The Trouble With Braids

Hao scowled at the mirror, tilting his head one way and then another to try and see as much of his hair as possible.

Ever since he had begun sleeping with his hair braided Hao's tangles had all but disappeared. Unfortunately, a new problem had cropped up.


His mane tended to retain the shape of the braid well after he had taken said style out. His hair fell in waves, the hair that had been at the very end of the braid making several perfect right angles in a row. Until now he had always been able to get his hair to straighten out with just a few strokes of the brush, but today it had retained the wave.

It looked ridiculous.

His scowl deepened and he picked up his brush again, determined to brush out as much of the wave as possible.

He had just pulled the brush through his hair once when the door opened. All he had been doing was brushing his hair, so he hadn't bothered to lock it.

He turned to face the intruder, scowl darkening.

Yoh stood in the doorway, smiling easily as always.

Hao's scowl disappeared.

"Ohayo, otouto." Hao said, turning back to the mirror and continuing to brush his hair.

"Ohayo, Hao. I came up to tell you lunch was ready."

The older twin could feel Yoh's eyes staring at him.

"Anything else?" Hao asked.

"No, it's just... what did you do to your hair?" Yoh asked, sounding genuinely curious.

"It gets like this after I take the braid out. The waves are being stubborn this morning." Hao replied, his frustration showing in his voice.

"Oh yeah, Anna mentioned something about her hair going all wavy after having it in a braid."


Yoh just stood there, watching Hao for a moment.

"I like it. It's cute." Yoh finally said.

Incredulous, Hao turned to face him.


The younger twin stepped forward, gently sliding his fingers into his brother's mane and carding through. Hao let him.

"It looks good on you." Yoh replied, grinning. "But we'd better get down to lunch or Anna will let Ren and HoroHoro eat ours."

"They're still here?"

The Chinese shaman and the Ainu had stopped by the other day for a 'quick visit' that had turned into an extended stay.

Yoh nodded; Hao sighed.

The shorter-haired shaman grabbed his brother's hand, tugging him gently towards the door.

Hao held his ground.

"I need some incentive or I'm not going downstairs so those two can make fun of my hair." Hao said, smiling almost sweetly. His hair did make him look awfully feminine already, he knew, and the wave would only make it seem more girly. Even if Ren didn't say anything, HoroHoro would.

Yoh glanced towards the still-open bathroom door. Seeing no one, he turned back towards Hao and leaned in.

Hao met his brother's lips halfway, hands going around Yoh's waist and pulling his close. The older shaman's tongue requested, and was granted, entrance into Yoh's mouth. Yoh's hands came up and pulled Hao closer, one hand on the nape of Hao's neck and the other resting on Hao's lower back.

They broke apart.

Hao smirked.

"Now what was that about lunch...?" he asked rhetorically, leading his brother out of the bathroom and towards the dining area.


Hope you enjoyed it!