Thunder's Foretelling

The gold-red glow of another Hylian sunset filtered through the screen of discontented storm clouds and softly made its way through the dusty windows into his house. Sighing wearily, Link set down his pack and moved through the darkened dwelling, lighting candles almost as an afterthought. He mentally checked his to-do list before night. Took care of Epona, check. Looked in on the neighbors to see if they needed anything, check. He smiled to himself. Everything was in order, and all that remained was supper and then bed.

After building up the fire and lighting the house, he filled a plain ceramic pot with water, diced the vegetables and meat, and added some spice before resting the pot over the fire and sitting down in his favorite chair, watching the flames dance their ever graceful dance.

A light tap at his oak door brought him out of his relaxed doze. Senses alert, Link crept over to the door, prepared for anything. Apparently, though, the woman standing outside his door in the storming dark, was not just anything. Lovely blonde hair cascaded down her back, her face an embodiment of exquisite beauty, kind and refined at the same time with her ears tapering off to points. Obviously, a higher-class lady.

"Yes, my Lady?" Link asked, " How may I help you?" A smile came to her face.

" Right now, I'd like to get out of the storm, if that's okay, good sir," she said gently. He felt like smacking himself in the head.

" Of course, of course, come in," he stuttered, trying to cover his lapse as he led her into his home.

Oddly though as he helped her get settled in for the night, he noticed something peculiar. She seemed to have a mark on her hand that mirrored his own.

I'm just tired and seeing things, he thought ruefully.

Outside, the thunder rumbled its malevolent ballad and the violent lightning flashed its accompaniment.