No this isn't a new chapter as you can see... i am soooo sorry for those who've been waiting for so's been what...some months?!!! or something like that.

aahhh i'm sorry to say that i'm going to stop on this story. HOWEVER that doesnt mean i'm quitting on this...i'm planning on starting a new, different version of this storyline.

I couldn't think of anything and with school, exam and random other crap, i've....totally forgotten all about this story!!! (i knooo shame on meehh). i looked through my document and saw the file my story's on and was like "CRAP!...totally forgot about that!!" lol?

and i realized...i couldnt think of an ending to this story either!!!

and sooo...i'm planning on starting this story over...with more organization on ideas for a plot eheheheh...

and also, it's summer break!!! so there's plenty of time!!!...right?

so i hope that if i put up the new version of this story, you'll read that one ;


oh, has anyone watched Hetalia? i cant find episodes 19 and up!! ...and did you hear about some Koreans freaking out over the korean character in Hetalia? i dunno if the character's in the anime but in the manga, Korea grabs Japan's chest rofl.

i dun get what the big deal is and i'm korean too. the picture of korea grabbin japan made me laugh rofl... especially their expressions. it's like:

Korea: "I GOTCHA NOW!" or "YESH BOOBIES!" (although japan character is a dude lol)