finish, most likely because she wanted to tease Sora as much as she could.

"Wow." Sora gasped out, "I…I didn't know you could do that."

Mimi smiled, "Let's just say I've had some practice."

Mimi chuckled and leaned towards Sora again, "You know Sora I think I could very easily fall in love with you."

"Is that so," Sora replied, "You may want to consider your choice of words Meem's because I might just hold you to them."

She then looked over at her boyfriend, "You might have to watch out Taichi, seems like you may have some competition."

Tai laughed, "Oh don't worry, I think I'm up to the challenge."

Sora the rose up and began licking Tai's seed off of Mimi's stomach at one point scooping some up with her finger and offering it to her which the cinnamon haired beauty accepted without hesitation.

The three of them spent the rest morning and early afternoon like that, in Tai's bed performing sexual acts on one another only stopping to catch their breath eat and the odd bathroom break before getting back to it. Once it was over the trio collapse on the bed with Tai in the middle and the two girls lying either side of him.

"Wow, I have to be the luckiest guy on the face of this planet right now." Tai said, a big shit eating grin spread across his face.

"Glad you enjoyed yourself." Sora replied breathing heavily.

"Hey I don't think I heard you complaining at any point." Mimi commented.

All three of them laughed at this, they then lay there until the Tai's phone began ringing.

Groaning Tai reached over to the table beside his bed and reached around for his phone. "Hello."

–Hi Tai.- Came the voice at the other end.


-Wow, you must have really enjoyed yourself last night. You usually wake up around noon.- Kari said playfully.

"What are you talking about?" Tai asked, he then looked over at his alarm clock and saw it read 2 PM, 'Yeesh…' "Why are you calling anyway?"

–Oh just to let know I'm coming round to drop Agumon off. I'll be at your place in about twenty minutes.- with that she hung up.

Tai stared at the phone for several seconds, "Oh shit…"

"Tai, what is it?" Sora asked as Tai scrambled out of bed and went on a mad dash looking for his clothes.

"That was Kari, she's on her way over now." Tai replied as he pulled his boxers on. That said a feeling of panic gripped Sora and Mimi and the two of them began scrabbling for their own clothes.

An hour later Sora open the door of her bedroom finding Biyomon lying on her bed.

"Sora, your back." The pink bird chirped cheerfully as she hopped off the bed and went to go greet her.

"Hi Biyo." Sora replied as Biyomon attached herself to her leg, "Sorry I didn't come home last night, I had to give Tai his present."

"Oh, that's ok I guess." Biyomon said, "So did he like it?"

A devious grin spread across Sora's face. "Oh I would say so." 'And he's not the only one.'

Ten years later

Tai walked down the street towards the house that he and his family now lived in. As he drew closer he noticed a crowd of people gathered in the road in front of his driveway, confused slightly he walked up to see what was going on. Standing there in the centre of the circle were two boys one who looked to be around 14 whilst the other appeared to be only 5.

Tai instantly recognized the younger boy as his son Akira, the boy had hair that resembled a shorter version of the one he had sported in his younger years, even now he resembled his father despite his hair and eye color being that of his mother a shade of cinnamon brown.

Both boys had a duel disk strapped to their arm however Akira was at a pretty large disadvantage, his opponent (OLP: 4000) had Trident Dragon (3000/2800) on offence and Exxod, Master of The Guard (0/4000) on defense whilst Akira had nothing. Fortunately for him it was his turn.

(ALP: 1000) Akira drew "I play the spell Card of Sanctity, now we both get to draw until we both have six cards."

Both of them drew, Akira looked at the cards at the cards he had drawn then picked one a sent it to the graveyard. "I discard 1 card to special summon The Tricky (2000/1200) from my hand."

Just then a figure wearing a yellow and black costume with a blue cape and wearing a mask with a question mark on it appeared.

"Ha that was pointless, all you've done is guarantee my victory when I attack you next turn." Akira's opponent bragged. "Maybe if I was to end my turn now, but I'm not done." Akira replied "Now I summon the Tuner Monster, Nitro Synchron (300/100)." a red and white can with arms and legs appeared "Now I tune my Nitro Synchron and The Tricky to Synchro summon Nitro Warrior (2800/1800)."

The two monsters vanished and in their place was a green skinned horned creature with what like a jet engine on its back.

"That's your big play, sorry but that green skinned freak doesn't hold a candle to my Trident Dragon."

"I'm aware of that, but there's one thing you haven't considered. Nitro Sychron's special ability" Akira replied, "When Nitro Sychron is used in a Synchro Summon, I get to draw 1 more card."

Akira placed his pointer and middle fingers on top of his deck and slowly drew the top card, just then a smile appeared on his face. "I now play the equip spell Junk Barrage and equip it to my Nitro Warrior which in turn activates his special ability. During the turn I played a spell card, Nitro Warrior's attack point's increase by 1000 points. Nitro Warrior, attack…"

The engine on the green skinned demon's back flared into life and launched itself at Trident Dragon, slamming its fist into the demon dragons face (NW 2800→3800). The dragon let out a cry before his shattered into data (OLP: 3200)

"You punk." The teen growled.

Akira looked at him a small smirk on his face. "You like that, cos there's more. The effect of Junk Barrage now kicks in, when a monster equipped with it destroys an opponent's monster they get hit for damage equal to half their destroyed monster's attack points." (OLP: 2700)

"I now play Nitro Warrior's other ability, when he destroys an opponent's monster in battle, I can switch 1 face-up defensive monster your field to attack mode. Doing so allows Nitro Warrior to attack again." Exxod, who had been kneeling wit its arms folded across its chest suddenly stood up.

"Nitro Warrior end this, Dynamite Knuckle…" the green skinned creature's engine roared once more into life launching itself at the large stone creature slamming its fist into its chest causing to shatter into rubble. (OLP: 0).

Tai smiled at this, despite only being five Akira was already a skilled duelist, heralded by many as being a dueling genius especially as he had adapted so quickly to the use of Synchro and Tuner monsters. 'Just wait kid, what I'm working on with Jaden at Kaiba Corp will totally revolutionize dueling. Project Duel Runner is gonna blow the dueling world away.'

He then began applauding and everyone looked round and saw him. "Tou-san." Akira cried out running over to his father.

"Hey there kiddo." Tai replied as the boy wrapped his arms around one of his legs. "Did you see it, tou-san? Did you, I won." The boy said excitedly.

"Yeah I saw, nice work." Tai told him as he scooped the child into his arms and lifted him onto his back where the child wrapped his arms around his neck. Tai then glanced over at the other kids that were around him "Any reason you're still hanging around in my driveway?"

They quickly dispersed after that. Satisfied Tai walked over to his house retrieving his keys and opened the front door and headed inside. He then lifted his son off his back and placed him on the ground and he immediately hurried off upstairs, Tai shook his head and entered the kitchen a smile spread across his face when he saw a red haired figure standing at the counter making a cup of tea wearing a pair of demine shorts as well as a pink t-shirt and with one of his shirts worn over the top revealing a fair sized bulge in her stomach. He made his was over to her and placed his hands around her, just above her belly, and kissed her cheek.

"Hey babe."

Sora smiled and looked over her shoulder at him

"Hey there yourself." She told him. Tai had just gone back to ravishing her neck when Akira entered the kitchen.

"Eww, that's gross."

Looking round both adults saw the young child standing in the doorway. "Hey don't knock it until you've tried it son," Tai told him "One day you'll be an adult and will get to do it to your wife."

"Ick, no way. Girls are gross." Akira protested.

"I'm sure your mother would love to hear you say that." Sora deadpanned.

"So tou-san, did you get it?" Akira asked bounding up to his father.

Smirking Tai reached into his jacket and pulled out a white card "You would happen to mean this, would you?" he said playfully handing it to his son who gave a yelp of excitement.

"Alright I finally have Road Warrior (3000/1500), thanks tou-san."

Tai chuckled and ruffled his son's hair who had attached himself to his leg. "Now you little monster, where's your mother at?"

"Don't worry; I got a call from her from the studio an hour ago to tell me what time the crew would be wrapping up so she should be home any time now." Sora told him. No sooner than these words left the red head's mouth the sound of a car was heard outside and half a minute later the front door opened in walked a woman with long cinnamon that hung down to her waist.

"Kaa-san." Akira yelled excitedly.

"Hi there my little man, have you been a good boy for daddy and Sora?"

Tai crossed over to the pair and ruffled his son's hair, "Don't worry, he was as good as gold."

He then looked down at Akira, "Why don't you head upstairs, daddy needs to talk to talk with mommy."

Although not liking the idea of his parents Akira reluctantly headed off out of the kitchen. With that all three adults sat down at the table and began talking, Tai telling them the news he'd gotten from their partners in the digital world (who ironically were living together as well). Mimi watched as Tai wrapped his arm around Sora, he'd been doing that and other such things lately but she couldn't fault him really after all Sora was pregnant.

Not long after the night of fun the three of them had the Mimi had been forced to move out of the housing complex she'd been staying in due to the placing closing down and being the guy that he was Tai let her move in with him, things were a little tense at first, mostly because Sora was a little paranoid that Mimi was going to jump her boyfriend. So much so she quickly left home and moved in with the two of them.

Things had been awequard beyween the three of them for a while until the trio finally gave up and gave into temptation, it was noy just the releasing of all the pent up sexual tension between the three of them but an expression of their feelings for one another.

When they were 26 Tai somehow got the money together to take the three of them to Mexico so the three of them could get married. The trip was special for another reason as on the trip they discovered that Mimi was pregnant, nine months later Mimi gave birth to Akira and Tai was overjoyed, he was married to the two most beautiful girls he knew and now he had a son.

The three of them chatted for a few minutes until both Sora and Mimi got up from the table telling their husband they had a surprise for him and told him to close his eye, a minute later he was told to open them again he found the lights had been dimmed and found Mimi and Sora either side of him as well as Akira who was next to his leg.

"Happy Birthday Taichi-kun." Both women cooed.

"Happy Birthday tou-san." Akira added.

Tai looked at the trio, his face expressing his surprise. "You guys, this is so unexpected especially since my birthday isn't for another 2 days."

"We know, however because of your boss you're not going to be around to celebrate it so we figured we'd celebrate it now." Mimi told him. She the leaned in close and whispered in his ear "Plus Sora and I have a very special present to give you once Akira is asleep."

Tai glanced at both her and Sora and a smile spread across his face, 'Oh yes my life is good…'

AN And here it is the long awaited follow up to Birthday Suprise. Hope you enjoyed it, as with last year here is my birthday gift to all of you. Hope the ending wasn't too disapointed, to be honest I think another sex scene would have been the wrong way to end it. Anyway that's me done, remember to send your comments and I'll catch y'all next time.