SPOILER WARNINGS: This story will be following the plot of Fate/Stay Night very closely, and will contain major spoilers for the series. If you don't want to ruin a great anime for yourself, please don't continue.

The time has come again…

The seven magi assemble…

Each commanding a servant of the seven classes…

A battle to the death to obtain the Book of Darkness…

The War of the Night Sky

"I am the one who gives you this charge…"

I stood in the middle of the darkened room, illuminated only the pink glow of the magical circle I had drawn around me. Through my outstretched hand I poured magic into the yellow jewel I held.

"…release your power to your contracted master."

I was momentarily blinded by a flash of red as my ponytail drifted in front of my eyes, swaying from the pulses of magical energy. Ignoring it, I continued my incantation.

"As the winds fill the sky, and the stars fill the heavens, so shall my heart fill with courage, and my hands with magic!"

This summoning would be perfect; the result of all my work and training. I would only accept the strongest of servants.

"Come forth to me!"

This was it: a servant of the Saber cla-


I was knocked off my feet as an explosion rocked the mansion, and my ears echoed with what sounded like a lightning bolt. Had something gone wrong? I clambered to my feet and dashed to where the sound had come from. Nearly breaking the door down as I entered the room, I froze, absolutely shocked.

A gaping hole was smashed through the roof and the entire room was demolished by the impact of the failed summoning. Atop the piles of debris, a woman sat, clad in black with a long flowing white cape stretched across her shoulders. Her golden hair framed her face as it drifted through the air. She slowly turned her head to me, and piercing red eyes stared into mine as a smirk played across her lips.

"It seems I've been drawn by a peculiar little master."

Fate/Lyrical Night