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Chapter 2
Setting: In a Pokemon Grocery store buying snacks for a party...The time is night.

"Excuse me! Pardon me! Coming through! Out of my way!" Maggy exclaimed, pushing the food filled cart at full speed. She had lost track of her parents and sister and now was trying to find them again. She wasn't upset. She was used to it since it happens all the time. It's actually pretty fun...

Maggy made a sharp turn down an aisle, the cart almost tilting over. As she zoomed by, one of her hands reached out, grabbed a super-large bag of Doritos, and threw it into the cart before returning to help steer.

"Watch it! You almost ran over my baby!" A Kangaskan exclaimed angrily, placing her child back in her pouch. Maggy, still in a hurry, didn't stop, but she did glance back to apologize. Afterwards, she screeched around the end of the aisle and zoomed off to search in another likely place.

"How hard could it be to find Mom and Dad?" she asked herself. She passed a free sample stand and actually stopped. Again one of her hands floated over there and grabbed a bunch while the employee, an Ariados, wasn't looking. Putting all of them into her mouth, she hurried off to resume her mission.

Of course, being even slightly distracted while going at break-neck speed is bound to cause an accident...Maggy learned this when her cart collided with a Crobat's.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to play bumper carts..." She apologized (again!) as she helped the bat-like Pokemon gather his scattered items. The Poison/Flying-type smiled.

"It's okay, I actually like that game." Maggy smiled back as they finished organizing things. "What's the big hurry anyway? Someone's dying?" he asked curiously.

"No, not yet. I'm looking for my parents. They ditched me while I was daydreaming..." She sighed, lowering her ears. "...again."

The Crobat chuckled. "Well, if it helps, I saw a couple of Gengars and a Gastly by the icecream section."

Maggy perked up and took hold of her cart's handle. "Thank you!" The other Pokemon nodded as the Haunter rushed off again at top speed, having yet to learn her lesson.


Setting: Back at home. There is a party. Time is midnight.

Maggy peeked over the corner, her target in sight. She glanced around stealthily to make sure her parents weren't around to spoil her plan. They weren't. Chuckling, her hands moved towards her prey: The bag of Doritos.

A Murkrow, another family friend, was about to take some of the chips, but Maggy gave a possessive growl and slapped the dark bird's wing away. Then she carried the bag towards her and floated to the second floor, leaving the crow-like Pokemon astonished and slightly saddened.

Maggy moved to the TV, which the familiar Gastly trio, along with more Gastly friends, were watching. The Haunter joined them. Seeing their look of interest in the bag of crispy snacks, the 'protective-over-her-food' Ghost Pokemon made an announcement.

"Alright you miserable little Gastlys, these Dorito chips are reserved only for Haunters." she stated with a grin. Arianna, floating between Marie Louise and Elisa, titled slightly in confusion.

"But you're the only Haunter here!" she pointed out. Maggy's grin widened.

"Exactly." Some of her territorial behavior faded and she moved next to Elisa, holding the opening of the bag towards said companion. "Though I am willing to share with my favorite Gastly."

Elisa's look of insulted disbelief changed to a happy one. "Yay!" As she took some chips (don't ask how), Marie Louise gazed at Maggy with a hurt face. She didn't want the chips, as she didn't like Doritos (GASP!!), it was something else that bothered her.

"But I thought I was your favorite Gastly..." she muttered in dispair. Maggy's smile turned a lot more menacing and the smaller Pokemon knew what was coming...

"Yes, and you're also my favorite food, but we'll just keep that to ourselves, eh?"

As always, Marie Louise whimpered and Maggy chuckled.


Setting: Same as above, just later in the night...

Maggy waited impatiently by the door, still holding her bag of Doritos, which was now less than half empty. Her friend was later than expected and if he didn't show soon, she'll find him in school tomorrow and-

The door opened and a Sneasel with a ninja mask and a vertical scar on his left eye walked in.

"Zeek! Your late! How dare you!" she hissed softly, careful not to attract too much attention. There was a reason she invited him and that was to further talk about their plans and basically so she has someone to boss around...

Zeek, mostly the silent type, nodded in apology.

"Now c'mon. To the TV room to discuss what we need to do for tomorrow."

Maggy floated upstairs and the Dark/Ice-type followed obediently. Ignoring the Gastlys that were now having their own conversation, the duo began with the purpose of their meeting.

"Alright. Tomorrow, we will begin step one on our quest for world domination..." She paused, as if she forgot what step one was in her own plan. She tried to cover it by holding the bag out to her friend. "Want some Doritos?"

Zeek nodded again and took the bag, moving the bottom part of his mask so he can eat some. But, no doubt, Maggy's offer attracted the Gastly trio's attention.

"I thought you said only Haunters can have some." Arianna said almost angrily. Maggy chuckled and she would've shrugged if she had shoulders.

"And you're the only ones who actually took me seriously."

Again I'd like to thank SilverUmbra for awakening my world-domination side! Inspiration from her awesome kickass Registeel!

Zeek the Sneasel is based on what one of my friends wants to look like as a Pokemon. He basically got me to like Sneasels...

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