Hallo people! this is my first fanfiction!! yea, i was ixbitexu (was that correct?) if you remember me from Reviews. uuhh... yea so HAnatarou...is gonna be a Jinchuuriki. and a cool clumsy shinobi

The thing with Hanatarou being a shinobi from Naruto. I was sooo... inspired? i guess by Tsukasa of the Azure Sea's ANBU Shinigami. its a cool fanfiction, go give it a try. There's gonna be angst, i know that, and pardon me if the grammar in my story sucks. I reaallyy suck at grammar. the scene is gonna start when Hanatarou was slashed by Rukia in Hueco Mundo. after that it's allll made up. I hope I don't make any of the original bleach characters too OOC- I dun like it when that happens.. anyways, hope this is interesting for ya


Prelude- Jinchuuriki

The body of a small Shinigami lays unconscious, his body an inch deep in water.

"Oi, kid…brat…Hanatarou, wake up…I said, wake up…!"

Hanatarou groaned and slowly opened his eyes. Wait…did he open his eyes? Everything was pitch black!

'A-ah, I-I must be in my unconscious…,' Hanatarou thought. The cool darkness seemed to caress his skin, giving him goose bumps. He got up from the watery surface, but his body not wet from the water.

"Oh kiiid I know you're up now. It's been so long since we've had a one-on-one chat."

The little shinigami stiffened as he heard the husky voice. His head turned to the direction of the voice and saw a full-length mirror in the middle of the darkness. Gray-blue eyes narrowed slightly as Hanatarou slowly walked over to the mirror.

His reflection came into view.

It looked just like him but it wasn't him. Lazy, half-lidded golden eyes, arms crossed in an arrogant posture, and a sneer greeted him back. A complete contrast in personality to the real body.

"Yo," the reflection gave a mock salute. "It's been a long time since we've talked to each other."

Hanatarou ignored it and instead, scanned through the darkness for the familiar comforting spirit of a gourd flower.

"Hisagomaru isn't here. You forgot her back in Seireitei didn't you." The reflection let out a snicker at its host's guilty expression. "It's amazing how she puts up with it."

"What am I doing here? Why are you here?" Hanatarou mumbled. The laughter stopped and his reflection gave him a grave look.

"It's pathetic really… You forget your sword again. Then, you lose after one slash from a weak, little girl-"

"D-don't say that about Rukia-san!" Hanatarou stammered.

His reflection snarled.

"If it wasn't for me, you'd be dead! Just healing you halfway has depleted my energy. We were lucky your fukutaichou was nearby and did the rest of the healing. You know how cranky I can get when I'm tired."

Hanatarou let out a gasp as a hand shot out of the mirror to grasp his clothes and lift him up. The hand pulled him towards the mirror until he came face-to-face with his reflection.

"Be more careful, brat" It hissed, cold golden eyes glaring. Was that worry in its voice? The hand let go and the shinigami yelped as he fell to the wet floor. He hissed as he rubbed his sore bum.

"The seal your friend made…" Hanatarou froze and looked at the mirror in alarm. "W-what about the s-seal?!"

"It's breaking," It replied bluntly, "so either have him make a stronger one or you're just gonna have to deal with me keeping you company."

Hanatarou looked down. "Th-the seal is b-breaking, h-huh…"

"But," the reflection crouched down to meet Hanatarou's eyes. "I feel like you're gonna need the rest of your chakra as well as mine soon, anyways." It turned its head slightly as if it heard a sound.

"It seems like that fukutaichou chick of yours uhh…"

"Isane- fukutaichou…"

"Yea, yea. She's healed you up but is also still worried about you. So …I think it'd be best if you wake up now."

Hanatarou felt himself becoming drowsy, his vision blurring.

"Be grateful," he heard the low voice from the mirror. "This is one of the good things of being a Jinchuuriki. If you didn't have me…well, you'd be dead…wait…or is it reincarnated…? Gah, something like that…" The voice tuned out.

"Ah…th-thank you…" Hanatarou mumbled incoherently as he closed his eyes. 'Yeah…' he thought. 'This was one of the positive things…of being…a Jinchuuriki…'


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