Summary: What if at the Valley of the End, Naruto didn't make it. But then was given a second chance on life, how will this new lease on life change Naruto. HinataXNaruto.

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'Demon Thinking'

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A New Chance

Chapter 1: The Fallen Shinobi

(Current Day, Konoha's Graveyard)

The sky was dark; there were clouds everywhere you looked, and it looked like the heavens themselves were starting to weep for a fallen shinobi. This shinobi gave it his all to save a friend that he held so close to his heart. This person that the shinobi held so close was the one who ended his life, ironically though he ended this life through the heart. There in the graveyard stood several people that all knew this shinobi very well. Each one was weeping in their own way, and each of them had their own thoughts of this.

'I … can't … believe this happened, if only I trained them all as equals maybe this could've been avoided'

'Damn it, why did I have to give him that damn necklace'

'No, he can't be dead. Sasuke couldn't of killed him, why … why do I have to be so weak'

'N-n-naruto is g-gone, b-but I n-n-never g-got t-t-to tell h-him ho-w I f-f-felt'

As all his friends gathered to pay their final respects, there was a mob growing outside. They could all hear shouting of joy from the mob. Everyone that was in the graveyard had a disgusted look on their faces. One of them finally snapped and started yelling at the mob.

"I can't believe you all, here this poor boy gave it his all to save, no retrieved your damn Sasuke and this is how you pay him for it. Tell me do any of you know why HIS DAD chose him as the container of Kyuubi. No, no answers. Well let me tell you all, the reason why the fourth Hokage chose his OWN SON for this is because he wanted to protect all of you. He knew it wouldn't be 

fair to ask someone else to give up their child, so he used his own. And how do you repay Naruto for keeping you all safe. You beat him, refuse to serve him, call him names, spit on him, the list just goes on and on. All of you should have already been sent to jail for this, but no. Naruto never once press any charges on anyone, instead he just took the abuse and made a damn mask to hide his true feelings. Well I hope you are all happy, because as of right now I quit being your damn Hokage and I will be leaving tonight" Tsunade finished her yelling.

Everyone there was stun to hear all this. They couldn't believe what they did, and now the realization was setting in upon what they did. But as they all knew it was too little too late now to do anything. The fact that he was now dead, hit everyone there hard. Then just as everyone started to cry a huge lightning bolt came down and hit where Naruto grave was and destroyed it in a matter of seconds, leaving now nothing behind. Tsunade's only thought was that it must have been Kami himself saying he didn't want the village to have Naruto's body.

Hinata now completely lost all hope, so she quickly ran up to Tsunade to ask her something.

"L-l-lady T-tsunade, I w-would l-like t-t-to c-come w-with y-you" Hinata asked while still crying her eyes out.

Tsunade was surprise to say the least but nodded her head. "Meet Shizune and me at the gate in an hour, oh and turn in your hand band"


(Current Day, Unknown Location)

"Hmm, where am I" asked a blonde boy.

He looked around the room, or where ever he was, and saw it was completely white. There was nothing else there, as far as his eyes could see nothing but white. Then a voice came out of nowhere.

"Ah, I see you are awake at last Naruto" came a voice from all directions.

"Who are you and why am I here" yelled Naruto.

With a deep sigh the voice started again, "Tell me Naruto, what is the last thing you remember" asked the voice.

"Well, I was fighting Sasuke and we were both using our most powerful jutsu against each other" Naruto stated.

"That's correct, but what you don't know is that yours only scratched him, while his went though your heart" explained the voice.

"Wait a minute, if his went through my heart then why am I here" asked Naruto.

"Think about it Naruto, why is it you can hear my voice but yet not see me. Also why is it that all you can see is just white" the voice asked.

"Am, am I d-d-dead"

"Yes, and no"


"It seems that for some reason Kyuubi made a deal with me, you see if I allow to live then you will restart life as a demon fox. At first I was going to say no to him, but then he said that I could add in a stipulation. So I agreed and the stipulation is that you MUST find a human partner to keep care of you. Think of it as a leash, they make sure you stay out of trouble and you give them protection. So what do you say, you want to live again" asked the voice.

"If I say yes, does that mean I'll lose my memories and what do you mean by restart life as a demon"

"Well for your first question no you will keep all your memories, as for the next. Well let's just say you won't 'look the same' and you will be sent back to when you were eight years old in your realm"

"So basically I'll return, but as a demon, and I have to find a human partner to keep me out of trouble, is that right"

"Yes, that would be correct. So you will have until the age of twelve to complete this, if you don't then the next thing you see will be you'll partner"

"Just one more thing, will they remember me or will they forget me" asked Naruto in a sad voice at the end.

With a very deep sigh the voice spoke, "No, they will forget you. But if someone did held you close to their heart then their memories of you will return. But they would have needed to love you for that to happen, so I doubt that there will be. Sorry kid"

"That's… ok, maybe it's best if they forgot me anyways"

"So, will you do it"

Naruto just nodded his head yes. Then a portal opened in the middle of the room.

"Just walk through it and it will return you"

Naruto just walked towards this portal and enter through it. From there everything went black and he felt a strange feeling through out his body, then he passed out.


(Four Years in the Past, Konoha's forest)

A small golden fox awoke in the middle of the forest. At first it didn't seem to know what was happening, it looked up and could only see the sunlight coming through the trees up above. The area that he was in was actually nice and shady. There was a cool summer breeze coming through the forest, it felt so good on its fur. He then started to smell the air; it was filled with all different scents, they were from peaceful flowers to other animals near by. But strangely it smelt a scent that was human, but also snake.

This of course got it curios of who it was smelling, so it attempted to stand on its two back paws only to fall down. It looked puzzled for why it couldn't stand. Eventually it gave up and walked with all fours. It finally made it to where the smell came from; it looked down and immediately looked backed up. There in front of him was the woman that made him remember EVERTHING in a second, it was Anko and she scared the shit out of him even when he was a demon. To his great sadness she saw him and immediately tried to kill him, or at least do target practice either way it wasn't good.

"Come back here, you look so rare. I could get a killing on that fur of yours" Anko yelled while still chasing after him.

At of pour instinct he thought of a Rasengan and somehow it shot out of his tail, it nearly hit Anko as she was shocked be on belief that a fox or any animal at that could use a jutsu let alone an A-Rank one. As the fox got away the only thing Anko could say was, "What the hell was that".

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