Hey! We need more H2O: Just Add Water fics out there, so I'm making one! All you need to know about this one is it's set in the midst of season 2. So if you haven't seen season 2, this isn't really of use to you. Oh, okay fine. Since I really want you guys to read this, I will give you guys the lowdown. Charlotte is this evil new girlfriend(Yeah… Clewis broke up early in the season :( ) of Lewis's who later becomes a mermaid(but that's a different story) and tries to replace Cleo, Emma, and Rikki in Lewis's life and kind of has it out for them, especially Cleo, who used to date Lewis. Oh, and Ash is Emma's new bf. Sorry, no Byron in season two. And Zane is Rikki's ex-boyfriend who becomes current-boyfriend again in season two.


Chapter 1. Life Before the Switch


"Cleo, I just don't understand you." Rikki Chadwick sat at the same table at JuiceNet as her two best friends- Emma and Cleo, ranting on. "It's like you just sit back and let Charlotte take control over you and Lewis. If I were you, I would seriously consider-"

"Rikki! Please. It's a good thing you're not her then." An interruption came across the table from Emma Gilbert. "She has enough going on without you venting about your- oh wait, this isn't your problem, is it?"

"It isn't YOUR problem either, Emma." Rikki threw back.

"Guys! PLEASE!" Cleo Sertori finally raised her voice and moved them apart. They were walking along the beach towards JuiceNet when Cleo spotted Lewis and her sharing a picnic across the bridge. The very big bridge. Too big for Cleo to eavesdrop. "Look, it's neither Emma's nor Rikki's problem, which, by the way, it isn't one, but even if it WERE, it is not your problem to discuss!" She finished. Rikki and Emma are both very stubborn, so it's pretty easy for them to butt heads sometimes.

Emma and Rikki looked at Cleo as if in shock mode. Emma managed to continue the conversation after recovering from Cleo's outburst. It wasn't often that Cleo yelled. Unless of course the anger was directed at Kim, her annoying little sister.

"You're right. We're sorry Cleo. We didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Right Rikki?" Emma, always the voice of reason, turned her head at the curly haired blonde on the other side of Cleo.

"Yeah. I guess." Rikki said.

Emma sighed at Rikki's nonchalant response.


"Look. There they are again." Cleo Sertori noticed a certain maroon-red headed girl and a geeky looking guy zooming around the bay in the guy's boat. Lewis's boat. The boat Lewis and Charlotte were in.

"Cleo, do your eyes just magically find their way to Lewis's date spots, or is this actually intended?" I had to ask. I mean, isn't it every day she finds their whereabouts? Rikki(the speaker of that last sarcastic comment) was pretty disappointed in her jealous friend (even though Cleo wouldn't actually ever admit to her feelings about Charlotte). Come on, Cleo. You spend all your time complaining about Charlotte and pining after Lewis, and yet you do nothing. You sit there and expect the Romance Fairy Godmother to make all your dreams come true.

Okay, yes, I know I'm being harsh. But don't tell me you don't totally hate that redheaded jerk too.

"Of course not! It just so happens that Charlotte just knows all the places we like to hang out, so she is deliberately setting dates up with Lewis there just to get at me." Cleo said with a surprising note of confidence.

"You don't seriously believe that." Because she seriously can't, in Rikki's opinion. I mean, that is going a bit too far.

"Rikki's right… sort of. Cleo, I'm sure Charlotte is not doing this on purpose. You are overreacting just a tad." Emma is so reasonable sometimes it kills me. It's like she never lets loose. Sorry, getting off track here.

"Overreacting? I am NOT overreacting. Look at that!" Cleo pointed her finger at them. They were being kind of indiscreet, and on the extra mushy side, or rather, Charlotte was, but still.

"She probably just saw you, Cleo. She just started doing it to get at you. Face it, she does not stalk us looking for perfect date settings." Rikki said, pausing. "She's too busy stalking Lewis." She finished. Not long after, Emma's loyal best friend side kicked in and she flicked her hand at Rikki's arm.

"I suppose so…" Cleo trailed off.

"Look Cleo, if it bothers you so much, why don't you just be me for a while and give that chick a piece of your mind."

"Because I'm not you, Rikki. You may have the confidence- and rude manners - to do that. I however, do not." Cleo said, walking backwards until finally reaching the last block till the marine park was in view. "Look I'll see you guys later. I have to go to work."

"So, Rikki, you wanna go for a swim?" Emma turned towards her friend, noticing the same red and black converse sneakers that a certain someone gave her last month. A very certain someone, if you get my drift.

"Without Cleo? And besides, I've got plans." Rikki started backtracking towards the beach.

"Is it with I-know-who?"

"Ah ah ah- your own business minded please." Rikki said, fully knowing it was with Em-knows-who.

"So it is then. Okay. But before you go meet I-know-who, stop grinning like an idiot, it's not attractive on you." Emma smirked before turning to leave.

"I do not grin like an idiot!" Rikki, acting offended, shouted after her.

"Check again. Later, gator."


The water is so beautiful this time of day. I can't believe Rikki and Cleo aren't here. Cleo I understand, because I'm a working girl myself, but Rikki- well I can't talk now that I've got Ash.

Mmmm. Ash.

I know, I know. Now who's grinning like an idiot? Okay, stop, Emma. This ocean is not for going gaga over boyfriends. Boyfriend problems can be discussed/thought over at the moon pool, sometimes. But the ocean is for best friends and sea creatures.

Oh yeah, and, mermaids.


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