The False Apocalypse

The Zate Saga

Chapter 1

The End of the Resistance

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The False Apocalypse – A New Beginning and The False Apocalypse – Rise of the Guardians

If you want to know what this story is about Read the Synopsis. I intend for this story to be LONG and this includes the preface (as I consider it) which culminates the first 9 chapters. It sets up the background for the main characters. If you skip the synopsis you may not understand where this is going until you hit the third chapter.

Synopsis: A man from a doomed world makes an attempt at time travel and ends up a dimension hopper with no control over which dimension he will see next. With each jump he gains new friends and allies. What untold horrors will his feeble attempts at peace unleash upon the multiverse? Read and see the trials and tribulations leading to the creation Inter-Dimensional Republic!

Main characters include a couple of OC's, Kenshin, Yoda, Windu, Naruto, and frequent showings of other characters accumulated along the way. Each will play their own key roles. This is not a crack story as so many dimension hoppers are.

-Let the Story Begin-


"Fate rarely calls upon us at the moment of our choosing," a wise statement from a wise warrior (Optimus Prime). Similarly, few of our heroes have ever waited upon its call before their time. Destiny calls those who are needed, not those who want to be. And so, destiny is forced upon our heroes' whether by the times or the conflict they come to fight.

Why them you may ask? Children dream of adventure, men dream of glory, it takes a mind with purer desires to become a true hero. It takes such a being to inspire the masses to fight for their future. No matter how great or how much is obtained, glory will fade and the adventure grow dull. Then those who dream of power must ask themselves… what good is power without purpose? Power without purpose merely leads to a life without harmony.

So come near and listen to this tale; the tale of a man who forsaking his past and even his future, finds purpose in saving worlds not his own. This is the story of one such hero, the story a man; once content with life, thrown deep into the misery of an unexpected war in worlds he never thought existed.

Who is this hero you might ask, man from a world too different from your own for you to care, perhaps? Perhaps yet, it is similar…too similar…"

Remember, the cost of change is innocence but hatred won't go down without a fight. Like a sinking ship it will expend every resource to take the final warrior down with it.

- Planet Earth: 2 AA (After Apocalypse)-

Deep in a dim and moist cavern, covered in tattered linens and lamenting refugees; a depressed and mournful warrior leaned exhaustedly against the cold stone wall. Covered in leather robes, earned through the spoils of war he sat, just warm enough to keep his sanity through the horrors he had seen. The young man in his mid twenties thought back on the horrors that caused his deplorable situation.

"The Year was 2132, two years since planet Earth fell into World War Three and with that drop entered into a conflict so horrendous it had been pronounced "The Apocalypse" by those who opposed its endless bloodshed. It's been just under a year since a once hidden group identifying itself as 'The Bones' revealed itself as the true ruler of the Americas and declared war on the world. This war is no longer a battle between nations, but between the 3 world powers remaining; The Bones, The United Asian Order, and The Holy Order of Mohamed. Three Organizations, Secret societies of radicals each with a desire to rule the world under the guise of powerful and well founded ideals, twisted by the greedy, sinful, bastards in charge. Everything we once thought true, was a lie of the most perverse nature."

"Most who had ever heard of the Bones dismissed it as another radical conspiracy theory until that fateful day when they revealed their presence. Now we know better. They had spent the better part of the last century gaining political influence and indoctrinating an increasingly significant portion of the supposedly democratic government. With every politician they paid off their society grew. All who entered found themselves neck deep in a society with every intention of assassinating anyone who didn't go along with their plans. Their methods were sneaky and manipulative. Through more paths than could be imagined they manipulated the people's will to elect. What few conspiracy theories there were out there where quenched quickly and relentlessly. Some through were made to look radical and insane. Others were simply assassinated and framed as random crime or ritualistic suicide. Looking back, a number of the most prominent assassinations of the last two centuries were conducted by this shadow group. Our best were manipulated by these sadistic bastards, furthering their true goal.

Among the three organizations around the world, the Bones was by far the most secretive. It had hidden itself from the public, secretly controlling the American government and the media, slowly manipulating the minds of the people. The others revealed themselves in the form of regional Unions much like the EU or any number of similar groups. The Holy Order of Mohamed revealed itself shortly after America left the region in the early twenty-first century, declaring victory over the Taliban and Radical Jihad. It's claimed purpose was to promote regional peace and to unite the Middle East while giving it some of the political clout that the west had flaunted for most of the twentieth century. The message was well received both in the Middle East and around the world. For nearly a century that's what they seemed to be doing. How could anyone have known who was actually leading it? How could anyone have known what they were actually doing? Behind all the peace, the innovation, and all the general good they had done for the world; behind the good name faithful Muslims had made for themselves over the last century these bastards had to ruin everything with visions of grandeur.

The United Asian order appeared in mid 2079 after a rebellion in western China crippled its unparalleled growth during that decade. Before then Japan had begun to fall behind technologically and China had become both the world's leading innovator and its leading manufacturer. The rebellion threw the world into a global depression after several targeted strikes on some of the world's most efficient factories. In effect it was the United Asian Order that spared the world from plummeting into a deeper and longer lasting recession than could have ever been predicted. Who could have known it was them who set the ball in motion, it was them who used spies to ignite the initial dispute. Who could have known they had partnered with the American shadow government. Publicly there was a treaty that split the world into three distinctive sectors. Each sector was designed to prevent such global economic crashes. The Americas had a new and expanded form of NATO, which more closely resembled a regionalized version of the long dead United Nations. Europe Joined The Holy Order of Mohamed with a partnership between them and the European Union. It had its balance for a time but by 2096 the EU was in disarray with yet another economic collapse forcing the group to fall to the Order. Who could have known it was merely a temporary ceasefire.

In reality all three organizations had existed for decades…centuries… This depression was merely a side effect of the cyber war that was actually going on. Hundreds of square miles of the World would undergo periodic power outages. We all thought it was the failing infrastructure that had been neglected since the boom of the twenty twenties. No, they were at war even then. They knew each other existed, they knew their enemies. Oh how I wish we did. Even the fall of the EU was a nothing more than a political game played by the leaders of the two groups. They manipulated the media so well we believed every word. They united their peoples and forged patriotic feelings within the regions.

The whole life I once knew… was a lie…

Whose fault is it? Who let this happen? Was it anybody's fault? No… It was no man's fault. It was a monster's. It wasn't any people. It wasn't the Americans, the Muslims or the Asians. All the three peoples ever wanted was a world that worked, a world that would strive for peace while giving credit where it was due. For the Americans independence and freedom they praised, for the Muslims it was Allah, For the Asians it came to be their intelligence, what was once a silly stereotype had become reality over the centuries. In the end, people were people and that's exactly how the organizations came to be. The leaders of the organizations didn't relay care about freedom, Allah, or Intelligence, they simply used those socially imbedded ideals to manipulate their citizens into following their rule.

The innovations that came out of Asia were remarkable. True hover cars came to prominence just before the start of the twenty-second century. They had been around for decades but our dependence on oil kept us in the technological dark ages. Did we ever get the flying cars we envisioned back in the age of the Jetsons and Star trek? No, they added a second and third level of traffic while the second was reserved for police and emergency personnel. We went to mars and discovered water at the caps though it was poisoned by other materials and needed much refinement. Even with all that we were still back using bullets and handguns. Portable rail guns had become popular though they were expensive and unreliable; all the good stuff was reserved for the military. Asia drove this technological drive while the Middle East became the world's largest exporter of solar energies. They knew the oil wouldn't last forever and used the last decade of its revenues to construct the world's largest solar array and put into place numerous protections against sandstorms and the like.

For that century America seemed to take a back seat to the world's ingenuity. A philosophy came about that an economic boom ensured an eventual depression, the greater the boom, the greater the depression. It was a sad century for the few who could remember the so-called 'Good old days' of the twentieth century. The people born at the end of that century were amazed at the youth they maintained through that century. Advances in bio-technology made fifty the new twenty. Before this infernal war the oldest person on the plant was at the ripe old age of 142. If it weren't for the war today's life expectancy would have topped 150. Even today's elderly look nothing like Grandma in the photos from the nineteen hundreds. White hair, hell, gray hair today is little more than a fashion statement, not that it's mattered since that day.

Why did America take the back seat to development? Again, it was all planed by those blasted Bones. It took time but eventually our minds gave into the constant feeding of information, the speeches, the 'news,' anything that connected us to the world outside of our own feeble minds was persuading us to take the back seat. Meanwhile the Bones used structural problems to cover up the war they were gearing up for. For decades they bided their time while the other two took the path of twentieth century America. All three succeeded to levels far outpacing the expectations of their competitors. How it happened I still wonder.

Amidst the war between the regions there have been minor attempts at rebellion with very few successful operations. The Resistance has been maintained in small cells around the world, hiding underground in communes ranging from 100 to 1000 people none connected to another in any way. It's simply too dangerous. The last group that tried it found themselves surrounded by an entire battalion. By our estimates there are somewhere between four and five million people left opposing these 'governments.' The world has become a godless wasteland devoid of truth or justice. All that remains is war and famine continuing until someone emerges victorious. The death tolls have risen well above five billion, and none of them due to Nuclear strikes. No they have a better less totalitarian method of destruction, more than a century of hidden technology only revealed at the start of this God forsaken war.

I am but one man in the rebellion, having joined near the beginning. Originally I was a young man fresh out of college having just accomplished his life long dream of owning a sword shop and Smithy. Why I ever went to college I still don't know. Who knows, if the war hadn't happened my education could have been a backup if the shop ever fell through. At least it helped with the accounting. Most of my works were for display and made the bulk of my revenue, but I also made fully functional blades and taught Kendo for several hours on the weekends. I was in utter bliss until that day…

It all started on July 4th 2130, I was minding my own business, watching the shop near the outskirts of New York when….'


A massive Explosion shook the entire block with such force that swords began flying out of their wall fastenings and glass began to shatter out of the local storefronts. The young shop owner blinked in confusion as he ducked behind a desk so he wouldn't be hit by one of his many flying weapons. It took time for the rumblings and debris to subtle. Those were a frightening few minutes. Once the aftershock of a collapsing building subsided he peered out form behind his table, looking onto the street.

"What the hell was that!" Startled by the sudden sound Will leaped over the counter and ran outside to see what was going on. Did an old gas vain explode? Wait… didn't they get rid of those a few years ago? 'They could of missed one' he thought, recalling the numerous pipes that were taken up while he was still working out his finances. As soon as he opened the door he saw 4 tanks rolling down the road. The tanks were black with a red skull printed on the front. They seemed old and antiquated, like something out of a world war II film. Then they fired again. The shell struck yet another building with such force it began collapsing a few blocks down from where Will stood.

"My God…" His eyes opened in horror as he noticed the tank, which acknowledged his existence by turning its massive cannon from its already decimated target to the frightened storeowner. The audible churning of gears made this damnable reality all too clear.

"ooohh.. …OH SHIT!" He turned and leaped back into the shop just as the tank fired blasting away the entire road side wall. The sound of collapsing debris made it clear that the shell had pierced the building but didn't explode until entering the building next to it. "Oh my god, oh my god what, who, why ? WHY!" Will screamed franticly, still not quite comprehending this reality as the debris fell around him. The remains of his many display swords littered the ground, some lodged in walls and others laying precariously around the remains of his store. He scrambled through his now burning shop grabbing a few prized swords as he hightailed it out the back door, praying the tank would follow him no further.

The streets were littered with debris and fleeing people when everyone started moving to the sides of the road making visible a series of new American hover tanks. The people cheered knowing their saviors were here. Little did they know that what they thought were their 'saviors,' were in fact another arm of the monsters sent to ensure their destruction.

The American tanks turned their cannons to the civilians and like the tanks before them, opened fire.

That's when 'it' came…

-End flashback-

'Those damn machines, they've been hiding them from us for so long. So long… I guess I wasn't really surprised to find out that the government was working for them all along. Everything was in place, right beneath our noses. They made everything seem so… so necessary… and then they revealed themselves. I had no idea at the time that the same thing was happening around the world. All three of the world's true governments unveiled the reality and began to attack each other. All who didn't join the military or assist it in some way were eliminated swiftly.

The first day the Bones attacked their own people with the sole purpose of sending a message to the world. That night in the middle of reports of the destruction in New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, and nearly a dozen other cities, Artimous Makris, the man who lead the Bones, delivered an announcement to his region. He told the public of the situation, that he was their new leader and the day's destruction was merely a display of his power. He told us that we would follow him or we would suffer the same fate as the people of those cities. He told us of the war with the other regions and that it was either them or us, only one region would remain standing no matter how many lives it took. It was by far the most elaborate world domination scheme ever pulled off. Even Nazi Germany paled in comparison to the level of perversity that Satan spawn pulled off.

I was lucky to get away from the destruction of New York, but even that was thanks to them. My new friends, the Resistance, they are the ones who saved me. A high ranking member saw me with my most prized sword on my back and two more swords at my side. He felt I would be useful and knocked me out, dragging me back to their headquarters, a decent sized cavern on the outer rim of New York. Wedge was his name and he, like a handful of others was monitoring the situation. He had known what was coming and he was prepared. The initial attack on New York took him by surprise, though he knew it would happen eventually. It was that foreknowledge that permitted him to plan out escape routs and build up a stockpile of weapons. By sheer luck or perhaps fate his escape rout happened to pass by my annihilated store. I owe my life to him.

After about a week we began taking in refugees that were found running from the attacks. Every time we went out on retrieval runs I prayed we wouldn't be followed. By that point, our safe haven was all we had left. I praise God for every day we remain undetected. But now…after all we've gone through we have failed, the lights are dim and we just lost half of our members in a raid on the local armory. Their weapons were too advanced. All we have are swords and whatever we can salvage. Up till now most our successes were thanks to some advanced cloaking tech Wedge developed.

With these hands I forged it all. He made the designs and I built it. From the cloaking devices to what guns we had and the blades I could make we pushed farther than any other rebelling group we knew of. A new type of blade made from the remnants of 'their' armor proved more useful than any gun we could get ahold of. Oh the weapons I made, the armor I could make. Against traditional tanks and guns our blades could cut them down like tissue paper. Our armor would stop their bullets like darts on concrete. But no, they had to bring out the plasma rifles and better armor. They had to unleash those damned mobile suits.

By a month ago the only advantage we had left was Wedge's cloaking tech. Almost two weeks ago one of our elites fell after one stupid misstep. It didn't take long for them to study it and render it useless. Everything we have tried since has been useless. That was more than proven yesterday when I was only one who made it back. Oh God… my God, where are you…we need your help…'

"Hitokiri, Wedge has requested your presence, its important." A young man cloaked in a black trench coat and sitting in a corner of a large cavern was shaken from his thoughts by a frantic man in ragged clothing and what could have once passed as a bulletproof vest. The cavern was cold and damp that winter but it was as close to home as any in their situation could hope for.

"Grand, what is it this time another useless raid? You know how the last one went; I was the only one who made it back." The cloaked man's face was covered by a hood so that only his heavily shadowed mouth could be seen. Even that was thanks to the few lamps that hung from the sealing of the cave. A long Katana rested against his shoulder and a small cylinder dangled from his belt. Hitokiri, as most people had come to call him since the war had been depressed and deep in thought ever since their most recent armory raid. He had lost a lot of good friends in that one.

"I know, but its different he's dieing…" This bit of information was defiantly a shocker and brought his dull green eyes into a freshly livid state, now barely visible in the dim light of the cavern.

"What!? How, he hasn't left the base since the war began, and he's been the picture of health. How could he be sick!" Wedge had a special place in Hitokiri's memory, for he was the one who saved his life. He was the leader of this cell and had become a father figure to all in their cell. The loss of this man would more than likely crush any moral his allies had left.

"I don't know, but I think its poison. We might have a spy." His face was obviously filled with sadness at this turn of events. Like many others in the resistance, Wedge was the man who gave them life in this hellhole.

"Damn, another point to those three bastards."

"Just come, I don't know how much longer he's going to last…" It took a few moments for another response from Hitokiri but Rob let it go, he had done the same thing when he heard the news.

"Ok, Rob… does he really look that bad?" Hitokiri looked at the horror in the man's eyes knowing Wedge had been like a father to him since the war began. He had to everybody.

"…..its worse than bad…" Rob replied after a momentary pause. The whole situation still had him in shock.

Hitokiri followed the man through the cavern till they reached a small room separated from the rest of the cave by a simple stitching of tattered cloth which they pushed aside revealing a man in his mid thirties gasping for breath, laying on his back on a makeshift bed.

"You called for me sir?" Hitokiri's words carried a heavy concern that seemed uncharacteristic for one with such a nickname as 'Assassin.' It wasn't his choice to take the name. The name was given by an officer of the Bones after an assassination mission left fifty Bones solders dead including a prominent Major in the New York Sector. It didn't take long for word to spread about this Hitokiri who lead numerous successful assaults against supposedly high security facilities. A few months after this assassin had showed up, the name had made it to the top of their most wanted list. Few understood how a group of ragtag peasants with swords could take down mobile suits or an entire armored facility. It was the tactics that made more of a difference than the skills of the warriors. That was why this last raid was such a disaster. The Bones had discovered the secret to this Hitokiri's success. Once they understood his strategies it didn't take long to devise a counter strategy.

"Will is that you?" The man looked as if he had aged dramatically over the past few days. Although all knew his relative youth especially in this day and age, in this condition his skin hung as low as it would one in their nineties over a century ago. Few had seen anyone look this old in nearly fifty years.

"Yes Wedge it's me." Will replied, coming closer to the man who had saved his life those two short years ago.

"I don't have much time left so listen carefully, I have kept this a secret for the past three months, but with me leaving this world, it's up to you to complete it… I started it after I received a vision. A series of dreams brought detailed blueprints for a time machine… Will, you…you are Hitokiri, our best assassin." Through his explanation, Wedge took several moments to catch his breath. Merely opening his mouth was draining him of the last of his energy.

"A time machine?" 'The poison must have really done a number on him if he really believes that.' Hitokiri tried his best not to belittle what he knew would be the man's dieing words. Though he knew there was no way this could be real.

"Yes, it is nearly complete… I would have had you working on it sooner, but I needed you on the outside fighting. Will, there is one part missing, and I need you to complete it"

'He actually built the thing? That's impossible. Nothing like that's suppose to exist… even in this day and age…is it? "…Yes, whatever it takes. What is this missing piece?" Will replied trying to play along.

"Your energy blade, the one we built. I know we were only able to make one but its gadolinium power cell is the best power source we have."

"That's no problem I'll just go and…" Will replied, seeing something strange in the eyes of the old man. "Could it really be possible?"

"Noo… no… Will, there is one more request… YOU are the only one I trust enough to send back… From now on You do not exist. You are not Will. You are not in any way…. In any way related to any of us, to anybody or anyone… You are simply Hitokiri. And your mission is to eliminate all the organization heads before this war begins."

"Is he really delirious? He seems so sure of himself. I might as well try it. If it is true then this could be our best shot. If not…at least I let one man die in peace.'

"Understood." Hitokiri looked around before confirming his understanding. He took note of the men outside the room and thought of the men whose belief and assistance would have been necessary for such a thing to be accomplished. 'I pray to God this is true. These men need some sort of hope after the last few weeks.'

"Hitokiri, when you go back there will be no one who knows you. Promise me you won't try to contact your old friends… I know you miss them but it could compromise everything…" After hearing these words 'Hitokiri' felt a deep pain at the memories of everyone who had died over the past two years. Still, if this were all true he knew it would be necessary. It had been so long since he had seen any of them, his family, his friends, and the kids who lived near the store who liked to play cards. He missed them greatly but knew that confronting them with anything would easily jeopardize this whole mission. 'Oh God, I pray this is your doing. If this proves false, I just don't know how I will break it to the men.'

"Understood, but sir if I may ask one question?"


"How do you know this will work? You have to admit this all sounds crazy. Honestly I don't know how I'm even considering this as reality."

"I don't know. But I cannot believe that God in all his mysterious ways would leave us alone in this hellhole. I have…" He winced in pain as he grabbed his heart and his cheeks turned pale and then blue before he coughed and finally was able to breath again.'… I .. I have to believe that for whatever reason God gave me the blueprints for this, as a way to avert this fate. Something is telling me this is a false apocalypse and God wants it averted. Now I'm dieing and you are our last Hope… May God be with you and guide us to victory. Go, Save our world!"

Just as Hitokiri was about to speak again an explosion was felt coming from the entrance to the cave followed by lots of screaming induced by the nauseating sound of plasma rifles. The red glow of fires could be seen through the curtains to the main living area. One of the guards on the other side of the room threw the curtains open about to warn its occupants when his head exploded off his shoulders from plasma fire.

"Take me to the machine now!" Will knew that it was his only hope. Even he couldn't stop this attack now. If the machine failed, everyone would assuredly die. This was truly their last chance.

"Yes sir!" several rebel soldiers exclaimed giving a salute before running down a path in the back of the room as they tossed a grenade behind them to block the path and hopefully buy them some time. There was no saving Wedge, from capture or death. They knew he would have wanted it this way as the tunnel to the deeper corridors collapsed behind them.

It was only moments later that the 3 came upon the machine built in the back of the room sitting dead as a doornail. It was massive and took up nearly two thirds a room nearly fifty feet deep.

"Is it calibrated?"

"As far as I know, honestly, I've never had any idea what Wedge was doing with this thing. I saw it on the other day and he was messing with a circuit board, but other than that…" The man answered truthfully.

"Ok, is there anything he wanted me to know before using it?" Hitokiri asked as he frantically looked through the control panel on the outside of the machine.

"No, only to insert your Lightsaber thing into the slot on the cockpit." He pointed to a slot inside a small cockpit with no buttons on the inside, only a few lights and the hole.

"Thank you, whether this works or not I want you to know you are among the bravest men I have ever known."

"SIR!" They saluted and stood back as Hitokiri pressed a button near the opening. As soon as he pressed it the hatch began to close, incasing him within the cockpit.

"I'm off." Hitokiri stated to himself as he inserted his weapon into the control board and pressed the button to turn it on as a wide verity of lights and gears came to life. The soldiers finally burst through the blocked doorway shouting "your under arrest!" only to notice the violently flashing machine in the back of the room shaking, revving; and pity much scaring everybody shitless. Then all in an instant, a brilliant and blinding flash left friend and foe momentarily blinded. Before anyone could regain their sight the entire room fell dark as the machine vanished into thin air.

"You two, what the hell was that thing!" One soldier demanded of the two rebels as soon as the few lights that hung in the room flickered back to life.

"Your demise." They stated with a smirk opening their shirts to reveal numerous explosives, which flashed red a few times before blasting the room into oblivion.

The next time Hitokiri opened his eyes the first thing he noticed was a massive headache as he started looking around. 'What the hell?… where am I, oh yea the machine, ok so. My God it worked… I'm back…wait…what?' He flailed his arms around looking for something recognizable, his eyes still adjusting to the light. His hand passed through a series of noticeably wooden and paper floors. Defiantly not something you're likely to find in the middle of New York.

"FUCK!" He shouted loudly as his eyes finally found focus and he noticed the blatantly Japanese walls. Hitokiri leaped out of the sheets that covered his body and stumbled across the floor trying to find a way out. 'Surly it didn't send me to…" that was when he finally got a look outside.

"Where am I?"

"This is normal talk"'This represents thought'

"This represents talking in mindscape."

'This is Demon/ Summon thought'

"This is Demon Mindscape Talk"

"This is Demon/ Summon/ Gundam/ Mobile suit Talk"


This is standard text in flashback

"This is talking in flashback"

'This is thought in flashback'

-End Flashback-

The Zate Saga: The first saga in The False Apocalypse, depicting the origins of the Zate and its first few members.