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"Dan! Dan!" The indignant voice of young Robin made his presence known before he moved into Dan's line of sight. The young boy was holding Dan's eldest son in his arms.

"He's following me again!" Will had a contented smile on his face, seemingly oblivious of Robin's anger. Robin deposited his load on the floor with a scowl. Will jumped to his feet and clapped his hands.

"'Gain, Wobin, 'gain!"

"No, Will, not again! I want to play by myself." Robin shot a pleading look at the boy's father. Dan hid his smile and reached for his son.

"Come on, Will, leave Robin alone. Watch your father for a while."

"Yes, Will, watch your father. It will be much more interesting," Robin crowed. He turned to go, but Will slipped quickly from Dan's arms and ran after him.

"Wobin, where you goin'? I go!"

"I am going fishing with Much and you are too little. Now, go away!"

Will's eyes filled with tears.

"Too liddle?"

"Yes!" Robin sighed in exasperation, then seeing his tears, quickly amended his words, "You are too little to fish with Much and me, but you are just right size to help your father! You will be a big boy, won't you, and help your father?"

"Yes, I will! I big!" Will drew himself up to his full height, which, granted was not all that impressive.

"Yes, you are—very big! Now, goodbye!"

"Bye, Wobin! Catch big fishies! I help Father with his work!" The three-year-old bounced excitedly on his heels and waved. Robin, glad to have both gotten rid of Will and cheered him up, skipped merrily along his way. Dan, shook his head with a smile, and took his son's hand.

"Father, I big—Wobin said so. One day I be as big as him!"