Sleep Talk
By that belle

A/N: This was originally a drabble I did for citymusings on livejournal. I decided to post it here with my other works. And here is the criteria:

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing/s: Gibbs/Ziva
A quote that HAS to be used: "You're just a big teddy bear."

10pm, Friday night. Tony and McGee were standing by the car, waiting for Gibbs and Ziva. Less than ten minutes ago, just as the team were thinking about going home for the weekend, Gibbs' cell phone had gone off, with news that a Petty Officer had been found dead in her home in Arlington.

It was rather cold out. "I wish they would hurry up," Tony complained, wrapping his arms around himself. "I can see my breath on the air."

"I can see Ziva." McGee said, ignoring Tony's comment. Ziva was walking out of the building, wearing her sleeveless top and cargo pants.

Tony glared at her until she was in earshot. He yelled across the car park at her, "Ziva! Put some clothes on! Looking at you makes me even colder!"

She stopped by him, and rolled her eyes. "I have experienced colder weather."

Tony pulled a face, before looking behind her. "Oh, here comes Gibbs. I wish he had just given us the car keys so we could have waited in the car."

"Oh, I didn't think of that." McGee said suddenly. "I had the car keys all along."

McGee unlocked the car, and got in, ignoring Tony's complaints. Ziva just laughed, and got in the back seat. Tony was driving, and McGee was providing directions (Tony had been very angry: "It's all of about 3 miles to Arlington, Boss!"), but Gibbs seemed to think it was necessary. Gibbs got into the back next to Ziva, and she turned to him.

"Could this have not waited until the morning? I for one would like to have gone home and put my legs up."

"Feet, Ziva." McGee corrected.


Gibbs shrugged a shoulder. Tony started the car, and as soon as they had left, Gibbs leaned in. He said quietly, "How would you like it if you were found dead at your home and the team who were put on your case wanted to go home and put their feet up?"

Ziva did not look away from Gibbs, no matter how embarrassed the question might have made her feel. He was so close to her, their noses were almost touching.

"I would not know." She replied. "I would be dead, yes?"

In the front seat, Tony and McGee smothered their laughter. Gibbs raised an eyebrow at her, so she raised an eyebrow back at him.

As it turned out, McGee had given the wrong directions to Tony. Gibbs had been looking out the window (trying to ignore the fact that Ziva had fallen asleep on his shoulder), when the signpost on the side of the road said…

"DiNozzo!" He barked. "Why does that sign say 'Alexandria'? I thought I told you 'Arlington'?"

"I don't know, Gibbs," Came the tired reply. "Because it's 10:15 on Friday night?"

Gibbs recognised defeat when he saw it. "… Fine. Why don't we stay at a hotel in Alexandria, then go to Arlington first thing in the morning."

Tony and McGee looked at each other. "How very un-Gibbs like," Tony said as he turned the car around. McGee just nodded his agreement.

In the backseat, Gibbs was trying to wake Ziva up. But he found she was a very heavy sleeper. He tried to shake her shoulders gently, but she started mumbling.

"Gibbs…" Ziva murmured. "You're just a big teddy bear."